What’s The Difference Between Select CBD and Social CBD?

Sometimes we need to shake things up a bit, and CBD companies are no exception. If you follow CBD trends, you’re probably familiar with the sophisticated teal bottles of Select CBD products, donning their sharp “S” logo. While you can still purchase that iconic bottle, but you’ll see it associated with a different brand: Social CBD. The company has elected to rebrand and change their name to Social CBD.

The team over at Social CBD likes to address their customer base as their “Social Circle”; the goal is to include everyone within a social aspect of CBD. According to the Social CBD website, “Social is both a family and a movement – a movement about spreading meaningful human connections, one person at a time.” They believe that this movement will encourage family, friends and athletes everywhere to embrace CBD without having to worry about accidentally ingesting any THC.

What To Expect

With this shift in branding and product formulation, you can expect to see an increase in Social CBD products containing broad spectrum CBD. As you may know, any traces of THC are extracted from broad spectrum CBD oil. This provides consumers with a peace of mind, as they don’t have to worry about false-positive test results or any psychoactive effects. Many Social CBD products use CBD isolate or distillate extracts, which can contain almost nothing but CBD itself, so they’ve clearly put forth the effort to make sure their products contain 0% THC.

If you’ve scrolled through our site much in past, you might have noticed that both Select CBD and Social CBD are still available for purchase. We just wanted to let you know that you can expect premium quality and ingredients no matter which option you choose.

Different Name, Same Quality

Sure, the name has changed, but the quality is the same, if not better. Social CBD’s products feature domestically grown hemp, as well as all-natural flavorings and sweeteners. Many of their products are gluten free, soy free and dairy free. All products are tested by a third party laboratory, ensuring that only the best ingredients available are going into your body. You can even look for yourself and see exactly what’s in each product! That’s right, you don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting any heavy metals, toxins, solvents or harmful microorganisms, because there’s a QR code on every product that enables you to quickly access its lab reports and ingredient list.

Social CBD Products We Love

Social CBD has a wide range of products available within our marketplace. One of the crowd favorites has been their Meyer Lemon CBD drops, featuring 1500mg of broad spectrum CBD and the uplifting flavor profile of Meyer lemons. This tincture is formulated with MCT oil, so it’s geared towards better absorption, providing you with optimal results!

Who doesn’t love a good gummy, especially when they are crafted to perfection? Their Red Raspberry gummies will provide 25mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving, with the total bottle containing 750mg. These gummies are a great source of high-quality CBD, and they can travel with you wherever you go!

Lavender is considered by many to be the ultimate aromatherapy tool, so it’s no wonder that the sought-after ingredient has been used for centuries as a way to address emotional distress. Social CBD has smartly chosen to blend it with 250mg of CBD hemp extract to create the ultimate vape pen! Their Lavender Disposable Vape Pen is a great way to instantly enjoy CBD. You get approximately 1-2mg of CBD per 3-second puff. This takes the guesswork out of it, especially for those who are new to disposable CBD pens. The ceramic core technology they use is top of the line, as far as vape pens are concerned, and the inclusion of MCT oil allows the vapor to achieve even greater levels of bioavailability.

Select CBD Products We Love

Purchasing CBD can sometimes feel like a gamble, even when you have a vast amount of information about certain products at your disposal. That’s why their CBD Balance Soft Gel 2 pack is such a genius product: it allows you to try before you actually buy! If you’ve been thinking about purchasing CBD gel capsules, this is a great way to introduce yourself to them before making a larger investment. Each capsule is measured out at 33.3mg of CBD hemp extract. They go down easy and are a great option for longer-lasting use over the course of your day.

You know we couldn’t leave out our little furry friends! We love the Select CBD Peanut Butter Pet Tincture. This tincture is loaded with 750mg of CBD hemp extract, perfect for your pet. Show them how much you care by grabbing this high-quality product for them!

Many people fall in love with CBD because of its seemingly endless possibilities, and you can find a way to fit CBD into every lifestyle. These Select CBD Topical Patches are certainly no exception! They possess a powerful 60mg of CBD and can even be cut in two if you feel that you’d like to place them on multiple areas of your body. You don’t have to worry about the patches having a strong smell either; they carry a tropical scent and will transport your mind far away from any discomfort, making you feel like you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way!

Bottom Line

You’ll see both Social CBD and Select CBD on the CBD.co site. As you know, we only carry products that are of the highest quality, and we’ve certainly done our homework! So, when you see that iconic teal label, just know that no matter the name you choose to buy from, the products are still top tier and the brand is still doing it’s part in trying to bring people together through CBD!