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CBD Topical Roll-On Oil – Rosemary-Lemon – Ignite CBD

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Enjoy the topical benefits of CBD and the soothing scents of rosemary & lemon with this CBD topical roll-on!


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CBD Topical Roll-On Oil – Rosemary-Lemon – Ignite CBD

We all need an occasional recharge, whether that entails a spa day or a full 24 hours spent on the couch watching Quentin Tarantino movies. Ignite CBD’s Recharge Relief Roll-On oil has thrown its hat into the ring, offering a means of comfort for your body no matter the time or place. Each 10mL bottle of oil contains 1000mg of CBD isolate, a form of hemp extract that is solely comprised of cannabidiol. As a result, the oil does not carry the hemp scent that it would if it contained broad or full spectrum CBD. At 100mg of CBD per mL of oil, this product guarantees a bountiful helping of hemp extract with each use.

Aside from the CBD isolate, this oil contains a flurry of other ingredients that deliver important moisture and nutrients to your skin. Jojoba and grapeseed oil greatly improve the rate at which the roll-on product is absorbed into your skin. Additionally, they moisturize your skin upon application, reducing the dryness and irritation you may be experiencing. Menthol crystals leave a soothing sensation on the skin, and rosemary and lemon essential oils produce a favorable aroma that will give your mind something pleasant to focus on as your day progresses. 

Ignite CBD’s line of roll-on oils are unique in their application process, being placed on the skin through the use of a rolling ball at the top of the bottle. As you rub the ball against your skin, it evenly disperses the oil to ensure that it is reaching the most skin possible. It will take approximately 10 minutes for the oil to be absorbed fully into your skin, but if you want it to absorb faster, you can rub the oil into your skin for 20 seconds after it has been applied. You will never run into the situation of having it disperse too much or too little of the oil; it is designed with the accuracy of its portions in mind.

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