6 Full-Spectrum CBD Products You Need To Check Out

When CBD products first appeared on the market about a decade ago, the concept of “full spectrum CBD” didn’t really exist. Back then, all CBD was full spectrum since a marketable method of isolating cannabidiol from the other compounds of a hemp extract had not yet been devised.

As CBD isolate has gotten cheaper, full spectrum has become a type of boutique CBD product that has an enduring following of faithful consumers. Learn more about full spectrum CBD and how it compares to other CBD types in this guide, and add one of our top six full spectrum products to your cart to seal the deal!

What is full spectrum CBD oil?

Full spectrum CBD is an extract of Cannabis sativa flower that contains high levels of cannabidiol and less than 0.3% of delta-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. As per the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived cannabidiol is no longer a Schedule I substance, and efforts are underway to regulate the domestic CBD industry and bring it fully into the fold.

Unlike others in the CBD extract family, full spectrum CBD contains the “whole shebang” of cannabinoids, terpenes and other botanicals present in CBD-rich hemp plants. For this reason, full spectrum CBD is also sometimes called “raw CBD oil” since it has not been treated or altered after the extraction process.

Full spectrum vs. broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is CBD-rich hemp extract with most traces of THC removed. Full spectrum CBD may contain up to 0.3% THC, but producers can now use a specialized technique that removes nearly all THC present in hemp oil while leaving the other compounds intact.

This process only minimally alters CBD-rich hemp oil, which has led to many analysts viewing broad spectrum CBD as the “full spectrum killer.” Since most types of broad spectrum CBD oil are produced with the selective application of heat, however, some purists believe that this type of CBD may lack some of the benefits present in their full spectrum counterpart.

Full spectrum vs. CBD isolate

Before broad spectrum CBD, there was CBD isolate. This type of CBD consists of nothing but the cannabidiol molecule; most forms of CBD isolate on the market are 99.9 pure. CBD isolate is created by eliminating all other substances present in a hemp extract, usually causing it to take on a crystalline form once the extraction process is complete.

These crystals break down into powder, which can be added to practically any type of food, drink, or other administration tool. CBD isolate has undeniable benefits, including being both flavorless and odorless, but some critics wonder if removing everything but the cannabidiol molecule from CBD-rich hemp oil might introduce certain disavdantages that aren’t present in broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp oils.

Broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum vs. isolate

Out of the three forms of CBD, which is better? That’s for you to decide, and you won’t be able to make an informed decision without trying each type of CBD for yourself. Start by adding one of these six lab-tested, high-quality CBD products to your CBD.co cart today:


You’ve come to the right place to buy CBDfx full spectrum CBD oil. No other market on the internet offers better prices or customer service than CBD.co, so you can rely on us whenever you want to indulge in the high-strength tincture options offered by CBDfx. With 1500mg of CBD per bottle, this tincture will last you a while, and you’ll find that CBDfx takes CBD quality to an entirely new level.

Recommended Serving

  • Since this is the highest-strength CBD tincture that CBDfx has to offer, you might want to take things slow if you’re new to full spectrum CBD.
  • CBDfx has a selection of unflavored tinctures, leaving less room for toxins to get in.
  • If you don’t like the taste of hemp oil, consider adding your CBDfx tincture to tea or a smoothie.
  • Consult with your doctor if you have any questions about how different concentrations of CBD could affect you.

Best features

There’s nothing like CBDfx when you’re looking for organic, full spectrum CBD oil for sale that won’t disappoint. This CBDfx tincture contains nothing but full spectrum CBD and MCT oil, and this company will certainly wow you with its steadfast commitment to sustainable ideals and ethical manufacturing standards.

Amid a sea of CBD companies that withhold information or engage in downright deceptive practices, CBDfx preaches pure transparency from seed to sale. This brand uses organic cultivation processes to grow its CBD-rich hemp, which helps eliminate the potential of toxin contamination. From there, CBDfx uses CO2 to extract its CBD oil, and it only uses organic, natural ingredients to make its industry-leading line of CBD products.


Whether you’re looking for Green Roads full spectrum reviews or you just want to know which 1500mg tincture is the best, CBD.co is your home base as you explore everything the CBD market has to offer. Green Roads is a veteran in the CBD industry, and this brand’s tincture vies with the options that other AAA CBD companies have to offer across a variety of categories. While the Green Roads full spectrum CBD tincture might be a bit more expensive than competing options, it comes packed with extra goodies.

Recommended Serving

  • Always treat strong CBD tinctures with caution. It’s true that full spectrum CBD oil may be more effective than others, and as a result, it’s even more important to carefully gauge the effects of your tincture before consuming large servings.
  • Before you use CBD for the first time, consult with your doctor to make sure cannabidiol isn’t contraindicated by any of the pharmaceutical drugs you take. CBD interactions with certain drugs are generally mild, but caution is important when it comes to your health.

Best features

For years now, Green Roads has banked on its “doctor-formulated” allure, and this medical vibe remains one of the main selling points of the tinctures they offer. Nowhere is the Green Roads style more on display than in the administration tool this brand includes with its tincture bottle; ditching the usual eyedropper, Green Roads packs its tincture with a medical-grade oral syringe that you can use to fine-tune your CBD serving.

Green Roads is also one of the most-reviewed brands in the industry, and it takes lab testing very seriously. You can read over Green Roads full spectrum tincture reviews to make sure that this brand is worth purchasing from, and you can use lab testing to zero in on the technical specifications of the CBD product you’re considering.


Buy a JustCBD full-spectrum CBD tincture today to enjoy one of the most varied serving scales offered in the industry. With no flavoring to worry about, it’s easy to add your JustCBD tincture to whichever food or drink you like, and this company’s focus on simple ingredients sets it apart from certain competitors.

Recommended Serving

  • Serving options include 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg of CBD.
  • Few competitors offer such a wide range of concentrations.
  • A 50mg or 100mg JustCBD tincture might be perfect for someone new to CBD.
  • The 1500mg option is competitive with similar products offered by other A-list CBD companies.

Best features

These days, it’s relatively common for CBD companies to at least give off the appearance of pursuing organic hemp cultivation practices. Many company representatives, however, will bemoan how hard it is to get USDA-certified organic hemp. JustCBD has done it, so if you want to consume CBD that even the USDA has approved, this brand is a clear choice.

Fanfare surrounding the lower concentration JustCBD tinctures is low enough that it could be lumped in with background products that don’t get much traction. The 1000mg and 1500mg options, however, sell incredibly well, which we believe is due to what this tincture is packing under the hood.

JustCBD tinctures are non-GMO, organic and contain no toxic ingredients. Third-party lab results are provided, allowing you to see for yourself how pure these oils are. Only full spectrum CBD is included in these tinctures to ensure that you get everything you can out of the hemp plant. What’s not to like?


Lavender body butter is the perfect item to use at the end of a tiring day, and Erth’s reviews for their full spectrum CBD body butter are quite impressive. Using CBD topically offers benefits that other forms of application lack, and combining your cannabidiol beauty routine with soothing lavender is always a safe bet.

Recommended Serving

  • This Erth CBD body butter is oil-based, and its main ingredient in aloe. Therefore, it will be absorbed into your body a bit less than edibles or vape products.
  • Simply use as much Erth Lavender Body Butter as you deem best for your skin.
  • Apply your body butter more frequently if you want to experience more constant effects.

Best features

Applying cannabidiol topically may be one of the areas in which full spectrum CBD shines the brightest. In addition to CBD, full spectrum hemp extracts also contain terpenes and other botanicals that each interact with your skin in a different way. When working together, these beneficial hemp compounds become even more powerful in topical application.


Green Roads is back again, and their delicious CBD edible fruit bites possess plenty of flavor-punching power. Buy full spectrum Green Roads Fruit Bites today to get an idea of what the OG form of CBD is all about!.

Recommended Serving

  • Each Green Roads gummy contains 10mg CBD, so you might want to limit yourself to a single gummy when you’re just starting to take them.
  • If you’re a full spectrum CBD pro, feel free to consume them at whatever pace you’d like.
  • Green Roads gummies contain many of the same ingredients that you see in candy, so think of these gummies as a special treat.

Best features

Full spectrum CBD oil may be incredibly effective, but the strong taste of hemp oil tincture isn’t for everyone. That’s why it’s so convenient to bundle full spectrum CBD with an edible product every once in a while. Everything tastes delicious with a little bit of sugar and flavoring, so feel free to reach for a Green Roads Fruit Bite whenever you want a break from your high-concentration CBD tincture.


Social wants you to know that they didn’t just use ordinary lemons to flavor their full spectrum CBD tincture; that’s not all that you’ll be surprised to learn when you start reading reviews on their full spectrum tincture. This tincture is sweetened with stevia, which might help your CBD go down smoothly without negatively impacting your health.

Recommended Serving

  • Social CBD gives you the flexibility to select from among a variety of serving options.
  • Stick with the 375mg option if you’re new to CBD, and start with just a few drops.
  • If you’ve used a high-concentration tincture before, you can easily consume a full dropper of 1500mg Social CBD tincture at once.

Best features

Since 1500 is divisible by both 375 and 750, it’s clear that this Social CBD tincture line is oriented around its option with the highest CBD content, and that’s the way it should be. While a high-concentration CBD tincture can represent a significant initial investment, it’s worth it in the long run.

By moving more CBD at a time, companies are able to provide you with discounts when you choose high-concentration options. The price-per-milligram (PPMG) for high-concentration CBD tinctures is almost always much lower than the comparative PPMG of a less-concentrated option, which makes funneling you toward the most expensive option more than just a marketing gimmick⁠—it also makes solid financial sense from the consumer’s perspective to gravitate to the best deal available.

CBD.co – The internet’s best full-spectrum CBD oil

At CBD.co, we aim to be your resource for everything CBD-related. Whether it’s the latest trending CBD products or your old favorites from brands like CBDfx, Green Roads and Dixie Botanicals, we have them here. While you can look elsewhere for scientific studies on cannabidiol, no one knows more about full spectrum CBD oil than us—the people who are up to our necks in it every day!

We strongly encourage you to give full spectrum CBD oil a shot. There’s nothing quite like it, and even if a CBD isolate or a broad spectrum CBD extract are working out for you just fine, you’ll never know if full spectrum CBD oil blows these effects out of the water until you try it for yourself.

Keep an eye out for more guides like this, detailing everything you need to know about certain types of CBD. In the coming weeks, we’ll post detailed examinations of broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate that is certain to answer your questions and help you choose the best cannabidiol products for your needs.

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