3 Sunday Scaries Products Perfect For CBD Newcomers

Being new to CBD doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, Sunday Scaries is here to help you fall in love with CBD immediately, which is certain to happen once you’ve tried their amazing products. This Southern California-based company’s two founders are aiming to boost everyone’s ability to chill, one CBD edible at a time. In providing their customers with high-quality products, they offer the quality of life boosts that many of us are currently struggling to find.

They also put much emphasis on their social media, ultimately depicting it as something that can both consciously and subconsciously affect us in a number of ways. They really seem to be in touch with the world around them and can relate to how people are feeling in different moments. They’ve created these products to ensure that we’re able to enjoy each new day just as much as the last!

Here are 3 Sunday Scaries products that are perfect for newcomers to CBD:

#1. Sunday Scaries CBD Vegan Gummies

Vegan foods, candies, and desserts used to be seriously scary for many people! We all had that one friend who insisted we try their latest vegan creation, and while that might not have worked out as well as your friend had hoped, these vegan CBD gumdrops are absolutely delicious! Each gummy contains 10mg of high-quality CBD, as well as vitamins B12 and D3. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in energy production, mood, concentration, and more, while Vitamin D3 provides many of the amazing benefits you also experience from soaking up sunshine! It’s great for bone health, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, mood enhancement, heart health, and more.

These gummies are 100% vegan, so you don’t have to worry about the inclusion of any unnecessary ingredients; even the gelatin is free of animal byproducts! As a newcomer, you’re probably wondering when the best time to chomp down a few of these gummies would be. Well, as the directions on the bottle tell you, there’s never a bad time to chow down! You can take these gummies anytime you feel like you feel like experiencing some of the best vegan CBD gummies that the market has to offer. You can even keep a few with you in your purse or car for consumption while out and about on errands or walks!

#2. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

If you’re a newcomer and love everything the previously mentioned gummy had to offer, but vegan products simply don’t interest you, you’re in luck; they also offer an original CBD gummy that contains the ingredients you love! These gummies offer the same delicious supporting cast as their vegan counterpart, with 10mg of CBD per gummy, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3. These gummies have an all-star ingredient lineup that consists of pure cane sugar, broad spectrum hemp oil, and coconut oil, among other premium items.

Broad spectrum hemp oil is great for newcomers who are looking for products that don’t contain THC. When broad spectrum hemp oil is created, all the traces of THC are removed and you’re left with an array of unique, powerful cannabinoids that offer their own interesting attributes. Coconut oil is another stellar natural ingredient that’s known to provide a quick shot of energy when needed. You can take up to 3 gummies at a time, but if you’re new to CBD you can experiment with this number however you please. When being introduced to any kind of CBD product, it’s good to start slow and work your way up as you see fit. However, with these gummies being so great, you’ll probably struggle to slow yourself down instead!

#3. Sunday Scaries CBD Tincture

If you’re not interested in CBD gummies and would rather go for something a little stronger, you should definitely give Sunday Scaries’ CBD Tincture a try. This tincture includes all of the amazing elements we touched on with the last two products, such as Vitamins like B12 and D3.

If you’re new to CBD products in general, it’s helpful to know that tinctures vary from gummies in a few key ways. For example, you take tinctures by placing a few drops under the tongue, holding them there for about 10-20 seconds, and then consuming it. This way, the tincture oil is entering your bloodstream via your sublingual capillaries, instead of slowly being digested.

Wrapping Up

Sunday Scaries is a brand that has certainly aligned itself with the wellbeing of its consumers. All of these products were created to provide you with the wellness boost that you need to get through the day amidst all the external distractions that come our way. These three products are perfect for any CBD newcomer! Which one will you choose?