Weed Measurements: How to Measure the Right Way

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast who knows the difference between a “dub” and “an eighth,” or just starting your journey with weed, learning how to measure your cannabis correctly can help you calculate the perfect amount for a preroll, a bowl, and everything in between. 

Accurate measurements let you dose consistently, manage your supply effectively, and confidently explore different strains and potencies. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to measure weed (specifically low-THC hemp flower), the tools you need, and some practical tips for making your cannabis experience the best it can be!

Why Is It Important to Measure Your Weed?

Measuring your hemp buds accurately is crucial for a multitude of reasons, starting with ensuring consistent dosing. When using raw hemp buds, knowing the exact amount of THC or CBD you are consuming can help you achieve your desired effects. Accurate measurements allow for a more predictable experience and help you divvy out just the right amount for your desired cannabis experience. 

How Is Weed Measured?

Weed is measured using grams and ounces. For those who remember this from school, grams are part of the metric system, while ounces fall under the imperial system. Why we use two different systems for weed measurements is a real stoner’s quandary, but it’s less confusing than it sounds. 

Typically, the smallest measurement of raw hemp buds is sold in a single gram. Then, we switch over to ounces for large bundles of bud: an eighth (3.5 grams), a quarter (7 grams), a half ounce (14 grams), and a full ounce (28 grams). To measure these accurately, we use a digital scale; it’s the most accurate tool for cannabis measurements, showing users their exact weight. 

These measurements are essential for ensuring consistency across your prerolls, cones, and bowls. By sticking to standardized measurements, weed users can enjoy a safe and controlled experience! 

Let’s dig a little deeper into the measurements.


Like we said earlier, a gram of weed is a standard unit of measurement used to quantify hemp. A gram is a relatively small amount and is often the base measurement for buying and selling hemp flower. 

A gram typically represents a single dose for a casual user; usually, a prerolled joint has around a gram of cannabis. You can go even smaller and opt for a “dime bag,” which is a half-gram of weed. “Dime bags” got their name because (way back when) a half-gram baggie of cannabis cost only ten dollars.

Now, some people swear they can measure a gram of weed without a scale. But this isn’t always the easiest trick. Hemp buds vary in size, depending on the density of the flower buds. Dense buds can look smaller, while fluffy buds may take up more space. A gram of cannabis is convenient for those who want to buy small quantities and test different strains without committing to a large purchase. For more experienced users or those with higher tolerance levels, multiple grams may be needed for the desired effect. This is where we switch over to the metric system—bring on the ounces!


An eighth of weed, or an eighth ounce, is a cannabis weight measurement that’s equivalent to 3.5 grams. This is one of the most popular purchase sizes, since it provides a moderate amount of product that can last for multiple sessions—depending on personal consumption habits, of course. An eighth of weed is typically sold in a small, resealable container, allowing users to keep their cannabis fresh and safely stored. If you’re looking to sample different strains or maintain a balanced supply without making a large purchase, an eighth of weed offers a good compromise between quantity and variety. 

Fun fact: The jars of THC-A flower buds we carry come in eighths.


A quarter of weed, or a quarter ounce, is approximately 7 grams. A quarter ounce of weed is a typical size for experienced cannabis users, since it provides enough cannabis flower for multiple sessions. A quarter of weed is often sold in containers for proper storage and freshness. This amount is a step up from smaller quantities like an eighth of weed, offering a cost-effective option for those looking to buy in bulk.


A half-ounce of weed weighs approximately 14 grams and balances buying in bulk and maintaining freshness over time. This amount can provide a cost-effective option for those who prefer to buy larger quantities to save money in the long run. It’s a convenient size for experienced users who want enough weed for consistent use over several weeks, depending on how much (and how often) they use it. 

Full Ounce

If you’ve been following along, it’s safe to say you’ve realized that a full ounce of weed is double a half ounce, making it approximately 28 grams. This is the largest standard unit for sale in many legal markets and is a common choice for ultra-experienced cannabis users. Buying a full ounce of weed is popular because it can be a cost-effective option, since the weed prices per gram compared to smaller quantities are greater. It also provides a hearty supply to last for an extended period, allowing for consistent usage. Users should store an ounce of weed in a cool, dark place to maintain freshness and quality over time.

The Mighty Pound

As one of the largest measurements of cannabis, a pound of weed is no light measurement! It weighs approximately 448 grams and is commonly associated with wholesale transactions or large-scale cultivation or distribution. While a pound of weed is more than most individual users need for personal use, it can be a cost-effective way for those managing dispensaries. It’s also a practical choice for cannabis extractors and processors who need large quantities of raw materials for making products like edibles, oils, and concentrates. 

Proper storage, like using airtight containers and keeping the cannabis in a cool, dark, and dry environment, is essential for preserving freshness and quality when handling such weed quantities.

Too confusing? Here’s a helpful chart to break it all down. 

Amount Gram Ounce
Gram 1g 0.4 oz.
Eighth 3.5g ⅛ oz.
Quarter Approx. 7g ¼ oz.
Full Ounce Approx. 28g 1 oz.
Pound Approx. 448g 16 oz.

Necessary Tools

When it comes to measuring your weed, having the right tools is key for a smooth and enjoyable experience! For instance, a digital scale is a must-have for precise measurements. No more guessing how much you have; a digital scale gives you accurate readings down to the decimal point. Plus, other essential tools, like grinders, rolling trays, rolling papers, and pre-formed cones, are needed to best get the most out of your raw hemp buds.

Gram Scale

A digital gram scale is a crucial tool for measuring weed, since it provides precise and accurate weight measurements down to the decimal point. This level of accuracy is essential for both recreational and medical cannabis users because it lets you measure out your preferred amount of hemp. A gram scale also helps manage inventory efficiently, ensuring users know how much cannabis they have left and portion out specific amounts for recipes, prerolled joints, or personal use.

Plastic Bag

With your scale in one hand and your raw hemp buds in the other, what do you use next? If you don’t have a container in reach, go for an empty plastic bag. A plastic bag is a useful tool for measuring weed as it offers a convenient and lightweight container for holding cannabis while weighing it. The bag itself adds minimal weight, allowing for more accurate measurements when using a digital scale. Plastic bags are also flexible and can be sealed, making them easy to use for portioning out specific amounts of cannabis and keeping it fresh. They are also readily available and disposable, providing a simple and efficient option for managing and storing weed during the measuring process.

Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories themselves aren’t directly useful tools for measuring weed, but they play a major complementary role in the overall experience by helping you use the measured cannabis efficiently and enjoyably. For example, rolling papers let you use precisely measured quantities of cannabis without waste. And an aluminum rolling tray gives you an optimal workspace for crafting your next hemp-filled J. 

Having appropriate smoking accessories on hand ensures you can consume your accurately measured weed in the method you prefer, whether it’s a joint, bowl, or something else. These accessories can enhance your cannabis experience while working hand in hand with precise measurements for controlled and enjoyable consumption.

How to Measure Your Weed

To start, place an empty plastic bag on the scale and tare the scale to zero so it doesn’t account for the bag’s weight. Next, add the desired amount of cannabis to the bag until you reach the specific weight you’re aiming for (whether it’s a gram, eighth, quarter, or other measurement). Once you’ve reached the target weight, you can securely seal the bag to keep your weed fresh and ready for use!

Don’t Forget to Tare!

Taring, or zeroing out, the scale when measuring weed is important because it ensures the accuracy of your measurement. By taring the scale, you account for the weight of the container or bag holding the weed, so you can focus solely on the weight of the cannabis itself. This prevents any added weight from the container from affecting your measurement, allowing for precisely measured weed!

Sans Scale

Measuring weed without a scale can be done using approximate methods, though it may not be as accurate as using a scale. One common method is using household items like a coin or a paperclip as a reference. A common item people use is a standard paperclip. Since it weighs around 0.5 grams, you can estimate quantities by comparing the weight of the weed to the weight of the paperclip. You can visually estimate the amount based on familiar objects like a pen cap or a credit card, which can represent roughly a gram or two depending on their size. While these methods can give a rough estimate, they’re typically not precise, so it’s important to exercise caution and adjust accordingly based on personal experience and tolerance.

Parting Thoughts

Measuring weed is an essential part of the cannabis experience. Accurate measurements ensure you get the most out of your cannabis while avoiding overconsumption and the potential negative side effects that can come with it. Tools like digital scales and airtight containers can make the process easier and more efficient. While you can use other methods to estimate amounts, having the right tools on hand leads to a smoother, more controlled, and ultimately more enjoyable cannabis experience. 

By taking the time to measure your weed properly, you can maximize your enjoyment and make the most out of your cannabis journey. So get out there and pack your stash!