Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

This holiday season, while others gleefully wrap socks, coffee mugs, and clearance-aisle perfume, order the gifts your friends, family, and pets actually want! From wellness-boosting CBD gummies to mind-melting magic mushroom chocolate bars and tail-waggin’ CBD pet products, our selection of premium CBD, THC, and mushroom products gives you more than one way to spoil everyone in your life!

And yes, we mean everyone!

Tips for Finding the Best Gifts

Before we jump into our massive catalog of best-selling products, let’s help whittle your search down a little. The first step to finding the best gifts for everyone in your life is understanding what type of products that person (or pet) prefers. 

Does your friend value vapes over gummies? Does your neighbor swear by delta 8 THC and reject all other alternative cannabinoids? Does your pet scrunch their nose at salmon-flavored treats but lick their lips for all things chicken? Do magic mushrooms make your Grandpa’s world go round? 

Keeping these key details in mind can help you find the perfect, most extraordinary, “Oh my god, thank you!” gift for everyone in your life.

Wellness Benefits vs. Psychoactive Effects

Our collection of hemp and mushroom products is vast—to put it lightly. Some products will boost your wellness, providing benefits for sleep, stress, energy, overall wellness, and minor aches and pains, and some will launch your mind into Rudolph’s flight path. So, have an idea of what type of benefits or effects the people on your shopping list would want.

Are they interested in wellness-based benefits? Look for products with non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. Also, products with functional mushrooms can provide a long list of adaptogenic and nootropic benefits.

If the people on your list like waves of euphoric effects and want to enjoy Christmas on the moon, check out products with psychoactive compounds, like THC, HHC, and magic mushrooms

Quick Effects vs. Gradual Effects

Next, do the people on your list want a rapid rise or a gradual onset of effects? For instance, edibles can take 30 minutes to two hours to produce effects, depending on a person’s height, weight, body composition, and other bioavailability factors. Vapes and prerolls, on the other hand, can take a few minutes, if not seconds, to incite effects. 

However, effects from vapes and prerolls oftentimes only last for 30 minutes to two hours, while effects from edibles can last for six to eight hours. So, knowing how long the people on your list would like to enjoy a product’s benefits or effects can also help you find the best, most perfect gifts. 

Who Is in Your Whoville?

Last, keep in mind who these people are to you. The perfect gift for your best friend may not suit your hot neighbor (yes, we’re including them, too!), and the best gift for your work spouse may make your actual spouse roll their eyes. So, understanding who is in your Whoville will help you decipher which gift to give them.

Need a little help? Well, that’s what this gift guide is for!

Your Sweet Mom

Let’s start with someone who should be close to the top of your list: your mother.

The holiday season is rarely stress-free for most mothers. Here are two CBD gummies to help your mother reclaim her holiday peace while checking off her list of festive to-dos!

Packed with all-natural, wellness-supporting, and antioxidant-rich ingredients, CBDfx’s CBD Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina contain 50mg CBD per serving, and come in 1500 or 3000mg bottles—perfect for helping any mom stay ready to take on the holiday season!

Or, in those rare moments of rest and relaxation, your mother would also enjoy Canna River’s CBD Gummies for Calm! Each gummy comes crafted with 50mg CBD, 25mg CBN, and 25mg CBG, plus you can choose from four delicious fruit flavors!

Your Loving Dad

Let’s face it: most dads are hard to shop for. Plus, the gifts you do get your father may go completely unused. Here are two gifts your dad will actually like (and probably ask for this time next year)!

If your dad becomes an amateur handyman during the holidays, using his spare time to finally work on all the household repairs, get him CBDfx’s CBD Muscle & Joint Cream: Cooling Formula! This CBD cream is made with cooling menthol, white willow bark, and caffeine to gently soothe sore muscles and aching joints, letting your dad glide through his list of home repairs!

Now, if noisy grandkids have infiltrated his house for the holidays, your dad can still enjoy restful, relaxing sleep with CBDfx’s CBD Sleep Tincture!** Made with CBN (the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid,) melatonin, and natural sleep terpenes, this CBD oil can help your dad drift effortlessly into Dreamland.**

Your Dog Fido

Just like everyone else on your list, your dog can enjoy the relaxing, wellness-boosting benefits of CBD. And just like everyone else on your list, we have the perfect CBD gifts for them! Here are two best-sellers from our collection of CBD products for dogs!

Made with all-natural ingredients like chamomile, passion flower, tryptophan, and melatonin, CBDfx’s Calming CBD Dog Treats come in hard- and soft-chew options with lip-licking sweet potato & coconut or natural hickory flavors!

For a calming CBD pet tincture, check out Daily Pet Co.! They craft their Bacon-flavored CBD Pet Tincture with omega-3-rich Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to promote a healthier coat, plus full spectrum CBD hemp extract to keep your dog calm, cool, and collected during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

Your Cat Fluffy

Cats might be a little harder to shop for than dogs, especially if they’re picky eaters. Luckily, we have a wide range of CBD products for cats that cater to any finicky feline’s preferences. Here are two best-sellers!

Made with all-natural, simple ingredients, Daily Pet Co.’s Salmon-flavored CBD Oil for Cats promotes general wellness. Plus, its great-tasting Wild Alaskan Salmon flavor surely piques any cat’s fancy!  

Or, if your cat prefers a chicken-flavored CBD tincture, CBDfx’s CBD Oil for Cats should be at the top of your list. This pet tincture comes with pet-friendly ingredients and lighter doses of CBD to accommodate your cat’s smaller size. 

Your Best Friend

Now, let’s go back to the humans in your life, starting with the person you know best: your best friend. Whether you’ve known them since childhood or they’re a recent addition to your inner circle, your best friend deserves an experience unlike anyone else on your list. Meet TRĒ House.

Made with HHC-infused hemp flower, TRĒ House’s Acapulco Gold HHC Prerolls are coated with potent, hemp-derived kief and a whopping ½ gram of psychoactive flower per roll! Or, satisfy your best friend’s tastebuds while melting their mind with TRĒ House’s deliciously potent Sour Tropical Magic Mushroom Gummies

Your Work Spouse

While shopping for all your family and friends, don’t forget about that special someone who gets you through your 9-5: your work spouse!

Reach across the cubicle and give your work spouse the benefits of CBD and CBG with Canna River’s CBD Gummies for Wellness, which come in four delicious fruit flavors!

Made with long-lasting caffeine and sharp P.S., CBDfx’s CBD Gummies for Focus & Energy will help your work spouse thrive during the workday with a boost of laser-focused energy!

The Man in Your Life

Whether he’s your husband, fiancé, or long-term boyfriend, the man in your life would enjoy a break from the standard “manly” holiday gifts. (He has enough ties.)

CBDfx’s CBD Vape Kit lets the man in your life enjoy and refill his preferred vape juice. Plus, its best-in-class design keeps his vaping experience leak-free—so he won’t spill vape juice on last year’s Christmas tie!

If your man wants a more psychotropic gift, check out TRĒ House’s Sour Apple Magic Mushroom Gummies. These small, potent sour-apple chews are deliciously sweet and mind-meltingly trippy! Or, help your man get a headstart on his 2024 health and wellness goals with CBDfx’s Men’s Multivitamin CBD Gummies!

The Women in Your Life

Whether she’s your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, get the woman in your life a gift that shows thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and that you really listen. 

Made with a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals, CBDfx’s Women’s Multivitamin CBD Gummies can help the woman in your life boost her wellness while enjoying her daily dose of 12+ essential nutrients. 

Or, if she enjoys a more THC-infused experience, check out TRĒ House’s Watermelon Zkit Indica HHC Vape Pen. This rechargeable, disposable vape pen comes with two grams of potent HHC vape juice, offering delicious terpene-based flavors and relaxing indica effects!

Your Lovely Grandma

We can’t forget Grandma in all this gift-giving! Here are two wonderful CBD gifts to warm any Grandmother’s heart. 

Packed with hemp’s complete cannabinoid profile, The Essential Co.’s Ultra Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture offers a daily boost of wellness, letting Nana enjoy CBD’s multifaceted therapeutic benefits. Or, give your Grandma CBDfx’s CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar, which offers all the detox health benefits of apple cider vinegar, plus vitamin B12 for energy and pomegranate (a powerful antioxidant.)

Your Fun-Loving Grandpa

Help your Grandpa keep his festive spirit with these best-selling CBD gummies!

Give your Grandpa the gift of adaptogenic and nootropic benefits with CBDfx’s CBD Mushroom Gummies for Wellness. These delicious cherry-flavored CBD gummies come loaded with seven functional mushrooms, perfect for keeping Grandpa’s mind sharp during the holidays. 

Available in four delicious fruit flavors, Canna River’s CBD Gummies for Sleep can also help your Grandpa enjoy more profound relaxation just before bed!

Your Stressed-Out Boss

Whether their stress is caused by deadlines, endless meetings, or (let’s face it) you, your boss deserves a little CBD-infused wellness this holiday season!

Made with relaxing full spectrum CBD and CBN, CBDfx’s CBD + CBN Calming Tincture uses a proprietary blend of cannabinoids to help your boss truly log off post-EOD. Or, give your boss the gift of daily wellness with The Essential Co.’s Ultra Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules, which have 50mg CBD per capsule!

Your Roommate Down the Hall

They can be a lifelong friend or a stranger you met on the internet, but your roommate deserves a little something special, too. Here are two fantastic options to impress the person who’s seemingly allergic to washing dishes!

Give your roommate the gift of a better night’s sleep with CBDfx’s CBD Sleep Gummies with Melatonin. Made with 50mg of CBD and 2.5-5mg of melatonin per serving, these gummies will help keep the peace when you come home well past midnight. Or, let your roommate enjoy the wellness benefits of CBD and CBG with CBDfx’s CBD + CBG Wellness Tincture!

Your Hot Neighbor

Of course, we have to include the neighbor that always catches your eye! Look at these gifts as an easy way to break the ice.

Let your hot neighbor indulge in a little personal TLC, courtesy of CBDfx’s Hydrating Mango CBD Bath Bomb. And yes, we know what you’re thinking. This bath bomb is perfect for two people—hey, you were thinking it, not us. Or, give the gift of potent THC edibles with Kush Burst’s Knockout Blend Magic Blue Razz THC Gummies! They’re perfect for sharing.

The Most Important Person on Your List

Last but certainly not least, we have two gifts for the most important person on your list: YOU!

Treat yourself to a daily wellness boost with The Essential Co.’s Ultra Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture! To get the most out of this top-tier CBD supplement, here’s a pro tip: many adults agree that a daily CBD routine is the best way to enjoy CBD’s multifaceted benefits. Or, elevate your mind and smother your taste buds in delicious, psychoactive white chocolate with TRĒ House’s Cookies & Cream Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Final Thoughts

This holiday season, don’t settle for the boring, has-been gifts. Go for gold and get the people on your list products they’ll actually use—and secretly want. Whether for your mom, dad, best friend, hot neighbor, or yourself, we have all the gifts you could need to impress. 

If you didn’t find a gift that fits your person’s preferences, check out our wide collection of CBD Best-Sellers, THC Best-Sellers, and New Arrivals! There’s sure to be more than one that checks all the boxes.