CBN Gummies

CBN gummies are popular nighttime supplements known for their deeply calming effects on the mind and body. These small, tasty chews contain an effective dose of CBN—a hemp-derived compound that’s often referred to as “the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid.” 

At, we carry a huge selection of CBN Gummies from the biggest brands in the industry. We also offer awesome deals daily!

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Why Buy CBN-Infused Gummies at

In the last few years, cannabinol (CBN) has found its way into many different hemp-based gummies, offering deeply relaxing benefits for sleep support and a heightened, full-body sense of calm. These unique therapeutic effects have helped CBN become one of the most sought-after cannabinoids for enhancing restful sleep.

Now, various brands are trying to capitalize on this trending cannabinoid, debuting CBN gummies alongside other CBN-infused sleep supplements. But what puts ahead of other CBD retailers as a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs?

1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling CBD Brands

Whether you’re new to the world of hemp-derived gummies or a seasoned CBD veteran looking to use CBN gummies for sleep, it’s always best to start your search by finding the right brand.

At, we’ve curated a collection of CBN gummies from some of the industry’s biggest, most reliable brands. Shop from companies like CBDfx, Koi CBD, Medterra, cbdMD, and so many more, and find the right CBN sleep gummy that fits your nightly self-care routine!

2. Compare Prices of Gummies in Real Time

CBN gummies come in a range of prices, depending on the formula’s potency, additional ingredients, and product quality. At, we carry both inexpensive and higher-end sleep gummies with CBN, allowing you to pick the one that’s best for you—and your budget. When you shop at, you can compare prices, ingredients, and other product details from some of the best CBD brands on the market in real time.

3. Tons of Gummies & So Much More

Our wide selection of CBN products includes more than just gummies. While other CBD retailers rely solely on hemp-derived gummy supplements to meet their customers’ needs, we’ve expanded our online shelves to include a vast range of hemp-based products. 

If you aren’t a fan of gummies, we also carry other CBN-infused products, like CBN tinctures and CBN capsules, giving you different ways to enjoy this rising cannabinoid. 

Spotlight on Top-Selling CBN-Infused Gummies

Whether or not you’re new to CBN gummies, the first step to finding the best product for you is filtering your search by brands. Since the 2018 Farm Bill primed the soil for a budding hemp market, every week, a new CBD company seems to open its online store. While many of these brands are trustworthy and reliable, some don’t follow the industry’s best practices, opting for cheaper solutions to standard problems. 

When companies cut corners in their cultivation and extraction processes, they tend to produce shoddy, potentially harmful products. These products often include contaminated hemp, harmful additives, and toxic residue from the extraction process. To avoid companies like these, make sure to shop from CBD brands that:

  • Rely on non-GMO hemp
  • Use natural, high-quality ingredients and flavorings
  • Extract cannabinoids through a residue-free filtration process
  • Publish third-party lab tests for customers to see

Four brands that follow these guidelines (while making deliciously calming CBN gummies) are:


Koi CBD is one of the most popular hemp-based brands on the market, crafting a wide selection of gummies, tinctures, vapes, and more. Koi CBD currently carries one type of CBN gummy: Complete Nighttime Rest Gummies with CBD + Delta 9 + CBN. These CBN gummies come in two flavors: Orange Cream or Black Cherry. A single gummy contains 25 mg CBD, 10mg CBN, and 5mg delta-9 THC.

Because of this cannabinoid ratio, you might feel THC’s psychoactive effects more than other CBN gummies on our shelves. 


Medterra is a trusted source for many adults’ cannabinoid needs, creating a wide range of high-quality hemp-based products, like gummies, tinctures, and topicals. This brand is known for their broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD formulas, crafting their gummies for an array of wellness benefits. If you’d like a strong, relaxing CBN experience, Medterra makes their Strawberry Fast Sleep Now CBN Gummies with passion flower, melatonin, L-theanine, and CBN isolate—the purest form of CBN.

These gummies use a proprietary sleep blend that includes CBN to calm the mind and body just before falling asleep. Take one gummy around an hour before going to bed. This will give the gummy time to absorb into your body fully and provide calming effects that may help you stay asleep. 

Two Hawk Hemp Co.

You might know Two Hawk Hemp Co. for their THC-infused gummies, tinctures, and vapes. Famously, Two Hawk Hemp Co. uses alternative cannabinoids, like delta 8 THC, HHC, and delta 10 THC to infuse their products with THC’s naturally psychoactive effects. They do the same with their CBN gummy.

Two Hawk Hemp Co.’s Delta 8 THC + CBN Dreamcatcher Gummies contain 20mg of delta 8 THC plus 5mg of CBN per piece. These delicious blue raspberry gummies pop with natural flavors before gently elevating the mind with delta 8 THC’s mild cerebral effects. These THC gummies with CBN are perfect for taking in the early evening, as they’ll absorb into your body by the time your head hits the pillow for sleep. 


Popular for their delicious, naturally flavored gummies, Wyld is an Oregon-based company that’s taking the CBD world by storm. Their CBD gummies offer bright, fresh-fruit flavors, and their formulas bring all the wellness benefits associated with hemp-derived cannabinoids, like CBD and CBN. Wyld currently has one gummy that includes CBN—their Elderberry CBD + CBN Gummies. This formula boasts 25mg of organic, broad spectrum CBD plus 5mg of CBN per gummy. Like their other CBD gummies, Wyld’s Elderberry formula is vegan, gluten-free, and contains a natural berry flavor.

Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to break down some key aspects of these brands.

Brand CBN Products Available $ per mg of CBN
Koi CBD Gummies, Vape $0.20
Medterra Gummies $0.75
Two Hawk Hemp Co. Gummies, Vape, Tincture $0.25
Wyld Gummies $1.50

What Is CBN?

CBN is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids. These are chemical compounds native to hemp and cannabis plants. When you take a cannabinoid-infused product, these compounds impart therapeutic benefits by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system. With its own special chemical composition, CBN creates deeply relaxing effects, leading many to refer to CBN as “the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid.” 

CBN was, in fact, the first cannabinoid isolated from the hemp plant. Researchers in the late 1800s studied this cannabinoid in-depth, building the foundation for our current scientific understanding of cannabis. Later researchers discovered that CBN is formed by the degradation of THC over time. You might know THC as the psychoactive cannabinoid. But these psychoactive effects don’t linger in CBN. CBN is actually non-psychoactive, offering only deeply relaxing, wellness benefits effects on the mind and body. 

How to Dose Gummies With CBN for Sleep

Unlike vapes and tinctures, gummies absorb into your body through your digestive system. This process can take some time. Depending on your body composition and other bioavailability factors, gummies can take thirty minutes to two hours to fully absorb into your body. So you won’t feel their effects right away. If you’d like to experience CBN’s effects before bed, it’s best to plan ahead. Take a serving of gummies with CBN an hour or two before your bedtime. This’ll give the sleep gummy time to absorb.

But how much is a serving of CBN gummies?

Typically, companies add around 2-10mg of CBN into a serving of their gummies. If you haven’t taken CBN gummies before, check the recommended dose on your product of choice and begin with that amount. You can take more or less your next time, depending on how you enjoyed your first experience. 

CBN Gummy vs. CBN Tincture

Another popular way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBN is with a CBN tincture. CBN tinctures are bottles with hemp-derived oil that often contain other natural, wellness-boosting cannabinoids and ingredients, like MCT oil. Like other tinctures, CBN sleep tinctures come with a dropper attached to the lid, giving you the freedom to customize your preferred dose. To enjoy a tincture, place the cannabinoid-rich oil under your tongue and hold it there for around a minute. During this time, the cells in your mouth absorb the cannabinoids and filter them directly into your bloodstream, which leads to a quick onset of effects. 

Compared to gummies, tinctures promote quicker effects that last between four and six hours. However, because gummies absorb gradually into your body, effects from a gummy last around six to eight hours. 

Pros & Cons of Gummies With CBN

Like any other CBN product, CBN gummies come with some key advantages—and one critical disadvantage.


  • Prolonged effects
  • Pre-measured doses
  • Fruity flavors
  • Easy to take


  • Effects set in after thirty minutes to two hours

Shop’s Full Collection of Hemp-Derived Sleep Products

If you’re interested in adding CBN gummies to your nighttime wellness routine, shop one of the most extensive collections of premium CBN products right here at! 

If you’d like to learn more about this fantastic cannabinoid and see what other products use it as a key ingredient, check out our entire collection of CBN products today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBN gummies?

CBN gummies contain effective doses of cannabinol (CBN) and other natural wellness ingredients like CBD, L-theanine, passion flower, and many more. Adults use CBN gummies to support deeper relaxation right before bed.

What is CBN in gummies?

CBN is one of over a hundred different cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Known for its uniquely calming effects, CBN has been nicknamed “the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid.”

What does CBN do in gummies?

CBN mirrors CBD’s wellness benefits while deepening relaxation and enhancing a full-body sense of calm.

How do you use CBN gummies?

For your first time using CBN gummies, start with the recommended serving. If this serving is too much or too little, adjust your dose the next time.

Is CBN like CBD?

CBN is a hemp-derived cannabinoid, like CBD. Also, like CBD, CBN promotes benefits for wellness. But CBN also incites a unique sense of relaxation—one that CBD can’t quite reproduce.