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What makes people want to try CBD skincare? Lots of factors! Maybe they’ve heard about the interesting and useful properties of this natural hemp extract in other applications, or perhaps they just want to try something new in their skincare routines. Whatever the case may be, we supply the world’s best selection of CBD topicals here at CBD.co, and we’ll teach you how to tell the good CBD topicals from the bad in this guide.

In the following article, we’ll provide you with answers to the following pressing questions and much more:

  • What does CBD lotion do?
  • How often can you apply CBD balm?
  • Where can I buy CBD balm?

At the same time, we’ll acquaint you with 10 of the CBD topical products we offer at CBD.co that have impressed us the most. If you’re looking to buy CBD cream, you’ve come to the right place! You won’t find a better price on your favorite CBD products anywhere else.

By brokering exclusive deals with the biggest and most impressive CBD brands in the industry, we’re able to pass the savings onto you in the form of free shipping and other opportunities to save. Each of the following products earned our deep respect for one reason or another, and we’re proud to present the 10 best CBD topicals available at CBD.co.


How does CBD lotion work? It depends on who you ask. According to CBDfx, CBD works by harnessing the powerful attributes of the hemp plant. Suffice to say that thousands of people around the world have enjoyed the beneficial effects of CBD topicals, and the popularity of this CBD product category is only now starting to approach its full potential.

We were thrilled when we first learned that CBDfx was coming out with a mini version of its highly successful CBD muscle rub balm, and we’re proud to offer this 50mg product here at CBD.co. While this balm is much smaller than the original version, that’s the point. CBDfx’s original muscle rub balm can at times be too large to carry with you comfortably, but this mini balm is small enough to pop into any bag or pocket whenever you head out the door.

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone would appreciate getting an organic CBD topical product in their stockings. CBDfx consistently impresses us with its firm dedication to growing its hemp through organic means and only using natural ingredients in its products. This company has its own state-of-the-art facility where it extracts its hemp, eliminating the middleman and ensuring that you get the maximum possible value out of your purchase.

CBDfx combines CBD with organic base oils and several popular botanical oils to make its muscle rub blend. As you enjoy you new mini CBD topical, make sure to note the hints of peppermint, camphor, and wintergreen that permeate your skin and leave a lasting, soothing effect.


What does CBD lotion do? It provides you with an alternative to ingesting CBD orally or vaping it. Many people want to experience the lifestyle benefits of CBD, but they don’t like the taste of hemp oil. At the same time, topical application of cannabidiol may provide additional benefits that oral ingestion and vaping don’t offer.

Creating Better Days certainly knows a thing or two about crafting a high-quality CBD topical. This brand has released products across a wide range of categories, and they consistently impresses us with their focus on safe, natural ingredients and overall ability to produce high-quality offerings.

With 300mg of CBD per topical, this Creating Better Days product contains about the average amount of CBD offered in most topicals. What differentiates this brand’s offering from the competition, however, is it unique method of administration.

Topicals are only effective if you are physically capable of applying them to your skin. The motion of squeezing lotion onto your hand and applying it to your back can be surprisingly difficult when you’re ill or you’ve sustained an injury. The roll-on eliminates the need to squeeze, replacing it with a mechanism that releases its contents as you roll it along your body. This makes it much easier to get lotion on your back with one hand. The Creating Better Days Roll-On is the next evolution in topical products, making them more universally accessible.


Holy Leaf proves that lotions and balms aren’t the only topical products you can infuse with CBD. While CBD soaps might seem like a long shot, this high-concentration offering from Holy Leaf is incredibly popular with our customers, and you may experience unique effects when adding cannabidiol to your daily scrub.

The deeper that cannabidiol can dig into your pores, the easier time it has being absorbed into your bloodstream. Additionally, your skin absorbs substances better the warmer they are. Sudsing up with CBD actually makes a lot of sense, and Holy Leaf makes it easy to enjoy its hemp soap by infusing a hefty helping of CBD⁠; 350mg, to be exact.

Each bar of Holy Leaf soap is handcrafted with expert care, and the use of natural ingredients like andreas seed oils simply seals the deal. After a few showers using Holy Leaf lavender CBD bath soap, you’ll never want to go back to using ordinary soap again.


What is CBD cream, and can you use this class of topicals for physical discomfort? Green Roads appears to have the answers, and this brand’s 300mg CBD topical is up for the task. This company has specifically formulated its topical to alleviate discomfort, and the product boasts all the right features to get the job done.

Knowing that CBD works better when combined with other oils, Green Roads decided to include a variety of beneficial botanical ingredients in this cannabidiol topical product. Lavender oil, chamomile, and menthol each play critical roles in this CBD product blend, and with no greasy residue to worry about, there’s no need to hold back as you slather Green Roads goodness all over areas of irritation.

That’s the beauty of water-based topicals; they absorb directly into your skin, and they generally don’t leave any residues or scents behind. If a water-based CBD topical does leave behind a residue, it might be a sign that it contains cheap ingredients. Your Green Roads CBD topical, however, will never let you down, and neither will your trusted CBD advisors at CBD.co.


Did you know that CBDa, which can loosely be considered to be the “raw” form of cannabidiol, may be just as effective as its more popular cousin? CBDa becomes CBD when it is exposed to heat, but as long as it’s processed correctly, it’s possible to preserve CBDa in its natural form.

Hemplucid is known for pushing the envelope with its innovative product designs, but this CBDa topical is truly a revolutionary step in a new direction. Generally speaking, it is very difficult and expensive to produce CBDa in usable quantities, which makes this topical product a feat in and of itself.

When you think about what offering a full-fledged CBDa topical means about Hemplucid’s production facilities, however, it all starts to come into clearer focus. Some CBD companies struggle just to create contaminant-free cannabidiol extracts, so Hemplucid’s ability to fine-tune an incredibly pure CBDa isolate is nothing short of stunning.

With 1000mg of CBDa per jar, this topical isn’t playing around. You’ll love dipping your finger into Hemplucid’s CBDa cream throughout the day, and you’ll enjoy learning more about the diverse cannabinoid family as you experience the power of CBDa for yourself.


JustCBD has a variety of CBD-infused topical products that you can purchase at the same price as any other reasonably high-end, non-CBD lotion at your local drugstore. With the options of 100mg or 250mg of CBD to choose between, this topical doesn’t possess any fragrances that could interrupt the flow of your day or cause negative reactions.

Instead, it’s packed with natural ingredients such as aloe, witch hazel and sunflower seed oil, which all have impressive topical properties on their own. JustCBD uses CBD isolate in this cream, which means you don’t have to worry about rubbing any trace amounts of THC into your skin.

The cream comes with a simple pump on top, as well as an actual cap so that you can avoid having to clean up any unexpected spills in your purse or backpack. Take your CBD topical from JustCBD with you wherever you go so you can always experience the effects of CBD at the drop of a hat.

Remember that every product offered at CBD.co comes with batch-specific lab reports. We expect this from all of our vendors, and we understand how much importance our customers place on verifiable, independent lab testing in the CBD industry. To make it easy to access the lab report information you need, we include lab result links on each product page.


At 200mg of CBD per bottle, this Koi CBD lotion contains a moderate amount of cannabidiol relative to similar products. According to Koi CBD, adding organic essential oils and other botanicals into the mix makes CBD even more enjoyable, which is why this company includes hints of lavender, aloe, and coconut in its lotion.

Koi CBD’s simple squeeze bottle makes it easy to get the right amount of CBD cream at a moment’s notice, and this brand’s distinctive packaging and logo will certainly serve as a conversation starter when you leave your Koi CBD topical on the coffee table. Check the independent lab reports for this CBD topical, and then pop it into your cart to experience firsthand everything that Koi CBD has to offer.

There’s no reason to stop there, however. If another CBD topical on this list has caught your eye as well, you can mix and match them together for a big topical spree. With CBD.co, it’s easy to fill your cart with products from a number of different CBD brands, and we guarantee that each order will be fulfilled within two business days or less.


MedTerra clearly understands that heat can be a major factor in the way that people feel on a daily basis. That’s why this company is focused on helping your skin and the underlying tissue feel cool and soothed with its Rapid Cooling Cream. You can choose between 250mg or 750mg of CBD, depending on the bottle that you have selected. CBD.co will be by your side throughout the entire purchasing process.

All the botanicals and other supporting ingredients in this MedTerra cream are organic, which means you don’t have to worry about toxic contaminants ending up in your lotion. Some examples of the beneficial substances that are present in this topical include ginger root, lemon oil and basil oil, and each of these natural botanicals is believed to have potent effects on your skin.

MedTerra uses CO2 during the hemp extraction process and it only uses CBD isolate in its cream, ensuring that no THC will end up in your topical product. Like all the other products we offer, this MedTerra cream has the CBD.co seal of approval. Your health and safety are our top priorities, and we reflect these values in the strict vetting process that we apply to all the brands that want to offer their products on our platform.


Select CBD presents a clear, organized approach to manufacturing CBD products that stands as a shining example for the rest of the industry. The ingredients for each Select CBD topical are easily accessible, and there’s nothing on the list that you should find alarming. In fact, we’re surprised by how natural and simple the ingredients in this high-quality CBD topical are!

Like many other topicals on this list, the Select CBD muscle rub contains much more than just simple cannabidiol. Boosted with tea tree oil, vitamin E, menthol, and a medley of other ingredients, the CBD present in the blend is given a boost. Its soft squeeze bottle design helps ensure that you’ll get every last drop.

Both the affordability and CBD concentration of this Select CBD topical cream exceed industry expectation, and this brand has rapidly built a reputation as a CBD powerhouse with nothing to hide. If CBD isolate isn’t your style, remember that many of the topicals we offer at CBD.co contain full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD, and adding items from multiple brands to your cart is easy.


What does CBD lip balm do? The same thing as normal lip balm, but with the additional benefits of CBD. When the dry winter air makes your lips crack or you simply want to feel the luxurious effects of CBD spread across your mouth, this Hemplucid CBD lip balm is an affordable and high-quality choice.

CBD lip balms come in compact, convenient containers that can be taken with you anywhere. Similar to the mini-balms at the beginning of the list, this product can easily fit into any bag or pocket, and its unassuming appearance results in discreet use while out in public.

Like everything else that Hemplucid creates, this CBD lip balm only contains natural ingredients. Some lip balms on the market contain unsafe ingredients, and since this CBD-infused option isn’t that much more expensive than your average lip balm, there’s no reason you shouldn’t include one of these 50mg balms in your epic CBD.co cart!

CBD.co is your CBD super-source

Whether you still need additional information about cannabidiol or you’re ready to make a purchase, CBD.co is your central location for all things CBD. We’re the authority when it comes to both CBD products and CBD information, so you can safely rely on us to guide you through the complex contemporary cannabidiol market with our comprehensive product offers and attentive customer service. Here are some answers to lingering questions that may still be on your mind at the end of this guide:

How effective are CBD topicals?

You’ll need to learn how to use CBD balms before you’ll be able to enjoy the full effects of a topically applied CBD product. The way in which you use CBD balm is different from they way you use CBD cream, for instance, and depending on how much you use and where you use it, the effects may be very different.

One of the main benefits of topical administration in general is that substances that you apply to your skin don’t get filtered by the liver before they enter your bloodstream. To make it through multiple layers of skin, however, topical products must be formulated carefully, and not every type of CBD topical is up for the task. Oil-based CBD balms generally have effects that remain on or near the surface of your skin, while water-based topicals penetrate deeper and gain passage into your bloodstream more efficiently.

How long are the effects of CBD topicals?

We’ve already tackled the question of, “what does CBD lotion do?” So, now it’s time to touch on the expected duration of effects offered by this CBD administration method.

The effect duration of a CBD topical is based on its rate of delivery. A transdermal patch, for instance, provides its effects over the space of 24 or even 36 hours. Other topical formulations that deliver their active ingredients more rapidly, however, may consequently present you with lower periods in which they are taking effect.

Do CBD topicals work?

That’s a question only you and your doctor can answer. What we can say for certain is that each of the topicals on this list was formulated carefully and designed to provide the maximum effects possible. Try one of the CBD topicals on our list for yourself to find out if reality truly matches the hype.

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