10 Products with the Staff Seal of Approval

When you’re immersed in CBD every day, you get a pretty good idea of which products are worth your time and which aren’t. At CBD.co, we had to sort through an endless list of brand applicants during our startup phase, allowing us to sharpen our vetting capabilities to a razor’s edge.

We’ve received more samples than we can count, and whether it’s vaping, consuming tincture oil or eating CBD edibles, we enjoy our products just as much as you do. Here are the 10 products that we award the CBD.co Staff Seal of Approval:


Lovers of Select CBD’s online market know about their amazing deals, and there’s nowhere better to buy Select CBD vape pens than CBD.co. These vape pens contain CBD isolate, so you don’t have to worry about any wayward THC ending up in your hemp vapor. With 250mg of CBD contained in each pen, these vape products aren’t kidding around.

On average, most disposable CBD vape pens contain 100mg of CBD or less. Some might consider any additional CBD to be unnecessary, since vaping CBD already offers optimal bioavailability. Select CBD doesn’t care too much about what the naysayers think. If you take a reasonably large puff of your Select CBD vape pen, you’re likely to inhale more than 15mg of CBD at once, which is a great way to get a feel for the effects of CBD.

Most impressively, Select CBD vape pens aren’t that much more expensive than a pen with half the CBD concentration. Getting the right price-per-milligram (PPMG) is one of the best ways to save as you shop in the CBD industry; Select CBD offers a PPMG to die for if CBD isolate is your thing and you love the taste of peppermint.


Offering some of the absolute lowest prices on high-quality CBD products, there’s no better place to shop than CBD.co when you want to save on the cannabidiol-infused goodies that you’ve come to know and love. While “Relief Toads” might seem like an odd word pairing at first glance, there’s nothing off-putting about the amazing effects that these Green Roads gummies provide.

Containing 10mg of CBD per gummy, these frog-shaped CBD snacks are pectin-based, non-GMO and vegan. There are 40 gummies per bottle, which is significantly more units than are offered in most bottles of CBD gummies. Plus, the ingredients in these Green Roads gummies aren’t that bad for you; there’s nothing wrong with pectin, and while corn syrup is present in the gummies, it isn’t genetically modified.

Even those who consider themselves to be obsessed with everything organic are sure to consider having a cheat meal when they see this product. Green Roads frog gummies only contain 2g of sugar per unit, which isn’t much compared to some other popular snacks. What really stands out about these gummies is their unique design, shaped to closely resemble its namesake.


Whether you’re on the hunt for Savage CBD bundles or you want to put together an epic CBD.co cart with your favorite products from top brands, CBD.co has what you’re looking for. This aromatic offering from Savage CBD contains natural lavender and citrus oils to keep you smelling fresh, as well as 300mg of CBD equally dispersed through 2oz of lotion.

The list of natural ingredients found in each bottle of Savage CBD’s water-based lotion goes on even further. You’ll also find plenty of aloe vera extract and witch hazel, which have individual skincare benefits that complement the CBD’s effects on your body. Since this lotion uses water as a base, it will absorb into your skin rapidly without leaving residue behind.

The simple squeeze bottle design that Savage CBD uses pairs perfectly with this brand’s surf-style labeling to make you feel like you’re applying a luxurious sunscreen every time you use their product. Sit back, relax, and imagine you’re on a tropical beach vacation as the effects of your CBD topical kick in.


If you’re searching through Blue Label CBD’s products for pets, people or anything in-between, you can trust CBD.co to provide you with the best deals on your favorite items from this impressive brand. Each bottle of Blue Label CBD gummies is packed with 600mg of CBD, and with 20mg of CBD per unit, your 30 Blue Label gummies will be great for sharing with your family or chewing up one by one as the month progresses. Whenever it’s time for more Blue Label gummies, remember how easy and rewarding it is to shop at CBD.co!

Want to know more about your Blue Label CBD gummies? We strongly suggest that you consult the batch-specific lab report that’s provided with this product. To sell their products on our website, we require that our vendors meet stringent quality control guidelines. Asking for independent lab testing is one way that we protect your health and well-being when you shop at CBD.co, and it’s something that you should consider when choosing between us and the random CBD company that Google throws your way.

With this lab testing data, you’ll be able to confirm that your CBD gummies contain the amount of cannabidiol that’s listed on the label, and you’ll also gain critical insights into how your Blue Label CBD product was made. If you have any questions about how to read CBD lab reports, check our blog or give us a shout.


When you want the perfect CBD serving, nothing does the trick better than CBDfx’s Vape Kit. Your CBDfx vape kit comes with everything you need to get started on your CBD vaporizing journey, and it’s easy to combine your vape kit order with vape juice options from any number of top brands offered here at CBD.co.

While a CBDfx vape pen could be a better option if you’re brand-new to vaping, this vape kit is easy to wrap your head around and comes with in-depth operational instructions. Simply press the button on the side of your vape kit five times to turn it on and charge it when the LED indicator turns red.

The cartridges that CBDfx provides with this vape kit have magnetic connectors, eliminating all the mess and pain of threading your cartridge onto your battery. Simply fill your cartridge, pop it into your vape kit and start vaping. You can even keep multiple cartridges on hand if you feel like you will be switching up flavors frequently.

What’s truly beautiful about shopping at CBD.co is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the vape juice CBDfx offers. While the organic CBD, PG/VG options this brand provides should be considered second-to-none within the industry, feel free to look into the vape juices being offered by other companies as well.


Magik Beauty Cannabis Conditioner is the perfect CBD topical to grab off your shower shelf every morning/night. This 8oz bottle of CBD-infused hair conditioner is designed for application after you have shampooed your hair. Once applied, CBD is released into your hair follicles and absorbed into your body, offering its effects.

Magik Beauty prides itself on using a variety of natural ingredients in its conditioner. This hair product is fortified with biotin, which is an essential nutrient that may also have effects when applied directly to the hair. It is also infused with various essential oils that provide pleasant natural scents and deliver strengthening and moisturizing effects.

Adding CBD to hair products just makes sense. Magik Beauty manages to keep its conditioner well within the price range that people are used to when purchasing reasonably high-end hair care products, and it still delivers all the impressive effects of a high-quality hemp extract. This conditioner is sulfate-free, and we always require that our vendors provide us with independent lab reports for all their products before we do business.


You’ve already found the best deals on CBDfx cream; now, it’s time to diversify your cart with a product geared toward your furry companion. Pet CBD products are steadily growing in popularity, and CBDfx is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. It only makes sense that this company’s CBD pet tincture oil is one of the fastest-selling options in this category at CBD.co.

With 150mg of CBD per 30ml dropper bottle, there isn’t enough CBD in this product to overwhelm your four-legged friend. There’s still plenty of cannabidiol, however, to deliver all the effects that you know your pet will truly appreciate.

While this CBDfx tincture oil is made for pets, it actually has the same ingredients that are present in this brand’s tincture oils for people, which is a good thing. Hemp seed oil and MCT oil are universally recognized as being safe for human consumption, and CBDfx’s process of producing its CBD oil is one of the best in the industry.

From organic agriculture to CO2 extraction, CBDfx pampers its cannabidiol molecules from seed to sale, and this brand only pairs its exceptional CBD oil with similarly exemplary natural and organic ingredients. CBDfx leads the way by mixing its undying devotion to organic products with the CBD revolution, which partially explains this privately-owned company’s steady rise to legendary status within the hemp industry.


This MedTerra CBD topical is a staple around the CBD.co office, and we all reach for it when we sense a bout of discomfort coming on. As this brand’s name suggests, MedTerra tries to take a more medical approach to CBD, which is part of why this company includes natural cooling ingredients in its super-popular cannabidiol topical. MedTerra knows that it’s easy to combat uncomfortable sensations with natural ingredients like menthol.

With 250mg per bottle, you’ll have plenty of CBD to go around once your CBD.co package arrives. Plus, there’s even a 750mg option that ups the ante to a significant degree. It’s rare to see more than 500mg of CBD in a hemp topical, so MedTerra should be your go-to brand whenever you want the CBD on your skin to be as highly-concentrated as possible.

Independent lab reports are provided for each concentration of MedTerra CBD lotion, and this cannabidiol topical comes with a highly convenient pump top that evenly disperses lotion in a thin stream. Use one or both hands to apply MedTerra CBD lotion to any part of your body, and enjoy the effects of the hemp extract within moments.


Savage CBD gummies come in a six-count pack, and each delicious gummy contains 50mg of CBD. With 300mg of CBD per pouch, this tiny package offers a hefty CBD concentration, which makes Savage CBD gummies highly convenient for taking with you on the go. A single Savage CBD gummy contains as much CBD as five gummies from a different brand, so keep this high potency in mind as you schedule when you’ll take your edibles throughout the day.

The ingredients in your Savage CBD gummies aren’t that much different from those you’d find in an average packaged candy product, than their CBD content. Savage CBD has effortlessly passed our test, and it’s a brand that we’ve chosen to offer here at CBD.co. They provide you with the third-party lab results for each batch of gummies to prove that this brand’s dedication to quality is anything but half-hearted.


Koi CBD pet spray is the perfect product for when you want to give your furry friend the gift of CBD. Containing 500mg of CBD per bottle, this pet topical from Koi CBD truly goes the distance. If you’ve ever tried to give CBD to your pet, you know it’s no easy task; Koi CBD makes the process simpler by packaging its CBD tincture oil in a spray bottle. Simply capture the attention of your pet for a moment and spray a serving of CBD in your companion’s mouth. It’s that easy to get the effects you want for your pet with Koi CBD.

This tincture oil was formulated by an expert veterinarian and contains 500mg of CO2-extracted full spectrum CBD oil. Koi has patented its own CBD extraction process, which should provide you with a greater degree of confidence when you choose this brand.

From organically-grown hemp to non-GMO ingredients, Koi differentiates itself from the competition with its strict adherence to manufacturing standards. Count on this 60ml bottle of CBD pet spray to help you give your four-legged family member the life it deserves.

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