CBD Honey Sticks: Our Favorite Wellness Treat

The market for hemp-infused edibles is ever-evolving. Companies seem to debut new products, new cannabinoids, and new ways to enjoy this mystical, primitive plant every other week.

With that said, how about one more? Now, before you say you’re good and tell me to get lost, when was the last time you savored honey? Weird question, I know––but honestly, when was the last time you really (and I mean really) enjoyed that golden, gooey nectar cartoon bears can’t get enough of? Not just put it in your tea or smother it over a mountain of buttermilk pancakes––I mean, gulped it straight out of the bottle.

Just like the ways to enjoy cannabis have evolved, so has the market for honey-filled delights. Where these markets overlap, you’ll find CBD honey sticks. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD packaged in a simply sweet stick of gooey goodness. No more sticky honey packets, traveling with a bottle of honey, or finding the nearest bee hive every time you make tea.

What Are Honey Sticks?

Honey sticks are quick and easy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting all the therapeutic benefits of CBD. CBD takes up around 50% of the hemp plants molecular structure. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t incite psychoactive effects––instead, it acts as a potent anti-inflammatory.1

In the world of CBD products, there are some tasty treats and some delectable goodies. But if you’ve used CBD long enough, you’re sure to run into some products that need another round of taste-testing. These products may provide full-spectrum CBD and achieve all the plant’s health benefits, but they do so with intense, chalky flavors that leave an un-welcomed aftertaste.

Though with honey sticks, hemp companies are turning to nature’s natural flavors to sweeten CBD correctly. So, what are honey sticks? Honey sticks are a mess-free way to enjoy a perfect serving of honey on the go. Honey users often turn to little packets that leave sticky residue on their hands. Instead, honey straws don’t spill, are easy to take anywhere, and are thrown away right after use.

How To Use Honey Sticks

When you dive deep into honey, you learn some interesting facts. Like, did you know it takes only an ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world? Or, the average honey bee will make a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime? What about the fact that honey bee’s wings stroke 11,400 times a minute, which is what makes the insect’s iconic buzzing sound?

These fun facts (and way, way more) help produce Mother Nature’s organic sweetener. When packaged into a straw, honey can easily add sweetness to just about anything. But, how does it work?

Step 1: Pick your favorite CBD honey sticks. If you don’t have a favorite, check out our list curated by CBD experts and honey enthusiasts––that’s me!

Step 2: Nibble off one end of the honey stick, exposing the straw’s gooey insides. You can discard this piece of wax or plastic right into the trash.

Step 3: Take the open end of the straw and gently squeeze the honey out into your tea, oatmeal, or––like me––right on the tongue.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Our Favorite Honey Sticks

Now that you know what to do with your CBD honey sticks, what if you don’t have a go-to source for CBD sweetness?

The hunt for quality CBD honey sticks is oddly tricky. Because the hemp industry is so new, many companies and brands are throwing together hemp products in a lackadaisical hurry to meet consumer demands––with no authoritative regulations. This means that many brands are debuting disingenuous products that don’t provide what’s advertised.

So, when searching for the best CBD honey sticks, starting with reliable, trustworthy businesses and brands is essential. If you need help finding quality CBD honey sticks, here are three made by industry-trusted and Queen Bee-approved hemp companies.

40mg CBD Honey Sticks – Tranquility Tea Company

First, we have an Oregon-based, award-winning hemp company known for its decadent CBD-infused honey. Our friends at Tranquility Tea Company pride themselves on creating hemp-infused goodies that are not only tasty but satisfying and affordable. Their passion for all things hemp branches out to CBD coffee, CBD teas, and CBD salt water taffy. They are an excellent introduction to the wild world of quality hemp.

Tranquility Tea Company makes 40mg CBD Honey Sticks, perfect for on-the-go sweetness. Their 40mg-promise of high-quality CBD is the highest of the three––and it sure is felt. When added to tea, this honey brings a background buzz of relaxation, which quite literally turns that cup into Tranquility Tea.

10mg Hemp Honey Stix – CBD Fusion

Second, we have hemp honey sticks from CBD Fusion. CBD Fusion is a Miami-based hemp company that offers several CBD products to fit any lifestyle. Their products give users a gentle boost of calming cannabinoids, from workout recovery to weekly relaxation.

Specifically, their honey sticks are difficult to put down. Something about the honey CBD Fusion uses makes their sticks sweeter than the others on our list. These boast a unique blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. This combination makes for an incredibly delicious taste, perfect for everyone.

20mg Natural Honey Stick – TropiCBD

Third, on our list is a perfect middle ground for those who want an effective dose of CBD––but not too much. TropiCBD is an industry-trusted CBD company that makes the perfect blend of honey and cannabinoids. Their CBD honey sticks are sure to delight anyone looking to add calming sweetness throughout their day. Just nibble off the tip, and you are free to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD-infused honey.