5 Canna River Products Perfect For A “Treat Yourself” Day

The 21st century is a pretty difficult time to live in, and though we all know how important it is to look after ourselves, it can be easy to get swept up completing our busy day-to-day obligations and put our health and wellness on the back burner. We all need to take a step back from time to time, dedicating portions of our days to relaxation and treating ourselves to indulgences that we love. An increasingly popular way for people to spend their free time is by enjoying the incredible compounds found in hemp extracts from Canna River CBD.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and public use of CBD was legalized, the CBD industry has grown exponentially, and we’ve witnessed a huge influx of new brands emerging on the market. The CBD industry has become a vastly diversified place, offering a massive variety of products and brands for customers to choose from. Canna River is one of the most popular CBD brands to date, and they have proven time and time again that they are a brand that is wholly committed to their customers and maintains an undying dedication to the quality of their products. We know how important it is for you to find time for yourself each day and enjoy some of the finer things in life, so we put together a list of 5 Canna River CBD products that are perfect for a “treat yourself” day:

#1. CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are an effective and delicious way to treat yourself to the power of CBD. Canna River makes some truly incredible CBD tinctures that are available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum formulations. With a variety of delicious flavors like peppermint and lemon raspberry, you are sure to find a Canna River CBD tincture that is perfect for your flavor pallet. We recommend starting a “treat yourself” day by sleeping in a little bit, doing some feel-good stretches right out of bed, and then starting your day with a dropper full of delicious Canna River CBD tincture!

#2. CBD Gel Caps

CBD gel capsules might be the easiest, most accessible form of CBD on the planet, and Canna River just so happens to make some of the best. These smooth, easy to swallow gel capsules are highly portable and can be taken with you just about anywhere, but in the context of a relaxing day, you should skip the stressful meeting and instead take these with you to the bedroom to watch your favorite movie. Canna River Gel Caps are available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum varieties, and each powerful little gel cap comes packed with 25mg of high-quality CBD.

#3. CBD Body Lotion

There is almost no worse feeling than dry or discomforted skin, and on this most magical of “treat yourself” days, dry achy skin simply will not do! We recommend that you figure out which room in your home is the most relaxing for you and plan to spend part of the day immersed in its calming nature. Once you feel as though you have settled into the room, you are ready to enter a perfect state of CBD enjoyment. Indulge your senses, and treat your skin to some well-earned hydration with Canna River CBD lotion. This beautiful blend of soothing botanicals and top-tier CBD is incredibly effective and is a perfect addition to any “treat yourself” day.

#4. CBD Pet Tincture

If you have a pet, then you know that they can enjoy CBD products just like we humans do. Fortunately, Canna River makes incredibly high-quality tinctures that are specifically designed for pets and can be used regularly. Whether your pet is a big bacon fan or prefers the taste of chicken, Canna River has you covered with a delicious selection of carefully formulated CBD pet tinctures that your furry friends are certain to love!

#5. CBD Balms

Canna River makes some of the finest CBD balm on the market. Whether you are sore from a long day at the office, or you’ve been treating yourself to some well-earned rest and relaxation and wouldn’t mind a little assistance in your recovery day, Canna River CBD Cooling Balm is a fantastic option. This balm combines 1000mg of CBD hemp extract with peppermint, camphor and menthol, which offer a cooling, soothing sensation. Allow yourself to indulge in this perfectly balanced, remarkably effective Canna River product!

You work hard, so take the time you deserve and treat yourself to a special day full of premium CBD products with Canna River CBD!