4 Reasons That Social CBD Is On The Rise

If you are already familiar with Social CBD, then it is no surprise that they are quickly growing into one of the leading CBD manufacturers in the country. With a dedicated team and a variety of products manufactured with their award-winning CBD formulas, Social CBD has rapidly gained popularity since it entered the CBD market in 2019. We took a good look at this company, and though we found out all kinds of things that we think help them maintain such an impressive trajectory, we narrowed it down to our top four reasons that Social CBD is on the rise:

#1. Dedication

Dedication in something Social CBD has in spades. Not only are they dedicated to providing an array of interesting and effective products, but they are also intensely dedicated to their customers, manufacturing some of the best CBD products on the market. This is accomplished through a painstaking, time-consuming process of searching out the best ingredients available and only sourcing their hemp from highly qualified hemp farmers.

Social CBD is dedicated to informing their customers and the world about CBD, as well as challenging misleading and poor-quality products by providing consistently high-quality CBD products. Since the CBD industry is relatively new, there are still manufacturers operating somewhat under the radar, and even more CBD producers that are legitimate but use misleading language and terminology to sell people on products that just aren’t of the quality one would expect. Social CBD prides themselves on the transparency and education they provide the public in regards to their products.

Another aspect of Social CBD’s pride in their product that really shines through is the fact that they are dedicated to researching, developing and presenting new and interesting ways for their customers to enjoy CBD. This is very much in line with one of their guiding principles, which is to the quality of their consumers’ daily lifestyles.

#2. Variety of products.

Product variety has always had a huge influence on a company’s ability to grow rapidly. If a manufacturer only produces one type of CBD product, then they command a much smaller target market to persuade to try their product. If people don’t like that specific product, the brand can potentially run into serious problems. When you offer a large variety of products, you are casting a wider net. The more product variety a company offers, the more potential customers they can appeal to. Maybe you only use CBD cream but don’t vape, or maybe you prefer consuming CBD as a liquid instead of a gummy. In any case, variety is king. If a single CBD company offers an array of unique CBD products, it can become a “one stop shop.” People will come to trust that particular brand to have them covered, whether they are looking for pet CBD, CBD lotion, CBD oil tinctures and everything in between!

One of the major contributing factors to the rapid success of Social CBD is the fact that they understand this aspect of the CBD market and make sure to cater to a variety of desires. Not only do they make a wide variety of products such as CBD drops, gummies, vape pens, gel caps, topicals and pet CBD, but they also use their ultra high-quality, award-winning CBD formula to do so. This combination of quality and variety is definitely one of the major reasons Social CBD is on the rise.

#3. Customer Following

One thing that will often make or break a company in the CBD market is their ability to develop a strong customer following. This following is at the heart of any successful company in any field, and in the CBD industry it’s really no different. Companies will use a number of techniques to develop a following. Oftentimes they will utilize a variety of media to present their product, with its associated aesthetic, to a target market. A lot of companies spend a great deal of time developing an aesthetic in the hopes of gaining a following, but they don’t spend enough time actually developing their products. This is another thing that sets Social CBD apart: they are more concerned with focusing their energy into product development and consistency of quality. Social CBD lets the product speak for itself and allows the customers to recognize the quality.

One of the first things you can do when you start researching a CBD manufacturer is check out the customer reviews. Customer reviews are helpful in a number of ways, including the level of honesty they can offer. The average person is not getting paid to praise a company in a customer review, so when they say they love a product, they truly mean it. When you start researching Social CBD’s customer reviews, it will quickly became apparent that they have done a great job at developing their following by providing people with quality and consistency, instead of a sub-par product sold purely through a developed aesthetic. We love that about Social CBD and think it is certainly helping them on their rise to the top of the CBD food chain.

#4. Top Quality Ingredients

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the fact that Social CBD makes a serious effort to ensure that they only include the best ingredients in all of their products. You can really identify the difference between a brand that uses premium ingredients and a brand that doesn’t. All of Social CBDs products are made with essential oils, quality botanicals and natural flavors. Some CBD companies will use a variety of chemicals to replicate naturally occuring flavors, and while you might be able to distinguish what the flavor is, you can also sense something unnatural about it. Social CBD makes sure to use natural flavors, so that when you inhale the vapor from a Social CBD Revive Lemon vape pen, you can taste the refreshing essence of actual citrus instead of a chemical blend that alludes more to the flavor of the sour lemon candies that plagued your childhood.


These are the crucial reasons that Social CBD is on the rise, and we are proud to carry their products right here at CBD.co. Check out their long list of exceptional products, and take a look at their ingredients lists and lab reports as well, in order to get a better understanding of each product. Once you try Social, you’ll understand why they’re starting to blow away the competition!