6 Blue Moon Hemp Products That You’ll Never Forget

Blue Moon Hemp is revered throughout the CBD industry as a company that can masterfully balance both quality and quantity, avoiding having to sacrifice one for the other. They offer over 75 different high-quality CBD products here on CBD.co, and each of these products is poised to improve the overall quality of your life!

Here are 6 Blue Moon Hemp products that once you try, you’re highly unlikely to ever forget:

#1. Tru Blu Tincture

This product fundamentally differs from the other products on this list, as far as flavor profile is concerned. The tincture is flavorless, meaning that you won’t taste any of the fruity notes that you often find in other tinctures. However, instead of being a detraction, this is actually one of its most favorable attributes. You can add this tincture to virtually anything, from burgers and salads to smoothies. It won’t have an effect on the overall flavors of the food or drink that you add it to, so you never have to worry about it overpowering a meal that you’re trying to enjoy. It spices up the cooking process, giving you something new and exciting to add to your usual routine and offering high-quality CBD.

Of course, you don’t have to mix it into any food or drinks if you don’t want to. This product can also be taken sublingually, which means that you simply apply the oil under your tongue through the use of a dropper, wait a moment for some of it to be absorbed and then swallow the rest. Since it’s flavorless, your taste buds won’t be overcome by the earthy taste of hemp extract. This tincture’s accessibility is something of note, and since its bottle is compact enough to be stored in your bag or pocket, you can take it with you wherever you go for use at a moment’s notice. At 250mg of CBD and 30mL of oil, this is the ideal tincture for those who are looking for a moderate CBD experience or are just getting into cannabidiol products!

#2. Flan E-Blunt

This disposable CBD blunt is perfect for those CBD lovers who like to entertain their sweet tooth from time to time. We all have that one dessert that gets us extra excited, and whether it be a type of cake, cookie or ice cream, the mere thought of it is enough to boost our energy and get our mouths watering. One dessert that stands above the rest is flan, the sweet gelatinous treat that is known best for its texture and vanilla flavor profile. It’s easy to eat and doesn’t fill you up to the point of feeling bloated − unless, of course, you eat a massive amount of it in one sitting. Blue Moon Hemp has taken everything that people love about flan’s flavor and designed a CBD vape juice that imitates it to near perfection.

With this E-Blunt, you can finally do something that you’ve dreamed of since you were a young child: have dessert at any time of day. The E-Blunt is light and fits comfortably in your pocket, so you can bring it with you no matter where you go. Blue Moon Hemp has mixed its premium CBD with an in-house formula of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which allows you to take long, smooth pulls before blowing thick, tasty clouds of vapor. Best of all, once its tank runs out of juice, you can simply discard it and pick up a new one. You may never need to look for another disposable pen again after trying this product!

#3. CBD Gummies With Melatonin

CBD products serve multiple functions, and while they can certainly be enjoyed simply for their variety of flavors, scents and aesthetics, some pair CBD with other items that give the products increased functionality. These supporting ingredients could be anything from essential oils and topical extracts to items that contain essential fatty acids, vitamins and other compounds that are compatible with your body. One popular item that’s found its way into numerous CBD products is melatonin, a natural ingredient that has the potential to regulate your sleep schedule and allow you to achieve a reasonable amount of rest. Blue Moon Hemp offers their own version of this, combining their 150mg gummies with a moderate amount of melatonin.

This item is ideal for you if you feel like your sleep schedule could use some improvement. We’ve all been there before; heading to sleep at two in the morning and waking up feeling like we never actually got any rest. If you don’t keep yourself on a tight sleep schedule, you risk moving through your day on low − or nonexistent − energy. Blue Moon Hemp’s gummies with melatonin offer a solution to spotty sleep, and they provide an additional serving of CBD goodness on top of that. Fans of sleep the world over will be head over heels in love with this product from the very first use!

#4. CBD Eucalyptus Salve

The eucalyptus plant is extremely popular in the worlds of topicals and aromatics. Its scent is minty and strong, and while it can be overwhelming for some people, that might also be part of its allure. When combined with other minty aromas, such as those of peppermint or wintergreen oil, its smell can resemble that of a candy cane and other sweet treats. Outside of being very aromatically pleasing, oil from the plant also possesses a wealth of additional functions that make it crucial for inclusion in topical products. It can aid in reducing congestion and inhalation issues, as well as addressing physical discomforts. Once you understand its effects, it’s a no-brainer that it would have such widespread appeal.

The Blue Moon Hemp Eucalyptus Salve combines eucalyptus oil with a selection of additional essential oils such as jojoba, grapeseed and coconut. Emu oil is also included, which is an item you may be hearing about for the first time. This type of oil is a great source of moisturization for your skin, and it works well when combined with Eucalyptus. Last but not least, this salve contains 500mg of CBD, meaning that you’ll likely be enjoying a hefty serving of topically applied cannabidiol which each use.

#5. Tru Blu Bacon Dog Tincture

Okay, okay, so maybe this isn’t a product that you personally won’t ever forget. However, there’s a chance that once you purchase this product and use it on your dog, the experience may be forever ingrained in their mind. Blue Moon Hemp’s Bacon Dog Tincture comes in three different CBD concentrations, in order to compensate for the different sizes of dogs. There is a 250mg option for smaller dog breeds such as Chihuahuas and Maltipoos, as well as a 500mg option for medium sized dog breeds such as Australian Shepherds. For dog breeds that get even larger, such as Great Danes, Blue Moon Hemp even offers a 1000mg option of this tincture, ensuring that dogs of every shape and size get to enjoy their high-quality CBD tincture oil.

The tincture is easy to administer, in part due to the inclusion of a dropper with each purchased bottle. You can administer it directly to your dog through the dropper, or you can choose a more indirect path. If being indirect seems more manageable, you can drip the tincture oil onto your dog’s food, drinks or water. The delicious bacon flavoring will appeal to your dog’s taste buds, which would prevent them from rejecting it − something that often occurs when you introduce a new item to your dog’s food.

#6. Red Devil Total Eclipse Vape Juice

We all love fruit, to varying extents. The juiciness of a strawberry, the refreshing burst of watery goodness that accompanies each mouthful of watermelon; there’s never truly a bad time to eat fruit, and its consumption usually benefits your day in one way or another. Berries in particular seem to fit into every situation, their vibrant flavors offering respite from bland meals and extra hot days. What if you could take the delicious characteristics of berries and make them available to you when you’re vaping? Blue Moon Hemp’s Red Devil Total Eclipse Vape Juice isn’t just a tongue-twister; its berry flavoring is second to none, and its 1000mg of CBD aren’t something to laugh at. If you’re interested in this vape juice flavor but don’t feel like you need as much CBD, this brand also sells versions that possess lower concentrations.

Everything about this vape juice is great, from its aesthetic design to its actual flavor. The bottle itself is a dark shade of blue, and the logo is a blend of astral blues and greens. You can apply the vape oil as you normally would, and you can even combine this juice with others if you want to create your own flavorful concoction. With each inhale and exhale, close your eyes and try to identify each of the fruits that you’re tasting; you should notice hints of blueberry, strawberry, guava and papaya, among others! The inclusion of multiple fruits is a major part of what makes this vape juice a product that you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

These are six of the premium CBD products that Blue Moon Hemp currently offers here on CBD.co. As your one-stop shop for everything CBD, feel free to browse the rest of the brand’s products as well, and don’t be afraid to mix and match their products with those of the many other leading brands that we carry!