THC Edibles

THC Edible

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis––most of which boast the pleasant euphoric effects of THC. And, because of the recent rise and interest in the cannabis marketplace, a new hemp invention seems to be debuting weekly. When you think of cannabis, what comes to mind? Is it the classic joint, a hybrid spliff, a standard blunt, or (the crowd favorite) the almighty edible? The edible––a THC-fueled experience disguised in an ooey-gooey treat. 


Chances are, the first time you tried THC was in the form of a delectable (albeit homemade) THC edible. This form of consumption allows for a little more psychedelia and longer-lasting effects compared to smoking or vaping. And, in recent years, the edible has improved exponentially. Now, there are many ways to delight your tastebuds with cannabinoid-infused tasty, good times. Thankfully, several notable, trustworthy brands have come out with deliciously tasting––and potent––THC edibles for just about any taste or tolerance. 


With the recent boom in the hemp marketplace, new companies and brands have sought a foothold in the industry––oftentimes rushing to the finish line with untested, unreliable products. This get-rich-quick plan leads to ineffective products that either get you too elevated or barely off the ground, and, because these products are left untested, there’s a high chance residual solvents and other harmful chemicals remain in the edibles. 


So, we’ve decided to offer a solution: provide our customers with tasty, effective edibles from reliable third-party brands like TRĒ House, CBDfx, and many, many more. We've got your back if you don’t know where to start with THC edibles. We’ll teach you what they are and aren’t, how to use them, and which ones are best for you! 

What is a THC Edible

First, what is a THC edible? Do you remember those “special” brownies all your friends used to whisper about? The ones baked in their oven, infused with “special” butter? Those were early renditions of THC edibles––before science (and pro-hemp legislation) caught up with it. Now, we have so many different types of THC edibles that include: 

  • Gummies

  • Brownies

  • Cookies

  • Candy

Unlike smoking and vaping, THC edibles go a different route through your body to spark their euphoric effects. With smoke and vaping, the cannabinoids pass through your pulmonary arteries, where they then get ushered into the bloodstream almost immediately. This is why the effects are almost instant when you smoke or vape cannabis. But, when you eat an infused edible, the cannabinoids in that edible pass through your digestive tract before being absorbed by your liver. Here, they get pulled into the bloodstream, swimming through the body to interact with your endocannabinoid system. This is why THC edibles take longer to “hit,” and their effects last longer than smoking or vaping. You can expect to feel extra “chilled” for a couple of hours. 

How to Use THC Edibles

When using THC edibles, you need first to read the instructions. Sounds simple, right? But because it sounds so easy, reading the directions is often skipped entirely. Next, you need to start low and go up slowly. This means taking only the recommended amount or lower and then taking more only after you’ve felt the full effects of the first dose. You can expect to feel these effects after around 2 hours. But it can take longer or shorter than 2 hours. Different factors affect how long it’ll take to hit, like height, weight, metabolism, and whether or not you’ve eaten that day. These cerebral effects should last for around 3-4 hours. 

THC Edibles vs. CBD Edibles

Now, you might want all the therapeutic benefits of an infused edible without the cerebral effects. That’s where CBD edibles come in. CBD edibles boast all the same therapeutic benefits, like decreased anxiety, stressful thinking, and overall pain mitigation without the euphoric effects. Like THC edibles, CBD edibles come in gummies, cookies, brownies, and candies. Many of the same great companies that make THC edibles also produce CBD edibles so that you can shop with that same peace of mind. 

THC Edibles Pros and Cons

Much like other types of THC products, THC edibles come with their pros and cons––these factors may make or break your experience. So, it’s best to know about them before committing to a THC-edible-led experience. 



  • Fight back the munchies. A common side effect of THC is a little phenomenon called “the munchies.” These are when THC’s effects are in full swing, and you’re feeling extra hungry. One benefit of THC edibles is that you can fight the munchies by eating your THC in the form of a tasty edible. 

  • Wide range of options. From gummies to cookies to brownies, there are so many different types of THC edibles to choose from. 

  • Shareable. Most THC edibles can be split and shared, making them perfect for having with others. 



  • Hits at different times. Because the THC cannabinoid has to pass through the digestive tract, it can hit at different times, making them slightly unreliable. Be sure not to take more until you’ve waited a couple of hours from your first dose.

The Best THC Edibles

Whether you’re interested in different forms of THC or if you’re interested in a measured balance of THC and CBD, we have just the THC edibles for you! The following three highlighted products are perfect for beginners and veterans alike as they will get you comfortably elevated and ready for just about any occasion. 

High Potency HHC Birthday Cake Cookie - TRĒ House

First, we have TRĒ House’s HHC Birthday Cake Cookie! This 50mg cookie is the perfect way to experience the new, enhanced form of THC––HHC. Much like THC, HHC interacts with your endocannabinoids CB1 receptors, but since it’s a hydrogenated form of THC, it has different cerebral effects. Many claim it feels like your standard THC but italicized. TRĒ House is a marketplace giant known for products like these. When you shop with TRĒ House, you’re in for a product that’ll get you totally, absolutely faded. 

D9 THC + CBD Birthday Cake Cookie - CBDfx

Another excellent birthday cake cookie is CBDfx’s D9 THC + CBD cookie. This cookie is ideal for those who want a more balanced euphoria that isn’t frontloaded with THC’s effects. Much like TRĒ House, CBDfx is a well-known titan in the industry and has been a significant player in the hemp space for years. Known for their health-boosting CBD, CBDfx’s THC edibles also carry unrivaled benefits and an out-of-the-park taste. 

THC-O Strawberry Gummies - KoiCBD

As our only gummies on this list, Koi CBD’s THC-O Strawberry Gummies must be pretty divine. Short answer: they are. These gummies are an excellent introduction to this newly discovered cannabinoid for those who haven't tried THC-O. Their strawberry flavor is about just as delicious as their effects are potent. 

THC Edibles Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what the customers have to say about THC edibles! Many say they are the best, easiest way to enjoy THC because they are easy to pop back and chew. Others say they are the perfect thing to wake them up or to help them unwind. There truly is no time a THC edible can’t enhance! 

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If you’re interested in THC edibles, be sure to check out our curated collection! We pride ourselves on bringing only the best THC edibles to our customers––delivering them straight to their front doors! So, go ahead––look for one that’ll make any night memorable and any day groovy, groovy, groovy!


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