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Orange Creamsicle is a potent sativa that offers a whirlwind ride of cerebral-heavy effects, backed by citrusy, almost creamy flavors!



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Orange Creamsicle THC-A Flower – TRĒ House

TRĒ House has hit the flower market running, offering terpy, THC-A-infused hemp buds! Their Orange Creamsicle delivers classic sativa effects: stimulated creativity, boosted energy, and an uncontrollable fit of giggles. Their flower comes in sealed, 3.5-gram jars, containing 27% THCA and .75% CBD—an ideal ratio for a smooth, puff-fueled ride through the galaxy!

Key Takeaways

  • 3.5-gram jar of THCA-rich hemp flower
  • 25% THCA
  • Deeply relaxing indica vibes
  • Frost-blanketed nugs with bold nose of sweet cream & notes of roasted chestnuts
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effects

What Is THC-A?

THCA is the molecule that morphs into THC: cannabis’ iconic psychoactive cannabinoid. In this raw form, THCA is non-psychoactive, providing a host of wellness benefits that rival CBD. But, once heated, THCA loses its extra carboxyl ring: a fancy way of saying it converts into THC. Now, the molecules in the flower are able to create a series of potent, psychoactive effects. So, when you roll THCA-heavy flower in a perfectly formed J, sit back, and light up, the smoke is rife with THC molecules—molecules that were THCA just moments before. Science is working right under your nose!

How to Use THC-A Flower

When searching out the best THCA flower, start first by finding the right strain. Brands narrow these strains down into three categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativas produce a more energetic whirl full of strong cerebral effects, indicas melt the body into profound relaxation, and hybrids sit on the fence between energetic and relaxing.

With your ideal hemp buds in hand, strip them away from the stem and place them in a herb grinder—we absolutely sell those, too! Empty the grinder on a rolling tray, and start rolling the perfect hemp-based J or stuffing a pre-rolled cone. Then, light up, puff away, and enjoy the sensation of THCA converting into THC. (This means you’re about to get very baked!)

All Your Smoking Accessories Here!

At, we carry a wide range of THCA flower and a host of sesh-worthy smoking accessories! From grinders to rolling papers to rolling trays and pre-rolled cones, we have everything you need for a most righteous smoke sesh! Plus, we also have pre-rolled joints, so you can get to the fun faster.


What is THCA flower?

THCA flower is hemp-based flower that’s been infused with THCA, the acidic form of THC. While THCA is non-psychoactive, it is when lit. So, THCA flower can offer users THC-level psychoactive effects.

Is THCA the same as THC?

No, THCA is not the same as THC. THCA is the chemical precursor to THC and exists in all types of cannabis flower. THCA is non-psychoactive in this form, offering a wide range of wellness-boosting benefits. But when THCA is lit, it converts into psychoactive THC, ready to take your mind on a lunar-bound rocket ship ride!

Is THCA stronger than THC?

THCA, on its own, is non-psychoactive. So, its effects aren’t really comparable to THC. But when THCA is set ablaze, it converts into THC, which then, of course, elicits the same effects as classic THC.

What else do I need to use THCA flower?

For the best smoke sesh, you’ll need a grinder, cones, rolling papers, and a sturdy rolling tray. You can find all that and more right here at!

Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

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