Upgrade Your Stash With TRĒ House’s New Magic Mushroom Vape Pens!

Only recently has the world of legal psychoactive products welcomed a familiar friend back into the fold: magic mushrooms. And now, you can experience the effects of these legal magic mushrooms like never before, formulated into delicious fruit-flavored gummies and creamy chocolate bars. These delectable edibles are quickly becoming go-to psychotropic products for many adults—and they’re consistently among our best-sellers. 

Adding to their already stellar mushroom collection, the top-tier hemp- and mushroom-based brand, TRĒ House, has expanded their line of magic mushroom products, becoming one of the first companies to offer pocket-sized, portable products with faster-acting effects: magic mushroom vapes! These pre-charged and pre-filled vape pens contain the same psychoactive mushroom extracts as TRĒ House’s other fan-favorite mushroom product, but these disposables offer a few extra incredible benefits. 

Here, we’ll introduce you to TRĒ House’s exciting line of mushroom vapes, give you a glimpse of each delicious flavor profile, show you how to enjoy them best, and help you discern if they’re right for you—or if you should stick to the tried-and-true magic mushroom gummies and chocolate bars. 

But first, let’s introduce you to one of our best-selling brands, a company that has quickly amassed a loyal nationwide following: TRĒ House. 

Who Is TRĒ House?

Based in Southern California, TRĒ House has been a significant player in the world of hemp-based psychoactive products for the past few years, garnering a reputation for their highly potent, high-quality vape and edible products. From THC-P to HHC to the trendsetting delta 8 THC, TRĒ House offers a diverse range of hemp-based cannabinoids, in a wide variety of products. But recently, TRĒ House has set down a new path, venturing out of the hemp, cannabinoid lane and into the world of legal, psychoactive mushrooms. Now, they’re one of the first brands to bring premier, third-party-tested magic mushroom products to market. If you’ve tried these gummies and chocolate bars before, you can attest to their potent psychoactive effects. If you haven’t, buckle up; they’re pretty potent.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

When you imagine “magic mushrooms,” you might be picturing psilocybin or amanita muscaria mushrooms. These mushrooms are the classic psychedelic mushrooms, and you won’t find them in these or any of TRĒ House’s mushroom products. Rather, to give their products potent, psychoactive effects, TRĒ House uses a special formula of adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts. All of these ingredients create a synergistic swirl and incite effects that feel similar to the classic (federally illegal) psychedelic mushrooms.  

What Are Mushroom Vape Pens?

Magic mushroom vapes are disposable pens that come pre-charged and pre-filled with potent, psychoactive vape juice. Typically, this vape juice is fruit-flavored, radiating with delicious tastes and aromas from inhale to exhale. Brands ensure these pens are ready to be enjoyed when you unwrap them. So, you don’t have to tinker with charging cables or check if a pod is correctly filled. Just free it from the box, get yourself nice and cozy, and puff your way down the rabbit hole. 

Compared to magic mushroom edibles, these vape pens provide faster-acting effects. As soon as you take a puff, you’ll start to feel the pen’s head-heavy effects in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. And, because these effects are so fast-acting, they won’t last as long as those from edibles. So, you may need to take periodic puffs to maintain your ideal state of cerebral elevation. 

TRĒ House’s Shroom Vape Pens

TRĒ House has just unveiled their line of shroom vapes, giving us all a pretty tough pick—if you’re only picking one, that is. Their line of mushroom vapes includes four different fruit-flavored pens. Each disposable vape pen boasts a different, delicious flavor profile, but the same active ingredients. So, you can expect to achieve the same type of effects as any of them, just different flavored clouds of delicious, psychoactive vapor. These vapes come with a pre-charged pen battery and pre-filled with two grams of vape juice. 

Let’s meet each one and help you find the vape pen that fits your ideal vaping experience—and taste buds. 

Apple Tart Mushroom Pen

Reminiscent of Grandma’s freshly baked apple pastries, TRĒ House’s Apple Tart Mushroom Vape Pen is sugary sweet, with delicate notes of spiced cinnamon and apples. 

Blue Jello Mushroom Pen

TRĒ House’s Blue Jello Mushroom Pen pops with a classic blue-raspberry flavor. Its aromas are sweet but not overpowering, giving users a pleasant mouthfeel before a mind-melting experience. 

Pink Lemonade Mushroom Pen

Sour, tart, and sweet, TRĒ House’s Pink Lemonade Mushroom Vape Pen has layers of flavors that start off lip-puckeringly sour before tagging the sugar-sensing taste buds in for a swirl of dancing aromas. 

Mango Smoothie Mushroom Pen

Puffing on TRĒ House’s Mango Smoothie Mushroom Vape Pen feels and tastes like enjoying a tropical mango smoothie through a straw. Its sweet, mango flavors are backed by a certain indescribable rich, almost creamy texture. 

Mushroom Vapes vs. THC vapes

Now, we know these vapes will do more than just excite our customers; these mushroom vapes will open a larger discussion about the effects of these and THC vape pens—how are they similar, how are they different, and which one is “stronger?” Despite being a relative term, “stronger” can’t really define the difference between these two types of potent, psychoactive vape pens. Comparing these effects is apples to oranges. 

Let’s explain. 

Cannabis, the organic vessel for THC, comes in many types of strains with many types of terpenes tagging along. All of these strains produce a wide variety of effects—and these effects differ from person to person. Sativa strains, for instance, are said to boost energy, drive creativity, and enhance good vibes. Indica strains, on the other hand, are advertised as relaxation-inducers, wrapping the body in a warm blanket of softly sizzling TV static. 

These magic mushroom products, conversely, are said to be much more cerebral than even the strongest sativa strains. Many adults agree these effects are head-heavy, focused on almost exclusively exciting the three-pound organ between your temples. Similar to THC vapes, effects from shroom vapes set in rather quickly, so prepare for a quick lift-off. After a few minutes, many adults report a strong, creative, heady buzz. Also, like THC vapes, these effects don’t linger for hours on end. Typically, these effects can gradually dissipate after 30 minutes to two hours. 

But, we also have to point out that effects vary from person to person. What you feel after a magic mushroom puff might not be what your friend next to you feels. So, keep your mind open when tripping into your first marvelous mushroom experience! 

How to Use a Mushroom Vape

Like with THC vape pens, mushroom vapes take minimal prep work before your first puff. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot; it’s mostly about readying your space for a strong euphoric experience. We always recommend plopping on the couch, feet up, and reclining into all the good feels. Or a stroll in nature could help complement the pen’s psychoactive effects. 

After you unwrap the pen from its box, get cozy. Then, take a light puff off the mouthpiece—just enough to taste the pen’s fruity flavor. Wait a few minutes to see what effects a light puff brings. Then, take longer, stronger puffs to reach your desired euphoria. After you feel comfortable with the effects, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Take more puffs periodically to maintain or enhance your experience, or ride the earlier puffs out and cruise back down to the comfort of your couch. 

Any time we’re talking about magic mushrooms, legality is typically a big concern for customers. But since these magic mushroom vapes don’t contain any outlawed extract, ingredient, or mushroom, like psilocybin and amanita muscaria mushrooms, they are legal. Plus, brands like TRĒ House pass their products through third-party testing to confirm the product’s potency and purity. You can find a product’s lab reports on its product page under the product description. 

Are Mushroom Vapes Right for You?

While mushroom vapes might have piqued your interest, they may not be the best type of magic mushroom product for you. Mushroom vapes provide fast-acting, short-lasting effects. These effects are comparable to a quick spike and a fast drop-off—which may be just what you’re looking for. But if you want a longer-lasting, gradual onset of effects, magic mushroom edibles might be better for you. 

Mushroom Gummies

Magic mushroom gummies are soft, fruit-flavored chews. TRĒ House uses the same active ingredient in these as in their vapes, so you’ll get a similar magic carpet ride through the cosmos—but the effects won’t rush in. Rather, these effects can generally set in over 30 minutes to two hours, depending on various, unique bioavailability factors. And these effects can generally last for six to eight hours, which also depends on certain bioavailability factors. 

For their Magic Mushroom Gummies, TRĒ House recommends 1-3 for a subtle microdose, 4-6 for a solid standard dose, and 7+ for a real stumble through the rabbit hole. 

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

If fruity gummies aren’t your speed, TRĒ House also has four delicious Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars, each with 15 evenly dosed squares. Choose from two milk chocolate and two white chocolate flavors, while following the same dosing guide. 1-3 squares for a soft-pitch microdose, 4-6 for a curveball through the Universe, and 7 or more for a fastball-slider straight down the rabbit hole.