Martha Stewart’s CBD is a Surprising Treat

When we first heard about it we were skeptical, but Martha Stewart’s CBD is a surprising treat!

Martha Stewart is a household name in the U.S and well-known around the globe. Everything Martha touches seems to turn to gold. This woman has had success as a T.V personality, home decorator, actress, model, and business woman. Now, Martha has focused her entrepreneurial talent on the world of CBD.

There’s always something funny about seeing celebrities release their own CBD brands, but Martha Stewart’s CBD is no laughing matter. These products are made from the best ingredients and perfected with Martha’s personal touch.

You may have heard about Martha launching her own CBD brand and if so you’ve undoubtedly been curious. Let’s satisfy that curiosity and take a look at Martha Stewart’s perfect line of CBD products.

From Celebrity Decorator to CBD Connoisseur

When it comes to celebrity decorators, Martha Stewart is the queen. Though Martha is most commonly known for her television show Martha Stewart Living, she’s been successful in many fields.

Martha started her professional life as a stockbroker in 1967, but wouldn’t find her career path for nearly a decade.

In 1976, Martha started a catering company that turned out to be the first step on her road to fame and success.

The catering company was a big hit and inspired her to publish her first book, Entertaining. After several more books, Martha started the magazine that made her famous, Home Living. Before long Martha was hosting her own TV show and quickly became a household name.

Now it’s 2020, and Martha’s graced the world of CBD with her impeccable taste. Martha’s a stickler for quality and that affords her success in just about everything she does. These products are carefully crafted and offer a CBD experience that perfectly embodies Martha’s unique sense of taste.

Craft CBD with Martha’s Personal Touch

Martha Stewart’s known for her impeccable style. Whether she’s teaching how to cook a meal, or giving design tips, people turn to Martha because she has a unique sense of taste that’s appealing to millions of people.

There’s an incredible number of CBD products on the market, but some really stand out amongst the crowd. Martha Stewart’s CBD is so unique that it could be picked from a blind taste test.

Martha’s CBD gummies and tinctures have flavors that are fairly common, but distinct in their quality. The Blood Orange CBD tincture is so packed with citrus flavor that you’d swear you were standing in an orange grove.

The delicious flavor profiles and quality of ingredients in these products is nothing short of impressive and can be attributed to Martha Stewart’s personal touch of perfection.

Martha Stewart’s High Standard for Quality

When it comes to quality, Martha Stewart’s CBD is hard to beat. These products are made with an assortment of carefully selected botanicals and organically grown hemp.

CBD products are largely influenced by the quality of hemp used to create them. This is obvious and it seems like organic hemp would be standard but, it isn’t. Not all manufacturers make the effort to grow hemp organically and the quality of their products suffers.

Martha clearly understands the benefit of organic products. All of the hemp used to make her delicious CBD is organically grown and 100% non-GMO.


Another thing that won us over is the way Martha extracts her CBD. There are a ton of ways to extract CBD, but they don’t yield the same results.

There’s a hierarchy when it comes to extraction methods. Butane is okay, ethanol is better, and supercritical CO2 is the best. CO2 is capable of capturing all of the desired phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant without leaving any residue in the extract oil.

Martha Stewart’s CBD is CO2 extracted. This means it’s clean, flavorful, and particularly rich in cannabinoids.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Unlikely Friendship

Martha has always been full of surprises. The public thought of her as the perfect homemaker, but it turns out she has a wild-side. In 2004, fans were shocked when Martha served a 5 month prison sentence for conspiracy and making false statements to investigators.

People were shocked, but didn’t hold it against her. We all make mistakes and Martha’s only human.

In 2008, Snoop Dogg appeared on Martha’s T.V show and the two hit it off. This unlikely pair developed a lasting friendship that led to co-hosting shows and various joint-professional endeavours.

Martha and Snoop are both avid supporters of cannabis. People often wonder if Snoop may have taught Martha a thing or two, but after experiencing Martha’s CBD, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the other way around!

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