Behind the Brand: NuLeaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is a household name in the world of CBD. This company has earned their reputation as one of the most highly sought after brands on the market and has done so through their commitment to the wellbeing of their customers and an undying commitment to the quality of their products.

Nuleaf takes great pride in their products and crafts all of their impressive offerings with 100% organic hemp. By using the cleanest extraction methods, the finest hemp, and simple, effective formulations. As a result, NuLeaf Naturals has worked its way into the hearts and homes of countless CBD enthusiasts.

You have undoubtedly heard of NuLeaf Naturals and if you have, you are in for a real treat! Our customers love this impressive company and we do, too, so we decided it would be a good idea to explore the history of NuLeaf Naturals and share the awesome story behind how they rose to the top. We will also take a look at some of the products offered by NuLeaf Naturals, how they are made, and what makes them so amazing!

The History Of NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals was founded in 2014 by a group of like minded, health-conscious plant aficionados with a dream of paving the way for the emerging CBD industry. This company has been focused on making the purest possible products since the beginning, and uses only the best ingredients to do so.

This company has two primary goals: Craft a line of clean, effective cannabidiol-infused products that promote physical and mental wellness. 2. Help people and their beloved pets live happier healthier lives. NuLeaf Naturals have far surpassed their initial goals and has developed into one of the most prominent CBD manufacturers on the planet.

Since the time of their conception NuLeaf Naturals has been the recipient of many accolades and awards. Being named #11 in the Inc. 5000 awards list has put NuLeaf Naturals in an elite group of recipients including Microsoft, Patagonia, Jamba Juice, and Pandora. NuLeaf Naturals has also been named the Inc. 5000 #1 company in Denver, #1 in the top Colorado companies, and #3 in consumer products and services. This kind spectacular recognition must be earned, and NuLeaf Naturals has most certainly done so.

Organic Hemp

Growing organic isn’t easy and neither is the certification process that goes along with it, but that doesn’t dissuade NuLeaf Naturals. This company is committed to bringing their customers the best that nature has to offer and makes a great effort to ensure that all of the hemp used in their products is non-GMO, 100% organic, and of the highest quality.

All of the organic hemp used in NuLeaf Naturals products is grown in the rich soil of Colorado by a highly qualified team of experts who use the most ethical and sustainable farming practices possible. This is not standard practice in the world of CBD and goes to show how truly committed NuLeaf Naturals is to their customers’ wellbeing.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Plenty of CBD companies choose to offer extremely diverse product lines, and while this may sound like a good thing, it often distracts from focus on the individual products and it is not uncommon for their quality to suffer because of this. One of the things that really sets NuLeaf Naturals apart is the quality of their formulations and this is achieved by developing a more focused line of full spectrum products including tinctures and soft-gels.

NuLeaf Naturals focuses on offering the best full-spectrum CBD products around and they do a fantastic job at it. By using proprietary genetics this impressive company is able to produce hemp extracts that have high concentrations of beneficial compounds. These products are particularly rich in cannabidiol, terpenes, amino acids, and other valuable compounds. If you are after the coveted “entourage effect”, this is a company that definitely needs to be on your radar.

CO2 Extracted

Many companies use butane or ethanol as solvents in their extractions but this can leave undesirable residue and that is something NuLeaf Naturals just won’t stand for.

To ensure that their formulations are as clean and pure as possible, NuLeaf Naturals uses on-site CO2 extraction methods to create all of their products. CO2 extractions are generally regarded as the cleanest, most efficient way to transfer desirable compounds from the raw hemp plant to a resulting extract oil. This is just one of the many reasons NuLeaf Naturals tincture oils are so wildly popular.


One of the things that really helps set NuLeaf Naturals apart is their seed-to-shelf approach. This company has incredibly high standards for their products and wants to make sure that they are up-held through the entirety of the manufacturing process. From the time the hemp seeds are planted in the rich soil of Colorado to the time they are put on the market, NuLeaf Naturals is there making sure their products are the absolute best they can be.

This company has proven time and time again that they are undyingly dedicated and wholly capable of producing some of the finest full-spectrum hemp extracts on earth, so when you are ready to treat yourself to a truly premium CBD experience, you need to check out NuLeaf Naturals.