3 Koi CBD Reviews That Confirm The Brand’s Legendary Status

Koi CBD’s website advertises their product as being the “#1 trusted brand for CBD oil, topical CBD, vape juice, and more.” When you really think about it, trust is one of the most integral ingredients when it comes to forging a connection between a particular brand and its customers. Clearly, a lot of people trust Koi CBD – and it’s reflected in the feedback they get, as well as their numbers.

Koi CBD is proud to boast that their in-house cannabidiol features “full traceability.” This means that Koi CBD are involved in every phase of the manufacturing of their product: from growing it, harvesting it, working on it in the labs and distributing it; right up until the finished product hits the shelves. Traceability is about having integrity in regards to the life of your CBD products; it’s about making an effort to cut through the abundance of misinformation.

With that in mind, Koi CBD combines two deceptively simple facets – customer transparency and a time-tested, customer-approved product – into a singular, distinctly appealing item. It’s this simple fact that makes Koi one of the most popular cannabidiol brands among CBD consumers on the current market.

Check Out The Reviews

Not totally convinced yet? Hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Koi CBD routinely gets rave reviews on our site, as well as their own – which isn’t surprising when you consider the general level of quality they put into the products they make.

Here are three examples of why customers love Koi CBD enough to write them glowing reviews… you can tell your friends that you heard it here first!

John Barsull S., reviewing Koi’s Hemp Extract Gummies

Where else are you going to find CBD-infused Sour Tropical Fruit gummies that come bearing not only the familiar flavors of tangerine and lime, but also ACAI POMEGRANATE?! Talk about something you don’t see every day…

These incredible gummies are bursting at the seams with broad spectrum hemp extract and out-of-this-world fruit flavor – so much so, that they make other gummies seem automatically boring by comparison. We know that John Barsull S. is a fan of these gummies, as he went ahead and granted them a coveted five star rating on the Koi CBD website.

Barsull S. writes that the gummies themselves are “very enjoyable” – in fact, he enjoyed them to the degree that he also wrote that he would “love to see more flavors in the near future.” Barsull S. calls himself a fan of all Koi Products, and mentions that he appreciates their transparency when it comes to the safety and integrity of their products. Hey, pal – you and us both!

Stephany Y., reviewing Koi Naturals Hemp Extract Pet Spray

Sometimes, as a CBD consumer, you have to apply an extra layer of scrutiny when attempting to purchase cannabidiol for your pets. After all, everyone’s furry friend may have a different reaction to CBD. With that in mind, it’s of the utmost importance to know what you’re giving your pets before you dole out a chunk of change for a cannabidiol-based product.

Koi Naturals’ Hemp Extract Pet Spray is vet-friendly, and is derived from natural coconut oil. The whole idea behind this product is to provide your cat or dog with a memorable experience. The 500mg of naturally occurring broad spectrum hemp extract in this spray is designed with your domesticated animal friend in mind. While many of Koi’s most impressive products are designed for human use, it’s also true that they know a thing or two about how cannabidiol can be applied to pets; this spray offers exemplary proof of that.

Stephany Y. was a big fan of this particular product, giving it a five-star review – anyone else starting to sense a pattern here? Stephany writes, “I LOVE the KOI CBD for PETS.” She also mentions that her pets enjoyed it as well, leaving everyone involved with that ever-important feeling of satisfaction. Stephany is like many others who’ve discovered just how trustworthy CBD products from Koi can be.

Sheryl M., reviewing Koi Naturals Hemp Extract Tincture – Spearmint

If you’re going to go with a CBD tincture, best to make it a minty one. After all, we all know that some tinctures can taste… well, frankly, kind of gross. Not Koi CBD tinctures, though. This naturally extracted Hemp Tincture mixes natural oils, frosty flavor, terpenes and vibrant phytocannabinoids with the company’s signature broad spectrum CBD to create a truly winning alchemy. Is it any wonder that Koi CBD customers are so over the moon for this product?

Sheryl M., who gave this product a five star review (yet another five star rating for the folks at Koi CBD), is one of those customers. Her review is succinct and simple, but utterly to the point: it conveys what we, the consumer, want to know in just two short sentences. “It is what it is, and tastes like it should,” Sheryl writes, before encouraging potential Koi customers to forego the search for another flavor – because this one is just right. Hey… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

These are just three of the most glowing CBD reviews from the company’s website. Rest assured, there are PLENTY more – click on any one of their products and you’re likely to uncover an endless collection of highly favorable reviews from satisfied brand devotees. To put it plainly, Koi CBD is a company you just can’t go wrong with. There’s a reason that the company’s high-quality brand ethos has managed to translate into such a robust customer base. It’s because Koi CBD remains committed to being good at what they do – and aren’t we all very lucky that that’s the case.

In the meantime, feel free to check out any number of Koi CBD products on the CBD.co site. If you’re feeling generous or you had a particularly good experience with a product you picked up from the site, feel free to add a favorable review and contribute to the glut of positive ones!