Top 10 Favorite CBD Products for 2019 – Complete List

The past year has been filled with so many new CBD brands and products. has taken a moment to compile all of our customers’ and staff’s favorite products, and created this list! If you need help finding products you can’t go wrong with — this list is for you.

1.CBDfx Gel Capsules – 30 count bottle – 25mg

One of the easiest ways to get your daily CBD serving in is with CBDfx Gel Capsules! Every bottle contains 25mg of all-natural CBD and will be a quick way to take a serving throughout the day. These inconspicuous gel capsules will be great on-the-go and anywhere else life takes you! Take a chance on this top-of-the-list- product and see for yourself why people love it!

2. Pinnacle Hemp- CBD Tincture- Full Spectrum – 150mg

Pinnacle Hemp full spectrum tincture contains 150mg of the finest CBD. Every bottle is third party tested, so you know the tincture you are receiving is Rocky Mountain grown CBD! This tincture will meet your high standards. The tried-and-true product can be dropped on top of any of your favorite foods, drinks, or placed under the tongue (wait about a minute before swallowing.) Each bottle is completely GMO free!

3. CBDfx Hemp Gummies – Gummy Bears – 5mg

These infamous Hemp Gummies by CBDfx are raved about by customers because of the great taste. You’ll never have a problem with these! With 5mg of top-tier CBD per serving, these vegan gummy bears can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. Who’s going to suspect anything as you eat a gummy bear? They’ll just think you’re enjoying your favorite candy. You might forget as well, as they taste so amazing!

4. CBDfx Tincture Oil – 1500mg

Tincture you can put on anything! Who doesn’t enjoy a tincture with zero additives and is completely unflavored? The 1500 series is a standout product — you’ll notice the difference between this and any other tincture line you’ve tried! This CO2 extracted CBD is above the rest and has a brand you can trust. Feel free to help yourself to a serving in the morning and at night!

5. Ignite CBD- CBD Topicals- Pain Relief Cream Lemon – 1000mg

Recharge with this lovely cream. The scent of lemon will awaken you as you apply it anywhere you need on your body. Every bottle is tested by third party laboratories and has 1000mg of verified, top-of-the-line CBD in each topical you receive! Great care has been taken when creating the packaging, so it won’t stand out from other creams, creating a CBD product that can be discreet as you take it with you wherever you need — such as your gym bag or work!

6. RSHO- CBD Tincture- RSHO X Gold Liquid Hemp Oil

This golden tincture is going to be the elixir of your dreams once you try the first few drops. The RSHO x Gold Liquid Hemp Oil will create a luxurious feel on your tastebuds. Unscrew the top and dispense however much you’d like to your meal, drink or under your tongue. This comes in multiple sizes of 500mg, 1000mg and 5000mg of exceptional CBD. Remember to keep this top-tier tincture in a cool, dark place when it’s not in use!

7. Koi CBD – CBD Tincture- Koi Naturals Strawberry – 30ml

Koi CBD has gone as far to produce their own blend of CBD named Prizm to play up cannabinoids important to them! This individualized blend is incorporated into their high-quality CBD tincture. The tincture has multiple options that range from 250mg to 2000mg. Strawberry tincture will make everything taste amazing once it drips out of the dropper and oozes onto whatever you decide to top it with — soon you’ll be wanting another bottle. This tincture will be a great pick-me-up throughout the day!

8. Blue Label CBD – CBD Tincture – Peach and Strawberry 1000mg

Great pride has been taken by Blue Label CBD to create a tincture that is 99.9% pure — so you can relax and know you’re in good hands when it comes to a natural, non-additive CBD product. This tincture goes great with deserts, smoothies — anything you think a great hint of peach and strawberry would enhance the meal! Drop the pipette under your tongue as well for quicker absorption and store in a dark, cool place.

9. Eclipse CBD- CBD Tincture- Full Spectrum Lemon Cake 600mg

Each serving will taste like a piece of your favorite lemon cake is being dropped on your tongue — this is the magic of the Eclipse CBD Lemon Cake 600mg Tincture. The wonderful smell is what keeps customers coming back as it satisfies the senses and relieves the daily sugar rush. Every bottle contains full-spectrum CBD and will be a great addition to your CBD stash! There’s a reason this product is on the list! It’s become an instant classic.

10. Koi CBD – CBD Vape Juice – Tropical Popsicle 100mg

This Tropical Popsicle 100mg CBD Vape Juice will blow the rest of your collection out of the water! Its full, fruit flavor that’s bursting with organic CBD will keep you coming back for more. Flavor and high-quality are not taken for granted with this exemplary product. The wonderful taste of popsicle will create a nostalgia that warmly wraps you in childhood memories. Every puff will take you back to simpler times and relax for a moment from the stressful world of adulthood. It will soon become a favorite of your vape flavors!