High potency CBD: What It Is & Why People Can’t Get Enough

Though recreational cannabinoids have been dominating the cannabis market this year, high potency CBD has also become increasingly popular.

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, CBD has been taking the world by storm. People use this powerful cannabinoid for everything from helping them combat minor aches and pains to getting some much-needed rest on nights when sleep doesn’t come so easily.**

Millions of people use CBD products daily and everyone requires something slightly different. Some people love the fast-acting effects of CBD vapes and cartridges, others prefer edibles like CBD gummies, and a lot of people are perfectly content taking a CBD oil tincture. Everyone has different tolerance levels and there are a variety of potencies to choose from.

Recently, high-potency CBD has been flying off the shelves, and we’re starting to wonder if this is a trend or a movement in the market. Why are so many people switching to high potency CBD? In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the pros and cons of high potency CBD, discuss why we think people find it so appealing, and introduce you to some of the products that customers just can’t seem to get enough of.

We’ll also hook you up with a sweet discount on each of our most popular high potency CBD products! Let’s get to it!

What is High Potency CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Some companies extract their CBD from cannabis indica, but the majority prefer to use industrial-grade hemp (cannabis sativa). This is because cannabis sativa has a much lower concentration of THC, which is highly psychoactive and difficult to separate from CBD.

There are a variety of potencies to choose from when it comes to CBD. Some people prefer relatively low does of 20mg per day, while others prefer to ingest a whopping 1,500mg per day. One dosage is not better or worse than the other. Which dosage size you prefer really just comes down to personal preference and what helps you achieve your desired results.

Why is High Potency CBD So Popular

High potency CBD has been popular as long as CBD has been around, but since the beginning of 2022, these products have been booming in popularity. Recreational cannabinoids like Delta-8 and HHC have also seen a dramatic uptick in purchases, and while these might be related to the increased popularity of high-potency CBD, it’s hard to say with any certainty or supporting data.

There are a few potential factors that we believe could have influenced this change. For starters, many people have been using CBD since 2018. Not only do they trust these products and know from experience how effective they can be, but they have likely developed a tolerance at this point. If you take CBD consistently, your body will naturally develop a tolerance and you gradually need to increase the amount of CBD you take to feel the same effects. It takes quite a while to develop a tolerance, but if you’ve been using CBD for years, it’s bound to happen.

Another possibility is that users of recreational cannabinoids have jumped on board with CBD, but require a high potency product right at the beginning because they’ve been indulging in recreational cannabinoids for some time.

The last and most likely reason in our minds, is that high potency CBD is just awesome! People are hip to how amazing CBD can be, so why not make those effects as potent as possible. CBD is non-intoxicating, so it’s not like you can’t function when using high potency products.

Some of the Most Popular High Potency Products

At CBD.co, we carry a plethora of the most popular products and offer them all at incredible prices. Yes, this is awesome, but it can also lead to a bit of indecision. How do you make a selection when there are so many excellent options? Well, if you’re feeling a little confused, we’re happy to help!

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the most popular high-potency CBD products from the biggest brands in the industry.

High Potency CBD Gummies

Gummies are one of the easiest ways to access the benefits of CBD. In this section, we’ll introduce you to the finest high potency CBD gummies on the market.

Lazarus Naturals CBD gummies


Lazarus Naturals is a brand that needs no introduction. This has been one of the most trusted names in the industry since the beginning and their products are impressively effective. If you’re on the hunt for some high potency CBD gummies, we highly recommend checking out the Lemon Mango Cannabinoid gummies from Lazarus Naturals.

These delicious gummies are packed with 15mg of potent Full Spectrum CBD, 5mg of CBG, and 5mg of CBN. With an array of cannabinoids in high concentration, these gummies are sure to satisfy anyone who loves high-potency CBD.

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Hemp Bombs CBD gummies


Hemp Bombs makes a bunch of great products, but these high potency CBD gummies are mind-blowingly good! Not only do these gummies provide a tasty, fruity flavor, but they also bring you a powerful 30mg serving of full spectrum CBD in each gummy. With 240mg of CBD in every bag, these gummies are sure to deliver the high potency experience you’re after.

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High Potency CBD Cartridges

Extract Labs CBD vape cartridge


Extract labs is a heavy-hitter in the world of CBD vape carts. This brand is well-known for making some of the finest CBD carts out there. They use high-quality ingredients, powerful hemp extract, and have all of their products tested at qualified third-party labs.

If you want to treat yourself to a premium high potency CBD cart, we highly recommend checking out the 1000mg Blue Dream CBD cartridge from Extract Labs!

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Dope CBD vape cartridge


Pineapple Express isn’t just a movie, it’s a super popular Marijuana strain! You probably already knew that, but did you know that DOPE CBD makes a seriously impressive Pineapple Express vape pen. This high potency CBD pen provides you with a hearty serving of CBD and the incredible taste of Pineapple Exrpess.

If you love high potency CBD and classic cannabis strains, you definitely don’t want to miss this!

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