CBD Pet Tincture

Looking for the finest CBD pet tincture in town? You’re in the right place! At CBD.co, we offer a huge selection of CBD pet tinctures from the biggest names in the industry. Stock up, save up to 30%, and treat your four-legged friend to something special!
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If you are looking for a fantastic way to treat your pet to the power of CBD, you’ve come to the right place! CBD pet tinctures are one of the most popular ways for people to share the awesome benefits of this remarkable compound with their favorite four legged family member.

Pet tinctures allow your little fur ball access to a variety of powerful compounds including terpenes, cannabidiol, and a full range of amino acids. Our customers use pet tinctures for a variety of different reasons. Some pets get anxious from time to time and others are faced with chronic pain. When your pet needs a helping hand, reach for a CBD pet tincture and give them the same fantastic array of compounds that millions of Americans use daily.

How Often Can You Give Your Pet CBD Tincture?

Though many of our customers give their pets a helping of CBD 1-2 times a day, this number will vary depending on a few different factors. First, you should consider the size of your pet and the serving size that might be appropriate.

In general, a small cat is not going to require the same amount of CBD as a large dog. It requires a bit of experimentation to find the perfect serving size for your pet. It is recommended that you start with small servings and work your way up until you’ve found the perfect serving size. CBD is completely non-toxic and lab-certified so feel free to experiment worry-free.

Once you’ve figured out an appropriate serving size for your pet, you can start giving them their daily helping of CBD. If you find that the benefits aren’t quite lasting through the day, then try giving them some CBD tincture oil in the morning and some at night. Every pet is different, but experimenting and getting on track with a pet CBD regimen is easy.

CBD Oil For Dogs

We all know that CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products for humans, but this incredible compound has made its way into the animal world as well. People have found that their beloved pets enjoy the benefits of CBD just as much as they do.

CBD manufacturers have taken notice to this fact and all of the top name-brands are offering CBD pet tinctures. At CBD.co, we carry all of the purest, most effective pet CBD tinctures from the most reputable name-brands on the market. When you want to treat your pet to the best pet CBD tincture oil available, we have you covered.

Can People Take CBD Pet Tincture?

Pet CBD tinctures are formulated with flavors that aim to appeal to your pets pallet. Though bacon seems to be a flavor that both humans and pets can agree on, you might not enjoy salmon flavored pet CBD oil. That being said, pet CBD is held to the same manufacturing and testing standards that human CBD is. It is completely safe for humans to consume pet CBD tinctures.

If you find a flavor and potency that you and your pet both enjoy, then you can most certainly share your CBD. Maybe enjoy a salmon CBD dinner with kitty from time to time, or have a bacon CBD bonanza with your doggo. If this sounds like a good time to you, then have at it because CBD is 100% non-toxic and non-intoxicating.

What’s The Best CBD Pet Tincture For Pain?

Just like their human counterparts, pets are unique creatures and CBD is going to affect them all differently. Many of our customers reach for CBD when their pooch is in pain, or their kitty is having a rough time.

It is important to pay attention to your pet and make sure that you have the right serving size and schedule worked out to suit their needs. CBD pet tinctures are a fantastic option because they provide a way to easily and accurately measure CBD serving sizes.

Is The Oil In A CBD Pet Tincture Safe?

Pet CBD tinctures contain the same high-grade CBD used in formulations meant for humans. The only real differences are the concentrations and the flavors which are designed to fit the needs and preferences of animals more than humans. All of the pet CBD tinctures we carry at CBD.co have undergone rigorous quality testing at third-party laboratories and are completely safe for both you and your pet to consume.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD terminology can be tricky. Oftentimes people get confused when talking about pet CBD tinctures because the words “oil” and “tincture” are used interchangeably.

To clarify- a tincture is essentially a small bottle. Pet CBD oil is often put inside tinctures. Pet CBD tinctures contain CBD oil. When you hear someone talk about pet CBD oil, or a pet CBD tincture, know that they are usually referring to the same thing.

Pet CBD Drops: Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

When it comes to CBD pet tinctures where to buy, and what to buy are the questions. Well, the first one is easy because CBD.co has the finest selection of pet CBD anywhere. As for what to buy, it depends on what type of CBD your pet reacts the best to.

Some pets react really well to the compounds present in full spectrum CBD and for others, broad spectrum CBD is definitely the way to go. It will take a little bit of experimenting to see what works best for your pet, but with minimal effort you’ll have them on the perfect CBD regimen in no time.

Understanding the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum pet CBD is easy. Full spectrum CBD contains terpenes, cannabidiol, amino acids and trace amounts(0.3%) of THC. Broad spectrum has all of the same powerful terpenes, amino acids, and cannabidiol but does not contain any THC.

The Finest Pet CBD Tincture Oils Are at CBD.co!

At CBD.co we are wholly committed to bringing our customers and their furry friends the finest CBD products on the planet at unbeatable prices. If you are looking to treat your loving pet to the power of premium CBD, there is no better place than CBD.co to find all of the purest, most effective CBD pet tinctures.