Thanksgiving With – November 2019

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with family, food and fun. Relatives from all over join together under one roof to enjoy a bountiful feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and more. While a refreshing break from your normal daily routine, it can also be a bit too much at times. You love your family, but you don’t necessarily need all the gossip and drama that comes with a major gathering.

Here at, we understand that you might not always love how your Thanksgivings go, so we’re here to give you some tips on how you can use CBD to spice things up. Here are 5 products guaranteed to bring a little joy back during this Thanksgiving!

#1: Social CBD Topical Patch

Social CBD’s Topical Patch is the perfect way to start off your Thanksgiving festivities, working seamlessly in the background all night as you talk to relatives about your future ambitions and explain to them for the millionth time that no, you don’t have a significant other, and no, their friend’s sister’s kid probably isn’t a perfect match for you. The patch practically functions on its own, requiring only that you attach it to your skin when you’re ready to use it.

Each patch contains 100mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, which is slowly administered to you throughout the day. If you feel like 100mg isn’t enough to carry you through Thanksgiving, you can purchase a 3-pack of them right here on CBDfx.

Before people begin showing up at your house, or before you head into the home of your relative, place the patch somewhere on your body that will be covered by clothing for the entire night. If your family sees the patch, there will most certainly be a flood of questions hurled at you, so it’s better to keep it hidden away. With the patch primed and ready for action, your entire night will be boosted by the CBD that is slowly but consistently being absorbed into your body!

#2: Kat’s Naturals Arnica and Emu Cream

There are several reasons why this cream in particular could be a Thanksgiving hit. First and foremost, it is a highly effective product that boasts a strong portion of cannabidiol with each serving. Alongside 350mg of high-quality broad spectrum CBD, almond and avocado butter join forces to moisturize your skin, relieving your skin of the dryness that plagues it in the fall months. Rub this on dry portions of your skin so that by the time the Thanksgiving festivities are really starting up, you’ll be looking your best!

Additionally, this cream contains lemongrass and lavender oils, which are both essential components of many aromatherapy sessions. As the night rolls on, and your uncle with aggressive political views starts to talk to you about the border, the soothing scents of this cream will help you keep your cool.

Another reason that this cream is perfect for Thanksgiving is that it can be used to shift gears in a conversation. Is your great aunt stressing you out with life questions? Pull out this cream and talk about its many uses and exotic ingredients. You could even make up a whole story about going to Australia and collecting the emu oil that went into the cream yourself. That will halt any other line of questioning immediately!

#3: Cozy CBD Strawberry Tincture

You’ll enjoy various different different types of foods while you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, some traditional such as turkey and stuffing, and others more personalized such as burgers or mac n cheese. Everything that you eat, however, is likely to share the same type of flavor, or at least possess a flavor that complements the others on your plate. The trick, as far as CBD products go, is to find a product whose flavor profile is synonymous with the food that you’re eating.

Cozy’s CBD Strawberry Tincture would be ideal for this holiday in particular, its sweet tones meshing quite well with those of cranberry and other fruits that you’ll likely be having. This tincture provides you with a perfect combination of strawberry goodness and a bountiful serving of CBD. With 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD packed into 30mL of oil, each milliliter contains over 30mg. This is certain to be a welcomed addition to your festivities. Drip it on your mashed potatoes and turkey, giving them a slightly sweet taste that will only work to improve their overall flavor.

Seeing as Thanksgiving is all about sharing your riches with others, you can also offer some of this tincture to those seated around you so that they can also enjoy the delicious effects of CBD. While you can’t share this product with underage children, the adults at the table are likely to pounce on the opportunity once it’s presented to them. You’ll quickly become the most popular person at your Thanksgiving feast!

#4: CBD Fusion Little Sours Gummies

Once everyone has had their fill of stuffing and other dinner foods, dessert treats will start rolling out. Pies, cakes, ice cream; whatever sweets you see at your festivities, they all have one thing in common: they could all use some CBD! Now, you could try to drip tincture onto your dessert, but then you risk diminishing the treat’s aesthetics in the process. The appearance of your dessert is almost as important as the flavor, so covering your perfectly sliced piece of pie with streaks of tincture oil isn’t optimal.

CBD gummies allow you to not only preserve the appearance of your dessert, but to add to the overall aesthetic as well. They can be placed along the edges of a slice of pie or cake, or they can be placed around the top of a hot fudge sundae. CBD Fusion’s Little Sours Gummies are an especially appealing gummy option because of their strong flavors and appearance. These gummies look very similar to the sour candy that you’d find anywhere, and their varying colors will spice up your plate’s color palate in an overwhelmingly positive way. With each color comes a new, delicious flavor, and at 10mg of CBD per gummy, this product will provide you with the cannabidiol that you’re looking for!

Place the gummies in an aesthetically pleasing pattern on your plate, and watch as your jealous family members admire the work of art that you’ve put together. Keep an eye on your gummy bottle, though, because once people have seen your plate they’re going to be on the prowl for some of their own.

#5: CBDfx Melatonin Gummies

Like most other holidays, Thanksgiving tends to drag on for far too long. Maybe a relative or two refuse to leave without talking to your parents about a few dozen more topics. Maybe your family is the one that won’t leave a relative’s house for the same reasons. On top of this, you’re almost guaranteed to overeat, meaning that your chances of getting a stomach ache at the end of the night are high. Your ability to sleep is heavily impaired as a result, meaning that the following day will be plagued with unnecessary grogginess. In these instances, you’ll wish that you had some sort of sleep-encouraging product.

CBDfx has the perfect product for you! This brand’s Melatonin Gummies combine the effects of high-quality CBD with the sleep-inducing properties of melatonin. Melatonin is a well-known sleep aid, included in countless products for the express purpose of having you count sheep much faster. This product is different from the rest, as the melatonin’s CBD companion is more potent and effective than others on the market. Organically-grown in the US and rigorously lab tested, the hemp extracts found in these gummies is sure to impress with each and every serving.

Take one of these melatonin gummies when the night finally ends, so as to avoid all the time that you would otherwise spend trying desperately to get to sleep. While it won’t prevent you from getting a stomach ache, it will allow you to fall asleep before your mind has time to bring attention to the pain. You can also take this gummy to get lingering relatives to leave your home at the end of the night. Explain your newfound tiredness to them; they’ll feel guilty for keeping you up and leave much faster.

These are five products that you would benefit from having on hand this Thanksgiving. We at hope that you have a terrific holiday with your friends and family. As Thanksgiving is a time for giving, and Christmas is just around the corner, consider giving your family members the gift that keeps on giving: CBD! Every cannabidiol-infused product you or your loved ones could ever want can be found here on, the ultimate marketplace for everything CBD!