The Best Delta 8 Products of 2023

If you’re new to the world of novel cannabinoids, you might not have tried delta-8 THC yet. Or, perhaps you’ve already fallen in love with this wonderful substitute for classic delta-9 cannabis. Whether you’re a delta-8 connoisseur or not, you still might need some help finding the best legal delta-8 THC products of 2023. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to our 10 favorite delta-8 THC products of the year and explain how we arrived at this list. We’ll walk you through our thought process and clue you in on what makes good delta-8 products good, great delta-8 products great, and the best delta-8 THC products divine.

But first, let’s get acclimated with one of the most famous novel cannabinoids currently on the market: delta-8 THC. 

What Is Delta 8 THC?

When you think of cannabis, delta-9 THC no doubt comes to mind. Delta-9 THC is the most abundant molecule along THC’s molecular chain. For the uninitiated few, THC is the cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’s psychoactive effects. Along THC’s molecular chain, there are other THC molecules, as well: ones that offer similar euphoric effects. This is where we find delta-8 THC.

If you’ve enjoyed cannabis hemp or cannabis marijuana products in the past, you’ve unknowingly encountered trace levels of delta-8 THC. In both low-THC cannabis hemp and high-THC cannabis marijuana, delta-8 plays softly in the background. Recently, though, cultivators have been able to extract delta-8 molecules from hemp-derived CBD and showcase them in a variety of pleasurable products. Now, you’ll find delta-8-rich oil infused in gummies, vape juice, syrups, and other THC-infused products. 

When you take a delta-8 product, the delta-8 interacts with your mind and body similarly to delta-9 THC, but the effects are slightly muted. You’ll feel a milder head buzz with delta-8, but a more pronounced body buzz. So, if you have a lower tolerance, you can enjoy delta-8’s mellow, uplifting effects without worrying about getting too elevated. If you have a stronger tolerance, you might need to take more delta-8 to feel effects comparable to those from delta-9 THC. Fortunately, there are products out there both for folks seeking a mellow delta-8 buzz and those seeking heavier doses of this THC compound.

Our Rubric

All of these delta-8 products come to us from well-respected and loved brands in the cannabis hemp community. In the past few years, many new CBD and THC companies have vied for a seat at the table, often hastily producing untested and unreliable products. To help you sort these bad players from respected CBD and THC brands, we’ve created this list to highlight the highest-quality delta-8 products of 2023. 

Unsurprisingly, this list of delta darlings includes popular brands, like TRĒ House, Two Hawk Hemp Co., and MoonWlkr, that routinely run their products through third-party lab testing, ensuring that their customers get an unprecedented level of transparency.

What other factors led us to choose the 10 best delta-8 products of 2023? 

Product Quality

First, we care about how well a product was made, including factors like flavor and overall quality. For delta-8 vapes, we look at how the pen hit, how the vapor tasted, if there was any vape juice residue on the mouthpiece, and if the PG/VG ratio felt right. We tend to steer away from delta-8 vapes and carts with heavier throat hits. For delta-8 edibles, we look at flavor, consistency, texture, and how long the effects take to set in.


Then, we look at what the brand used to formulate that delta-8 THC product. We look at whether or not the product has any accompanying cannabinoid compounds to enhance delta-8’s effects or if any additional ingredients have been added to alter the experience. For edibles, we look at ingredients and possible additives, leaning toward delta-8 products that value natural ingredients over artificial ones. 

Delta-8 Potency

This brings us to our last grading factor: How strong is the product? Since delta-8 is mellower than delta-9 THC, we look at how many milligrams of delta-8 are in the product to measure its potency. We also factor in if any other cannabinoids are enhancing the experience, such as delta-9 THC, delta-10 THC, THC-P, and others. If you’re a daily THC user, you might need a stronger dose of delta-8 THC to feel similar effects to delta-9. If you’re new to THC, delta-8 is the perfect place to start. 

10 Best Delta 8 Products of 2023

With these factors in mind, here are our 10 best legal delta-8 products of 2023, including a variety of delta-8 THC gummies, oils, vapes, and prerolls.

Delta-8 Gummies – TRĒ House

TRĒ House has already produced many of our favorite delta-8 products, including Bussin’ Berry Delta-8:Delta-9 Syrup, GS Cookies Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Cartridge, Wedding Crasher Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Pen, Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Delta-8 Vape Pen, and more. Among those quality delta-8 products was one of our favorite THC gummies: Tropic Mango Delta-8 + HHC + THC-P Gummies, featuring a potent dose of delta-8 THC, along with complementary THC-P and HHC.

This year, they’ve added a line of delta-8-only gummies that allow you to experience delta-8 THC in two levels. Their Strawberry Delta-8 Gummies and Mango Delta-8 Gummies are perfect for mellow, microdosed 25mg servings of delta-8 THC, ideal for maintaining your cool over the course of a long day. If you’re ready to jump into the deep end of the delta-8 pool, try the Blue Raspberry High-Potency Delta-8 Gummies with a whopping 100mg delta-8 THC per serving!

Delta-8 Gummy Rings – RA Royal

Delta-8 connoisseurs know RA Royal honey products for their sweet flavor and potency. Beyond the honey, this popular legal hemp brand carries a variety of THC, HHC, and CBD products, as well.

Among their other best-selling THC products is a line of delightful Delta-8 Gummy Rings. These delta-8 rings come in four delicious flavors: Apple Delta-8 Gummy Rings, Blue Raspberry Delta-8 Gummy Rings, Peach Delta-8 Gummy Rings, and Delta-8 Gummy Rings. Each 25-gummy bottle of THC rings contains 800mg delta-8 THC and 400mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Green Apple D8:D10 THC Gummies – Urb Finest Flowers

Urb Finest Flowers offers a variety of CBD and THC gummy and vape products. Their delta-8 gummy chews are among the most popular delta-8 products on the market––and yes, these gummies are that good. Green Apple Delta-8:Delta-10 Gummies come with 50mg of THC per serving. Their flavor is deliciously addicting, and their effects set in gradually, leading toward a sustained, elevated delta-8 experience that lasts for hours. 

These vegan edibles also come in delightful Birthday Cake, Tropical Lush, Watermelon, and Strawnana Smoothie flavors. 

Watermelon Zkittlez Atlas D8 Gummies – MoonWLKR

MoonWLKR is a major player in legal THC products, as well as health-friendly CBD edibles. To say MoonWLKR offers a variety of delta-8 gummies is an understatement, considering they offer (count ’em) 12 delta-8 gummy flavors in all. 

Watermelon Zkittlez Atlas Delta-8 Gummies are a tasty example of these popular edibles, delivering 12.5mg delta-8 THC per gummy. This dosage is perfect for those who are new to THC-infused edibles and want to start with a low, mild dose. These gummy chews are also great for microdosing delta-8. Watermelon Zkittlez is a famous indica strain, so you can expect these delta-8 THC edibles to offer a minorly relaxing sensation. Other flavors include Black Raspberry Nix Delta-8 Gummies, Purple Punch Hydra Delta-8 Gummies, Blue Dream Europa Delta-8 Gummies, Passion Fruit Phoebe Delta-8 Gummies, and many more!

Dreamcatcher D8:CBN Oil Tincture – Two Hawk Hemp Co.

Two Hawk Hemp Co. is a huge name in legal, Farm Bill-compliant THC products. Two Hawk offers a huge selection of gummy and vape products in a variety of cannabinoid combinations, from Green Apple Delta-9 Gummies to Dreamcatcher Delta-8 + CBN Gummies to Double Bubble OG D8:D9:D10:THC-P Vape Pen and many, many more.

Two Hawk also offers three top-shelf oil tinctures, including their sleep-friendly Dreamcatcher Delta-8:CBN Tincture. For those who don’t know, CBN is the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid, made famous for its uniquely soothing effects on the body. When partnered with delta-8, CBN offers the perfect experience right before bed. Since tinctures are taken sublingually you’ll start to feel the restful delta-8/CBN combo in 15 to 30 minutes. Other Two Hawk tinctures include Warrior Delta-8:CBG Oil Tincture and Storyteller Delta-8 Oil Tincture.

Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture – NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is largely known for their variety of single-cannabinoid gummy, capsule, and oil items, including formulas spotlighting CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and more. While they largely work in the health-conscious end of the cannabinoid spectrum, NuLeaf also offers some pure and potent THC products. 

Among these best-selling products is their Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture. This whole plant extract is offered in four strengths: 450mg, 750mg, and 1500mg delta-8. Containing only full spectrum hemp extract and organic virgin hemp seed oil (for improved absorption), this tincture is perfect for savoring the effects of delta-8 THC.

Highlighter Delta 8 THC Vape Pen in Tahiti Lime – Canna River

Canna River is another top brand in legal hemp products, ranging from CBD capsules and creams to recreational cannabinoid products. In fact, their product selection is so diverse and popular that we carry over 100 Canna River products!

For this list, we’re highlighting (no pun intended) one of their potent delta-8 vape pens. The Highlighter Delta-8 THC Vape Pen in Tahiti Lime delivers 2 grams of top-shelf D8 juice in a refreshing Tahiti Lime flavor—perfect for kicking back and relaxing on a lazy, hazy day. Other Canna River D8 pens include Blue Dream, Rainbow Sherbet, Purple Kush, Green Crack, Mango Cake, Strawberry Fields, Watermelon Zkittles, Strawberry Tartz, Hawaiian Snowcap, and more!    

White Ghost Super Knockout THC Vape Pen – Kush Burst

Kush Burst is a legal THC company that emphasizes “delivering a world of flavor”—which they do with a variety of tasty gummy and vape products. Beyond flavor, their products are formulated to deliver a serious cannabinoid punch, as evidenced by their White Ghost Super Knockout THC Vape Pen. This potent pen serves up not only powerful delta-8, but also delta 9, THC-P, THC-X and HHC-P!

Other hard-hitting Kush Burst Knockout Pens include Space Octane, Animal Cookies, Blue Fire, Lemon Zkittles, and Pink Candy Kush.  

Pink TNTZ Sauce & Orange Soda Live Resin D8 Pen – Geek’d

Our customers love Geek’d for their innovative flavors and Farm Bill-compliant formulations in a wide variety of gummies, disposable vapes, cartridges, and syrups. Any one of these items could easily find its way onto a “best of” legal THC product list. For this list, we chose to single out their Pink TNTZ Sauce & Orange Soda Live Resin D8 Pen, because it highlights their unique pen design that allows you to toggle between two different vape juices: Pink TNTZ Sauce for a chill indica experience and Orange Soda for uplifting sativa feels. It’s everything a cannabis enthusiast could want in a single pen.

You’ll find nearly 20 Geek’d pens on, each with lip-smacking great flavor and forward-thinking formulas. Choose from Blackberry Kush & Sour Diesel, Cherry Pie & Sojay Kaze Sauce, Ice Cream Cake & Animal Mintz Rosin, King Louis Gas & Ghost Train Haze, and more!

Rainbow Runtz D8 Flower Pre-Roll – TRĒ House

TRĒ House earns a second entry on our list with their Rainbow Runtz Delta-8 Pre-Rolls. With half a gram of delta-8-infused flower, each pre-roll is perfectly packed with hemp flower coated in hemp-derived premium kief. Each bottle comes with five pre-rolls. Veteran users will recognize Rainbow Runtz’s indica-leaning vibe and hemp’s notable aromatics. Since these pre-rolls are reminiscent of the classic joint, TRĒ House pre-rolls are LOUD. They’re the perfect way to refresh your smoke sesh and introduce your friends to the wonders of delta-8. 

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It’s important to note that this list should be seen as a launching pad into the wonderful world of THC. There are so many different products to choose from, as well as cannabinoid options. Thanks to recent innovations and renewed public interest, we can now enjoy a host of newly minted THC molecules. The items above are some of our favorites. We hope you’ll enjoy them, too.

That’s the great thing about shopping at We carry the best variety of high-quality CBD and THC products anywhere, so that you can explore the gamut of legal hemp items to find the one that’s right for you. And you can know that, with, you’re only getting the very best!