THC-P: What Every THC User Needs to Know

Over the past few years, scientists have gradually exhumed a slew of secrets from inside the cannabis plant. These efforts have resulted in the discovery of over a hundred new cannabinoids and led to a variety of new, exciting products for health and wellness. But, when you think of cannabis, its wellness benefits probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. It’s okay. This is a safe space. It’s alright to assume that when we’re talking about cannabis, the plant’s patented euphoric effects are likely what you think of first.

Did you know there’s a cannabinoid locked inside the cannabis plant that researchers say is much stronger than delta 9 THC? I’d like to introduce you to THC-P.

What Is THC-P?

For decades, researchers thought delta 9 THC was the strongest cannabinoid inside the cannabis plant—the one that produces the most psychoactive effects. But then, in 2019, a team of Italian scientists stumbled onto THC-P.

Not to get too scientific here, but the difference between delta 9 THC and THC-P is essential to note. Their difference shows you why THC-P is so special in the world of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Before discovering THC-P, researchers believed delta 9 THC had the longest alkyl side chain of all THC compounds, with five atoms. When they uncovered THC-P, this group of scientists found that this particular THC compound had an alkyl side chain of seven atoms, which led some to believe that THC-P is significantly more potent than delta 9 THC. But since there is much less THC-P in cannabis strains than THC, its effects are less noticeable—that is, until brands started highlighting THC-P in their products.

Everything You Need to Know About THC-P

Like many of the other alternative cannabinoids on the market, THC-P comes with its own unique, if not novel, effects—ones that even the most veteran of users might not anticipate. So, going into your first THC-P experience with the right expectations is essential. If you’re a novice user or have a limited tolerance, you can still enjoy the incredible effects of THC—but maybe with some added caution.

Is THC-P Stronger Than Delta 8

For many, THC-P won’t be the first alternative cannabinoid they’ve enjoyed. As federal policies loosen their legislative chokehold on the hemp plant, scientists have the freedom to really unpack all the nuances locked inside. One of these nuances is another THC compound: Delta 8 THC.

Like THC-P, delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, made popular within the last few years. Delta 8 THC is the cannabinoid cousin to delta 9 THC, the most iconic THC compound. But delta 8 THC has quickly made its way up the ladder, giving users a slight variation of psychoactive effects. Now, many brands infuse their gummies and vapes with delta 8 THC. These products provide similar, though slightly weaker, effects compared to delta 9. That’s where THC-P comes into the scene. 

To bring stronger effects to their delta 8 gummies, brands are infusing these gummies with THC-P. Because of its potent psychoactive effects, THC-P helps boost delta 8 THC and gives users a well-rounded THC-infused experience.

Is THC-P Legal?

Because the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and all hemp-derived products, THC-P is federally legal when formulated from hemp. But in the past few years, some states have outlawed alternative cannabinoids, even those from hemp, so it’s best to check with your state and local municipalities before partaking in THC-P.

How to Use THC-P Safely

The best way to use THC-P safely is to buy from a trusted source with a reputable brand. Then, start slow. If it’s gummies, take one or half of one for your first dose. If it’s a vape, take a baby puff and wait to feel the full effects after about 30 minutes. THC-P is known to “hit” later than THC, so have that in mind before going back for seconds.

THC-P Carts: One of Our Favorite Products

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