5 Innovative Products on CBD.co – Complete List

Whenever you put a bunch of great producers together in any industry, you’re bound to find an incredible amount of competition and innovation. We offer items from dozens of different CBD brands here at CBD.co, which means we provide the widest range of cutting-edge CBD products on the internet. With so many top-tier CBD choices to choose from, it’s hard to decide which offerings are the most creative and trendsetting. That said, we wanted to highlight five products on CBD.co that we think are especially representative of the exciting and ongoing evolution of the CBD industry.

1. CBD Overnight Recovery Balm – 150mg by CBDfx

CBD is great on its own, but it’s even better with supporting ingredients. That’s what the team at CBDfx had in mind when they devised their CBD Overnight Recovery Balm. Each of CBDfx’s new topical balms is targeted for a particular use, and this balm is specifically designed to help you soothe “hot spots” and recover after a long day, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

In addition to 150mg of CBD-rich hemp oil, CBDfx CBD Overnight Recovery Balm also contains the following beneficial ingredients:

– Evening Primrose Oil
– Lavender Oil
– Roman Chamomile Oil
– Wild Orange Oil

Lavender oil has been known for centuries to induce soothing and relaxing effects, and it also appears to be an antioxidant and antimicrobial substance. Roman chamomile is just the thing to relax after a long day, and evening primrose oil and wild orange oil add that little special something that will make you wake up in the morning feeling fully rested and ready to go.

This smooth and luxurious oil-based CBD topical absorbs into your skin to provide soothing benefits and a light, relaxing scent. What we love about the Overnight Recovery Balm is that CBDfx thought to add other beneficial ingredients that pair perfectly with the organically-sourced hemp CBD oil found inside. Why settle for one good thing when you can have multiple helpful ingredients at the same time?

2. Hempbone Bacon Apple Donuts – CBD Dog Treats by Erth Hemp

As much as you might want to offer the experience of CBD to your dog, figuring out how to give your dog CBD is harder than it might seem. While you might love the taste of CBD tincture, it’s possible that your furry friend doesn’t feel the same way — and insisting on administering CBD by this route might result in a lot of tincture ending up on the floor instead of under your pup’s tongue!

That’s why Erth Hemp makes things easy by putting CBD in the delightful form of a flavored dog treat. With bacon and apple flavors, your dog will start salivating the second you open the package — and what we like most about the Hempbone Bacon Apple Donuts is the fun and creative shape of these doggie “donuts”!

Cheap filler ingredients are rampant in the dog food industry today, but Erth Hemp makes sure to leave common fillers like wheat, corn, and soy out of its high-quality CBD dog treats. With 4mg of CBD in each treat, these CBD edibles for dogs are a perfect way to make dosing your pup with CBD a fun and special occasion.

Erth Hemp recommends that you feed 1-2 treats per day to small pets, but you can offer pets over 30 pounds up to four treats per day. Even though these treats are bacon-flavored, keep in mind that they’re 100%-vegetarian. Keeping meat products out of dog treats can help improve their quality without skimping on taste.

3. CBD Coffee – 16oz by Green Roads

Coffee makes you energetic, but CBD will never make you feel jittery or tightly wound like caffeine might. Our customers tell us that CBD fits perfectly into lifestyles ranging from extremely active to fairly relaxed. Everyone from extreme athletes to senior citizens are finding value and enjoyment by incorporating CBD into their day.

That’s why we think CBD and coffee go so well together. Combined with the effect of CBD, the pick-me-up you get from coffee might be more tolerable and less jittery. For those of us who are sensitive to caffeine in particular, CBD can be a clean, natural way to inject something special into your day without getting undesirable side effects.

With 500mg of CBD spread across 16 servings, this 1lb bag of Green Roads CBD Coffee contains plenty of cannabidiol to go around. The coffee Green Roads uses is grown in volcanic soil, and then it’s soaked in broad-spectrum CBD during the infusion process. Since it contains broad-spectrum CBD (versus full-spectrum), your bag of Green Roads CBD Coffee is well below the threshold of 0.3% THC.

Finally, eco-conscious consumers can rest easy knowing that Green Roads CBD Coffee is 100% fair-trade, which means that the farmers who cultivate it in Columbia are fairly and equitably compensated for their work. Fair trade practices are setting the trend in the modern consumer economy, which is yet another reason why Green Roads CBD Coffee is so innovative and ahead of the curve.

4. Koi Stik by Boulder

In the CBD industry, it’s common to come across disposable CBD vape pens. What’s rarer, however, is coming across a refillable CBD vape pen that’s also discreet and small enough to slip into your pocket easily. The Koi Stik from Koi CBD is thin, black, and convenient, and it’s made specially by Boulder, which is one of the most trusted names in the vape business.

While the Koi Stik is the size of an average disposable vape pen, it contains a refillable 30ml pod that you can swap out at will. In fact, this next-generation vape pen even comes with an empty 30ml designed specifically for moving vape juice from a larger container into your Koi Stik pod whenever you run out.

With a 360mAh battery and a single button for operation, this vape pod’s simple design will last the test of time. Koi outfits this vape rig with a high-quality battery that will still charge up to 80% after more than 300 charge cycles. There are lots of CBD vape rigs out there, but the Koi Stik takes the cake by combining so many high-end features in one tiny package.

5. Alert Montel – CBD Capsule – 1500mg by Select CBD

It’s no secret that former daytime TV host Montel Williams is a big name in the CBD industry. He’s one of the most high-profile celebrities to openly endorse CBD, and he even makes a wide line of his own CBD products to market to fans and average consumers around the world.

That’s why when we learned Montel had teamed up with Select CBD to produce a line of unprecedented CBD capsules, we knew we had to offer Alert Montel Hemp Extract Capsules here at CBD.co. Many CBD producers overlook the importance of hemp terpenes, but Montel Williams clearly did his homework before he helped Select CBD develop this revolutionary product.

The Alert Montel Hemp Extract Capsules formula harnesses the power of energizing terpenes in the hemp plant to provide you with a potential nutrient boost throughout your day. In addition to CBD, the hemp plant contains tons of other cannabinoids and terpenes that may make CBD more effective and bring out certain specific effects of this cannabinoid to their full potential.

While it’s thought that some terpenes might make you sleepy, for instance, others might make you more alert. Each of the 30 gelatin capsules in your bottle of Alert Montel Hemp Extract Capsules contains 50mg of CBD, which is a sizeable dose by any standards.

How to Find the Best CBD Products: The Bottom Line

When you only have access to products from a few brands, it’s hard to know you’re getting the best of the best. Here at CBD.co, however, we put together offerings from all the top CBD brands to make it easy to identify the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. From commitment, to innovation, to brand reputation: we combed through all the most important qualifiers as we selected the products that have what it takes to be offered at CBD.co. The result of our comprehensive vetting process is the most innovative selection of CBD products you’ll find online. Try one of the five products listed here to get a small taste of what our revolutionary one-stop CBD shop has to offer!