Customer Reviews: What People Are Saying About Nuleaf Naturals’ CBD Products

When finding the best CBD products on the market, you certainly can’t go wrong with NuLeaf Naturals. Based in Denver, Colorado, NuLeaf Naturals has been a staple in the hemp community since their inception in 2014. They’re known for their proprietary whole plant extract showcased in each and every one of their products. But what are customers saying about NuLeaf’s approach to CBD? Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of love for NuLeaf across the worldwide web. 

Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the most common reviews circulating around NuLeaf’s products, dissecting what makes NuLeaf so well-loved among the hemp community. We’ll also show you some of our favorite NuLeaf products.

What Is CBD?

CBD has been making headlines for the last few years, but humans have relied on its therapeutic benefits for centuries. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids inside hemp and cannabis plants. Other notable cannabinoids include CBG, CBN, CBC, and the notoriously psychoactive THC. 

CBD is non-psychoactive and offers a wide range of wellness benefits. It interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is a network of receptors that helps regulate several physiological functions like sleep, mood, appetite, energy, and many more. When you take a CBD health supplement, the cannabinoids enage these receptors and boost their performance, leading to hemp’s patented effects on the mind and body. 

Who Is NuLeaf Naturals?

Native to the Centennial State, NuLeaf Naturals has been a guiding voice within the hemp space for almost a decade. After the 2018 Farm Bill, many newcomers looked to NuLeaf for insight on how to navigate this budding marketplace. And yet, NuLeaf has remained on top, comfortably sitting as one of the best CBD companies on the market – and one of the best-sellers on our online shelves.

Three factors make NuLeaf Naturals highly regarded – their hemp, formulas, and extraction method.

High-Quality Hemp

Hemp is a very absorbent plant. Whether there are nutrients or toxins in the soil around it, the hemp plant will soak them up. This could be detrimental to hemp grown for consumer goods like CBD oil. So, a brand’s attention and care on each part of their cultivation method is crucial. 

NuLeaf Naturals grows their hemp on select farms in Colorado, focusing their attention on each part of the cultivation process. They care about their customers’ safety and try to make their CBD products as effective as possible. They work hard to keep their soil free of toxins and heavy metals – two factors that plague low-quality hemp. 

You can check the quality of a CBD brand’s hemp by looking at their Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA tells you what chemicals or ingredients are found inside a product. So, if there were toxins or harmful chemicals in the soil where the hemp was grown, they would appear on the COA. This third party testing is everything for a brand – and NuLeaf routinely posts theirs, a mark of a trustworthy company. 

Proprietary Formula

Another important trait that NuLeaf has is their proprietary whole-plant extract that they use in each and every one of their products. This whole-plant extract is full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is a type of CBD that’s highly concentrated in the hemp plant’s complete cannabinoid profile, plus its aromatic properties, including terpenes and flavonoids.

Other types of CBD, like broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, have an incomplete cannabinoid profile, making their effects less profound than full-spectrum CBD. NuLeaf specializes in full-spectrum CBD, exclusively using it for their line of best-selling CBD products. 

CO2 Extraction

Perhaps the most critical part of the process is the point of extraction for the CBD molecules. Many companies use harsh solvents like butane and ethanol to strip the organic compounds from the plant matter. While using heavy solvents gets the job done, it can leave harmful chemicals in the finished product, potentially exposing customers to toxins. 

NuLeaf, like a few other brands on the market, doesn’t follow this approach. Rather, they use CO2 to whittle the CBD molecules away from the plant matter. This process yields a safer final product – one that’s free of harmful chemicals.

What Are Customers Saying About NuLeaf?

So, in your research of NuLeaf as a brand, you might wonder, “What are real customer reviews of NuLeaf Naturals? What are people really saying about their CBD products?” Well, we’ve scoured the web, looked through what our own customers have said about NuLeaf, and compiled three reoccurring themes – top-tier product quality, high potencies, and a wide selection of lesser-known cannabinoids.

Raving About Product Quality

Many reviews we’ve seen state simply, “Great product!” “Awesome!” “Works great!” “This stuff rocks!” “Did the trick!” and so on…

Reviews like these tell us a few things. First, we can surmise that these reviewers are genuinely very happy with their NuLeaf’s products. If not, then they’d include any negatives they might have. Also, most (if not all) of these brief reviews included five-star ratings. 

We’ve also tried most of NuLeaf’s products and can attest to their quality. These products are reliable and feel well-made. The gummies are sweet without being too overpowering, and the tinctures aren’t uncomfortably viscous. In all, these products feel like they’re high-quality because they are high-quality. 

Love For The Products’ Potencies

Other reviews share their surprise at how strong these products are. Many reviews circulate around NuLeaf’s CBN products. Cannabinol (CBN) has been donned as “the ultimate relaxation” cannabinoid because of its drowsy, calming effects. Many customers take CBN tinctures, soft gels, or gummies and are surprised at their effectiveness. 

Others rave about how strong NuLeaf’s THC products are. Currently, NuLeaf has a delta-8 THC tincture and delta-9 THC gummies. So, if you like feeling THC’s euphoric effects on the mind, you definitely need to check these out. 

Additional Cannabinoids Are Top-Sellers

Along with their line of CBD products, NuLeaf also has products that showcase other lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC. Like CBD, these different cannabinoids also offer their own list of unique benefits. 

Other brands don’t follow this business model and solely offer CBD. Customers have noticed this hole in the market and have turned to NuLeaf. Here, they’ve found a reliable way to enjoy the exclusive benefits of unsung cannabinoids. 

Notable NuLeaf Naturals CBD Products

Now, we can’t sing all their praises without offering a couple of our favorite NuLeaf products.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Tincture

NuLeaf’s CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is perhaps the prototypical CBD product. It’s a tincture, which humans have been using to enjoy CBD for centuries, packed with multiple cannabinoids. NuLeaf formulates their tinctures using organic virgin hemp seed oil. Just place a desired dose under your tongue for around a minute. 

This will give the cannabinoids time to soak through your mucous membranes and into your bloodstream, where they’ll then rush to engage your ECS receptors. 

NuLeaf Naturals CBG Capsules

Next, we have one of our most popular cannabinoid wellness products: NuLeaf’s CBG Capsules. CBG is known for its similar effects to CBD, but some users say CBG has a slightly more energizing effect on the mind and body. Each serving of these soft gels comes with 30mg of full-spectrum CBG, giving you an effective dose of wellness in each tablet. 

Parting Thoughts

So, while it’s nice to know what other people have to say about NuLeaf Naturals’ line of products, the most important voice here is yours! Check our NuLeaf’s full collection of hemp-derived products to find the one that fits you, and your needs the best! 

Shop their full collection today!