CBD Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love to spoil their dog with a delicious dog treat? Now you can get their tails wagging with CBD dog treats and help them to benefit from the natural health and wellness properties of CBD. If you’ve personally benefited from cannabidiol (CBD), you’ll be excited to know that pets can benefit from CBD just like their owners!


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What Is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant. CBD has several natural wellness benefits and can help both humans and dogs de-stress, deal with minor joint pain and get a better night of sleep. CBD can be consumed in the form of CBD oil and CBD chews, and can be applied topically with CBD balms.

Is CBD Good for Dogs?

Derived from the hemp plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound with a variety of uses and benefits. Similar to humans, dogs can also benefit from cannabidiol’s ability to help with joint pain, improve overall wellness, reduce stress, and help with sleep.*** For an easy dog wellness option, give your dog a CBD-infused treat. CBD dog treats are formulated with dog-friendly flavors and CBD for a naturally healthy pet CBD treat. When processed into an oil product, CBD can be administered as a CBD oil. Humans take CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue), but that is not the case for dogs. When administering an oil product to your pup, simply squeeze the oil dropper filled with the suggested amount of CBD oil on top of their kibble.

Why Buy CBD Dog Treats From CBD.co?

With the widespread popularity of CBD, there’s been increasing interest in exploring the possible health benefits of this hemp-derived compound for people and their dogs. A truly versatile cannabinoid, CBD can be enjoyed in the form of CBD oil products for dogs, CBD balms for dry skin, and CBD pet treats.


With a large number of CBD brands entering the hemp product market, it can be complicated deciding where to buy your CBD treats. So, you may ask, what makes CBD.co such a trusted and popular CBD retailer for dogs (and their owners)?

  1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling CBD Dog Treats

The first step of adding CBD into your pet’s health and wellness regimen is to find a safe and trustworthy CBD brand. Sadly, there are a lot of low-quality CBD companies out there, so it is essential to buy CBD products from a proven brand.

At CBD.co, we’ve done the research for you and hand-selected the best CBD for pets from some of the largest and most well-respected brands in the CBD industry. Shop with brands such as CBDfx, Canna River, Holistapet, Penelope’s Bloom, and many more to find the right pet products for your dog!

  1. Compare Chill CBD Products and Treats for Dogs in Real Time

The cost of CBD dog treats are dependent on a few factors, such as the quality of CBD, the potency of CBD in the treat, and other additional hemp additives. We believe in carrying both top-of-the-line CBD treats and more wallet-friendly CBD dog treats so all pet owners can find the dog treats that fit their budget and their dog’s needs.

At CBD.co, you can compare hundreds of CBD brands and thousands of CBD pet product items, giving you plenty of quality options as you try to find your ideal CBD-formulated dog treat.

3. Tons of Dog Treats with CBD & So Much More

We don’t just sell pet products; we sell all kinds of CBD products (for humans, of course)! While many CBD retailers only sell hemp-derived CBD oil, we are committed to offering a wide range of products. This includes CBD vapes, edible CBD products, and more!

If you aren’t looking for purely CBD selections, we also carry more recreational options, like delta 9 THC edibles and delta 8 oil, giving you a vast spectrum of hemp options to explore.

Spotlight on Top-Selling Treats With CBD for Cats and Dogs

2018 was a landmark year with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill effectively ended the prohibition of hemp products and resulted in an explosion of CBD brands and items with CBD entering the market. The countless number of CBD brands and CBD items has made it a bit more difficult for both CBD newcomers and experienced CBD consumers to find a dependable CBD company that meets their needs and the needs of their dog.

While many CBD brands use best practices in their careful hemp cultivation and meticulous manufacturing process, some CBD companies take undesirable shortcuts that can be harmful to consumers and dogs alike.


If you’re looking for superior CBD for your dog, make sure to avoid CBD companies that use shortcuts in their hemp cultivation and extraction processes. These types of exploitative hemp companies often make products that are ineffective and potentially harmful for you and your pet. These low-quality CBD brands often use contaminated hemp, add questionable additives, and use processes that may leave behind chemical residue. To avoid these hazardous CBD companies, make sure you only purchase from proven CBD brands that harvest non-GMO hemp, use organic and natural ingredients, extract hemp cannabinoids using a residue-free filtration process, and publicly release the results of third-party lab reports.


Four excellent CBD companies that follow these stringent guidelines when crafting their CBD dog treats are:


One of the largest CBD manufacturers in the world, CBDfx is celebrated for their five-star CBD selections for humans and dogs! With an unwavering commitment to using natural ingredients to create premium CBD products, this CBD brand is an ideal place to start your search for CBD dog treats. This trustworthy CBD brand puts all their CBD selections through third-party lab testing to guarantee your pet a positive experience.


Looking for a natural and vegan way to support your elderly dog? Get their tail wagging with a few bites of CBDfx’s Joint & Mobility CBD Dog Treats. Made with a carefully-crafted blend of broad spectrum CBD, powerful natural antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and the natural flavor of sweet potatoes, these vegan treats are the perfect companion for any dog dealing with age-related mobility issues.


Does your pup need help dealing with the pressure of being so cute? Probably not, but even the best dogs could use a little support from time to time with relaxation. Help your dog naturally chill out with CBDfx’s Calming CBD Dog Treats. Formulated with a soothing blend of botanicals, these tasty CBD dog treats are made with organic broad spectrum CBD and will get your dog’s tail back to wagging in no time!


Medterra uses mouth-watering natural flavors for both their CBD dog treats and their CBD formulations for (adult) humans! This favorite CBD brand provides superb CBD items at a great value, cementing their place as one of the most popular CBD brands on the market. If your dog is a fiend for peanut butter, reward them with their  CBD Joint Support Pet Chews. Made with natural ingredients to support your dog’s joint health, these chews are perfect for dogs who could use a little boost with their mobility. If you have both dogs and cats in your home, you’ll be happy to hear that these CBD treats can be given to both your dog and cat! Think of these CBD Joint Pet Support Chews as CBD treats, not just CBD dog treats!


Dedicated to crafting natural supplements for your pet, Holistapet combines the power of CBD with carefully selected organic superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to create their popular CBD dog treats. If you’re looking for a comprehensive CBD offering for dogs, look no further than Holistapet.


If your dog gets a little nervous during thunderstorms, give them peanut butter flavored Calming Hard Chews for Dogs to help soothe their nerves. Love the idea of calming CBD treats, but need something a little softer? Try their CBD Calming Soft Chews. If your senior pup could use some help from hemp for their joints, give them some CBD Mobility Hard Chews. These pumpkin-flavored supplements are also available CBD Mobility Soft Chews for your dogs who have trouble with crunchy treats.


More interested in seeing how CBD can be part of your dog’s overall wellness routine? Made with natural ingredients, their blueberry-flavored CBD Wellness Hard Chews make delicious treats for your dog. Help your dog achieve better gut health with their Probiotic Wellness Soft Chews. If you want to give them a yummy reward that doesn’t skimp on wellness, treat your pup to their Multivitamin Wellness Soft Chews. It’s not hard for dogs to get over excited and have trouble falling asleep after a stimulating day at the dog park, sniffing other dogs and frolicking around. Help your pup get some much needed ZZZs with their heart-shaped Melatonin Calming Soft Chews. Last, but not least, keep your dog’s fur shiny and in good condition with their Skin + Coat + Nail Rejuvenating Soft Chews.

Penelope’s Bloom

With the mission to empower pet parents and provide affordable CBD solutions for dogs, Penelope’s Bloom is an icon in the world of CBD dog treats! Support your dog’s cardiovascular system and boost their immunity with their 300mg Heart + Immunity CBD Treats for Dogs or their stronger dose 600mg Heart + Immunity CBD Treats for Dogs. Formulated with organic CBD, turmeric root and boswellia, their 300mg Joint + Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs and 600mg Joint + Mobility CBD Treats for Dogs are perfect for your senior pup. Finally, you can help calm your nervous dog with their 300mg Stress + Anxiety CBD Treats for Dogs and 600mg Stress + Anxiety CBD Treats for Dogs.

Helpful CBD Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to review some important product information from these CBD Dog Treats!

Brand Strengths Available $ per mg of CBD
CBDfx 450mg $0.06
Medterra 300mg $0.11
Penelope’s Bloom 250mg, 300mg & 600mg $0.11
Holistapet 150mg, 300mg, 600mg & 900mg $0.10

Pros & Cons of Dog CBD Treats

Like any other cannabinoid, cannabidiol has some major advantages—and a few disadvantages, depending on your needs. Review the following information before selecting CBD-filled treats for dogs.



  • Easy to administer to dogs
  • Come in several dog approved flavors
  • Available in different sizes and dosages to fit your dog’s breed


  • May not be ideal if your dog follows a strict treat-free diet

Cats Can Benefit From CBD, Too!

While dogs have gotten the majority of the spotlight with this article, it’s worth mentioning that cats can also benefit from CBD treats! If you’re interested in CBD oil for your kitty, add CBDfx’s CBD Cat Tincture to their wet food. Made with organic ingredients and broad spectrum CBD, this chicken-flavored CBD oil product may help your pet gently relax and help with joint pain for older cats.*** You can also make your cat purr with delight with Holistapet’s grain-free and salmon-flavored CBD Cat Hard Chews.

When Should I Give My Pup Dog Treats With CBD?

CBD treats are perfect to give to your dog when they’re feeling stressed or overstimulated, as they can support a calmer state for your dog. If you notice your dog dealing with a little stiffness, give them a joint health formulated CBD chew. If you’re in the midst of training your dog a new trick or basic commands, these scrumptious CBD dog treats make excellent rewards to reinforce the desired behavior.

Why Are CBD Chews Better Than Regular Dog Treats?

CBD treats aren’t just yummy rewards, these are treats with purpose! In addition to being delicious, CBD treats have a variety of health and wellness benefits to help support your dog. (Make sure to treat these products like the health supplements they are and not like regular biscuits.)

Shop Our Complete CBD Pet Collection

If you think CBD treats could be an excellent addition to your dog’s health and wellness routine, check out our comprehensive collection of CBD treats, CBD oil, and CBD balm options, right here at CBD.co.


If you’d like to learn more about cannabidiol and see other CBD options for pets, check out our entire collection of CBD products for pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD good for my dog?

Just like humans, your dog can definitely benefit from CBD. Your dog can experience improved wellness, relief from aches and pains, deeper relaxation, and more restful sleep when administered treats with CBD.**

Is CBD safe for my pet?

Yes! CBD is generally safe for animals. Make sure you purchase your treats from a quality and third-party tested brand and speak to your veterinarian before giving products with this health-focused cannabinoid to your dog, as it can interact adversely with some medications.

Can I give my CBD products to my pet?

Pet owners should avoid giving their oil products with cannabidiol or any other CBD item formulated for humans to their dog as it could potentially be harmful. Some health and wellness selections with CBD contain flavors like chocolate and ingredients like avocado in the formulation which may be harmful for your dog. Also, most human-targeted products generally contain more CBD than is recommended for smaller animals.

Is it easy to make my own treats with CBD?

It can be hard to keep the dosage consistent when creating your own treats filled with CBD at home and for that reason, we strongly do not recommend making your own cannabidiol treats for your dog. You don’t want to potentially get your dog sick with homemade treats. It’s best to leave it to the professionals! That being said, we have an extensive collection of treats for your dog, made with organic ingredients and expertly derived CBD. Plus, all of our treats are third-party tested to guarantee quality and ensure the safety for your dog!