1¼” Ultra Thin Nuࠢdle Cones – TRĒ House

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1¼” Ultra Thin Nuࠢdle Cones – 3-Pack (18ct)

Opt for an easier way to roll a perfectly crafted, uniquely fun joint with TRĒ House high-quality 1¼” Ultra Thin Nuࠢdle Cones. These cones are fastened around a single, spindly rotini noodle (yes, a pasta noodle) to maximize every draw, from the first to the last. The noodle’s grooves catch any stray pieces of flower, so you can savor every puff without the dreaded scoobies. Plus, made with TRĒ House’s signature, French-made Ultra-Thin papers, these Nūdle Cones burn slowly and evenly, making for a fun, long-lasting smoke sesh!

Key Takeaways

  • Rotini noodle filter tip for a smooth pull
  • Premium slow-burning Ultra Thin cones
  • Standard 1¼” size
  • Crafted from natural plant fibers
  • Chlorine-free
  • Three 6-count packages (18 cones total)

What Are 1¼” Ultra Thin Nuࠢdle Cones?

If you’ve been around the cannabis community, you’ve probably heard of noodle joints, or maybe you’ve even been blessed with one circling your smoke sesh. These unique rolls use a spindly rotini noodle as a filter, the base for a pretty impressive, smooth-hitting joint. But many of these noodle joints come prefilled with cannabis, not letting you enjoy your flower of choice.


Well, now TRĒ House has led the charge, becoming the only company to offer unpacked noodle cones. These cones let you tightly pack your flower of choice and enjoy all the decadence that comes with such a unique type of filter. These Nūdle Cones are made with the same non-GMO, chlorine-free paper used in TRĒ House’s complete line of rolling papers.

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3 x 6 Packs (18 Count)


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