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 Back & Neck Pain Relief CBD Cream – CBDMEDIC

If you are looking for the ultimate way to treat back and neck pain with the power of CBD, look no further, because CBDMEDIC has just the product for you! This powerful formulation is crafted with high-grade organic hemp, a bounty of beneficial botanicals, and contains active ingredients such as camphor and menthol to help you recover with the best that nature has to offer!**

CBDMEDIC takes their time to craft this product to absolute perfection and bring you the relief you deserve in the form of an easy to use, highly effective CBD ointment. Whether you’ve had a long day at the gym, woke up with a pain in your neck, or have been feeling your back starting to go out, this formulation has everything you need to get back to feeling tip-top.** When you’re suffering through the burden of pain, fight back with the Back & Neck CBD Pain Ointment from CBDMEDIC!

Organically Grown Hemp

This company is wholly committed to bringing you the purest, most effective CBD ointment and uses only the finest ingredients to craft this top-tier formulation. All of the hemp used in this product is grown completely organically. Highly qualified farmers grow this hemp with great care and utilize only the most natural and sustainable practices to do so.

CBDMEDIC sources all of their premium hemp right here in the U.S. To make certain that their hemp is healthy and packed with a variety of desirable compounds CBDMEDIC grows all of their hemp in the warm, nutrient-rich soils of Colorado and Oregon. When you want to experience the incredible power of truly premium hemp, this neck pain ointment might be just what you’re looking for.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

CBD is an incredibly powerful compound, but CBDMEDIC doesn’t leave the burden of recovery to be carried solely on the shoulders of cannabidiol. Instead, they have carefully selected a variety of beneficial natural ingredients to share the load and help your neck and back feel their best. From essential oils, to natural emollients, this ointment has it all.

Allow your body to indulge in the healing power of jojoba oil, honeysuckle oil, frankincense oil, and more. This product is highly unique in that it combines CBD-rich hemp extracts with active ingredients such as 10% camphor and 15% menthol. There are a multitude of back and neck pain relievers on the market, but none of them even come close to providing you the powerful relief experienced with this remarkably effective ointment.

The Power Of Relief

Dealing with neck and back pain can be a real pain in the neck. It is immensely difficult to remain productive throughout your busy day when you are distracted by a literal pain in your neck. Being able to focus becomes more difficult, your mood is affected negatively, and it can really put a damper on even the most glorious of days.

There is no better feeling than relief. When pain is getting you down there is nothing more appealing than the thought of stopping in its tracks. This neck and back pain ointment is designed specifically to provide you with the relief you deserve and get you back to functioning at your peak potential.**

Will This Product Get Me High?

Though cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market, there is still some confusion about its relation to cannabis. Hemp and Marijuana are both types of cannabis. The main difference is that marijuana has high concentrations of THC, while hemp has very low concentrations of THC and very high concentrations of CBD.

THC is the compound in marijuana that elicits the psychoactive reaction that many users refer to as being “high”. All of the CBD sold in the U.S must contain 0.3% THC or less. This means that your average CBD product is not going to get you “high”. CBDMEDIC understands that many people are still concerned about THC use, and formulates this neck pain ointment to be 100% THC-free.

Third-Party Lab Tested

CBDMEDIC carefully crafts this powerful ointment to have the purest, most effective ingredients, but takes no chances with the health and wellness of their customers and sends all of these formulations to qualified third-party laboratories where they are subject to extensive testing. To ensure that these products are of the utmost quality, they are tested for purity, ingredients and potency. The laboratory tests also confirm the absence of heavy-metals, residual pesticides, or contaminants of any kind.

Why People Love This Back and Neck Pain Ointment

There is an almost endless list of reasons why people love this back and neck pain ointment. It is made with the best botanicals, organic hemp, and powerful active ingredients that all work together to provide you with the relief you’re after. Our customers love this product because it is crafted with the best ingredients, is incredibly pure, and remarkably effective.

Stop letting pain get the best of you and pick up the CBD Back and Neck Pain Ointment from CBDMEDIC!


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Rated 5 out of 5

Melanie C. Verified Buyer

Best pain relief

this stuff works so good


Rated 5 out of 5

Pauline B. Verified Buyer

Highly recommended

I use this product daily for the arthritis in my neck and hands. It provides some nice relief to the constant pain.


Rated 5 out of 5

Toby S. Verified Buyer

Excellent CBDTopical

Relieved my Sciatica pain in minutes! Smells delicious 👍


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