4 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Root Wellness

It can be hard to sift through all the different CBD companies out there in an attempt to choose the perfect product for yourself. You definitely want to buy from a company that’s creating high-quality products free of heavy toxins and chemicals, as well as providing third-party lab results to show just how amazing their ingredients lists are.

Well, look no further than Root Wellness. This company is doing everything right; organic products packed full of benefits, no unnecessary ingredients, and amazing customer service. Here are 4 reasons to fall in love with Root Wellness:

#1. Quality of Products

Root Wellness understands that CBD comes from mother nature, so they make sure not to neglect that aspect in the creation of their products. Everything made by Root Wellness contains broad spectrum CBD in collaboration with all-natural, sustainable ingredients, as well as recycled packaging. You won’t find any mycotoxins, pesticides or heavy metals in these products; only high quality CBD!

You don’t have to just take their word for it, either. All of their products’ lab reports are posted on our website, so you can familiarize yourself with everything you’ll be consuming. If you love a good topical, you have to check out their Menthol Muscle Balm. This balm is the perfect addition to any post workout routine. It’s also great to incorporate into an at-home spa night, since the essential oils work to activate your senses with enticing aromas. Menthol and premium CBD come together to provide an unforgettable experience you’re certain to love!

#2. Variety of Products

Something you’ll notice immediately about Root Wellness is that they have an incredible product collection. They seem to carry a product for any situation, whether you need something discreet and portable like these Lemon Ginger Gummies, or are more interested in something for building up an everyday routine, like these CBD Soft Gels. Lemon and ginger are a classic pairing, and ginger has shown itself to be beneficial for digestion, assisting with nausea, inflammation and much more.

CBD gummies are great for those just starting out with CBD and have very little experience. Alternatively, products like CBD capsules work well for those who have more experience and are looking for a more natural, earthy flavor. Whatever your experience level, Root Wellness has something for you, as they believe everybody should be able to enjoy CBD if they want to, without having to worry too much about having a limited product pool to pick from.

#3. Global Reforestation

There aren’t many CBD companies that care about the community and planet to the extent that Root Wellness does. This brand stands true to its name, having partnered with One Tree Planted – a non-profit organization that plants one tree for every dollar they receive. In partnering with this organization, customers can feel like an exceptional humanitarian when spending their money with Root Wellness!

This all ties back into Root Wellness’ dedication to staying natural. They strive to keep their business as green as possible, and teaming up with One Tree Planted is a terrific place for them to start.

#4. CBD DNA Testing

Most of us have heard of DNA testing in general, but have you heard of CBD DNA testing? Root wellness wants to make sure you’re getting a product that matches you in every way possible.

As we know, we all have different body compositions, and your genetic makeup can determine how your body reacts to certain compounds. You can find a link on the Root Wellness website that allows you to take a CBD DNA test and whether your body responds better to full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD, as well as some other factors that can have an effect on the way that you structure your daily CBD routine.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly CBD company that’s constantly showing how much they care about the environment, Root Wellness is the one for you. You can’t go wrong when a company is putting this much care and attention into some of the smallest details of their operation. There’s no doubt this company cares deeply about the products they put out into the world. They want both their consumers and the planet to be positively affected by the work that they put in each and every day!