Brand Spotlight: CBDfx

At, we see the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes we come across CBD products that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy and other times we find brands that we really like. It is only once in a blue moon that we discover a brand like CBDfx. These guys are like a diamond in the never ending ocean of CBD brands and we are proud to offer their products at

We know that many of you are already familiar with CBDfx and their line of innovative CBD products but if you aren’t, this is certainly a brand that needs to be on your radar. We love CBDfx so much that they are the focus of this week’s Brand Spotlight. We’ll take an in-depth look at this impressive brand and their wide variety of offerings. Whether you’re already a fan of CBDfx or are interested in trying them out for the first time, this guide will help you become familiar with what products they have available, how these products are manufactured, and why this is one of the most popular CBD brands on the planet.

Introducing CBDfx

There are a bunch of different brands on the market but not many of them have the reputation that CBDfx does. This company has become a household name for good reason. They have proven over time that they can consistently deliver top-tier products and push the bounds. CBDfx sets the standard for CBD with a degree of innovation and commitment to quality that is unparalleled.

This brand has been around since the beginning. Jameson Rodgers and Ali Esmaili founded CBDfx in 2014 with the belief that everyone should have access to the remarkable wellness benefits of CBD. Because of their genuine belief in their products, they have committed a great deal of time and energy making sure that their products are of the utmost quality.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Everyone uses CBD for their own unique reasons. Some people use it to help them sleep, others use it to combat daily aches and pains, and many people use it simply as a way to stay on top of their general wellness. One of the many things that makes CBDfx so popular is that they make something for everyone. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can reach for the CBDfx sleep gummies. These delicious treats come packed with CBD and provide a hearty helping of melatonin to help you enjoy the perfect night’s sleep.

Premium Hemp

There are a handful of things that set CBDfx apart from the crowd, but one of the things that really stands out is their commitment to using premium hemp to create their products. A CBD product can only be as good as the hemp used to create it. Some brands use a variety of chemical fertilizers to grow their hemp. Unfortunately, these chemicals can sometimes make their way into the final product. CBDfx refuses to take any risks with the quality of their products and only uses the finest hemp that is grown in the U.S without the use of any harsh chemicals. If you want to experience the natural power of hemp at its finest, then there is no better choice than CBDfx.

Creative Product Line

Another aspect of CBDfx that has made it a household name is their innovative product line. CBDfx is constantly on the cutting edge of what is possible. Their formulations are some of the most forward thinking we’ve ever come across. All of their products are impressively delicious and extremely effective. Whether you’re looking for gummies, tincture oils, vape juice, or topicals, CBDfx has you covered.

Third-Party Lab Tested

The most important part of any CBD product is that it’s safe. There are a ton of different brands out there and unfortunately, they aren’t all as committed to excellence as CBDfx is. Some brands use harsh chemicals when growing their hemp or during the extraction process. These chemicals can then find their way into the final product.

CBDfx is a brand that is wholly committed to quality. They use the finest extraction processes, grow their hemp with the utmost care, and send all of their CBD to ISO-certified third-party labs. This ensures that CBDfx products don’t contain any residual pesticides, heavy metals, or contaminants of any kind. It is only after this series of rigorous lab testing that CBDfx sends their products to market. There are plenty of good brands on the market, but if you want products that you can trust, there is no better choice than CBDfx.

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