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CBD drinks are on the rise, and whether you’re looking for a strong CBD coffee or need tips on where to buy CBD water, CBD.co is the place to be. Many of the respected CBD brands we’ve partnered with offer drinkable products and provide detailed lab reporting in order to meet strict quality guidelines.

Drinking CBD provides absorption benefits that other ingestion methods do not, and there’s nothing quite like reaching into your fridge for a chilled CBD shot or enjoying some CBD with your morning coffee. There’s a surprising variety of CBD drinks currently being sold on the market, and CBD.co has amassed a huge array of these products within our digital marketplace.

Remember that you get free shipping with every order you place at CBD.co, regardless of the order total. We conveniently provide lab test results for each product right on the product page. If you have any questions throughout the shopping process, don’t hesitate to let us know, and enjoy this list of the seven CBD drink products at CBD.co that we adore the most.


CBD protein powder simply makes sense. Adding cannabidiol to the other ingredients that make up a protein shake offers its effects to your favorite post-gym treat. Creating Better Days has succeeded in making a CBD protein shake mix that’s filled with natural ingredients and the nutrients you need to bulk up or lose weight.

This excellent CBD protein powder mix includes 300mg of CBD total. There are 18 servings per canister, and each serving contains 16mg of CBD and 17g of protein. It’s common to come across surprisingly skimpy concentrations of CBD as you peruse the market, and low concentrations are even more common with drinkable products. For this product, Creating Better Days provides a greater amount of CBD per serving than many others would without reducing your protein intake.

This Creating Better Days protein powder comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, so you aren’t stuck with a single taste option. It’s rare enough to see CBD-infused protein powder at all, so the fact that this product is available in multiple flavors makes the deal even sweeter.

Independent lab reports are provided for both flavor options. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Creating Better Days or the products this brand offers, please let us know. You should be as informed as possible before you make any CBD purchasing decisions, and we want to empower you with all the expert knowledge at our fingertips.


In order to suspend CBD in water, nanotechnology is employed and breaks down CBD oil into individual cannabidiol molecules. Sativa Water states that each bottle of its CBD-infused water contains around 5,000,000ng of CBD, which is the equivalent of about 25mg. That’s a pretty hefty concentration, and we are pleased that Sativa Water is familiar with all the terminology related to this sub-sector of the drinkable CBD market. You need to be knowledgeable about the products you’re making to ensure that they’re safe for consumers to use. You’d be surprised to learn just how many companies outside of our network have done little to nothing to learn about the safety or purity of the products they were trying to sell.

Aside from containing CBD, this unique product from Sativa Water looks and tastes just like any other bottle of water. Each bottle packs plenty of CBD, however, and here at CBD.co, you can get your Sativa Water as either a six-pack or 12-pack.

Each bottle contains one liter of liquid in total, and the pH of the water has been increased to 9.5 to counter acidity. Most importantly, Sativa Water provides third-party lab reports for its CBD-infused water. If you’re at all skeptical about trying CBD water for the first time, looking over these lab reports might provide you with the reassurance you need.


What is CBD coffee? Good question. While putting coffee and CBD together might seem counter-intuitive at first, these two substances actually blend perfectly. Most CBD coffee products, however, are just as inconvenient as the  whole-bean coffee blends that you have to grind up and keep from spilling everywhere.

Many consumers these days have grown accustomed to their pod coffee makers, and it’s true that these coffee machines are undeniably efficient and simple. Finally, someone realized the genius of making CBD coffee pods, and Creating Better Days has since jumped on the idea with its Rise n’ Relief CBD pods.

There are 12 pods per box, and each pod contains 10mg of CBD. They are compatible with all of the major pod machines currently being manufactured. Creating Better Days uses a Brazilian blend for its coffee base and employs nanotechnology to make its CBD more bioavailable. Generally speaking, CBD oil doesn’t bind well with coffee, but by using a nanotechnology process to better break the hemp extract down, you can create the perfect CBD coffee combo.

Creating Better Days provides independent test results for its coffee CBD product. You will appreciate the fact that this company clearly went out of its way to research and obtain the best types of coffee for its product. It would’ve been just as easy to choose an inferior coffee blend, but as always, this brand shows a dedication to excellence that has launched it into stardom.


Made by legendary CBD company Allo, this Bean & Bud CBD coffee product doesn’t hold back when it comes to concentration or coffee quality. The Rise coffee variety is incredibly popular with our customers, and it perfectly complements the other coffee flavors and blends this hemp brand offers.

When you’re in the mood for a strong arabica blend and want to enjoy some CBD at the same time, this is the perfect bag to reach for on your pantry shelf. You’ll love the aroma of freshly ground coffee combined with the knowledge that you’re about to enjoy some CBD with your morning helping of caffeine. Make sure to share with your friends and family so that everybody gets to experience this incredible mixture of CBD and coffee.

Each bag contains 320mg of CBD, and you’re in control when it comes to how strong or weak you want your coffee to be. That’s the beauty of grinding your own beans; nobody else has power over how much caffeine or CBD you pack into a cup or mug.

Keep in mind that Rise isn’t the only coffee variety that Allo offers. You might want to try each of this brand’s CBD-infused coffee blends, or you might prefer to combine coffee from a few different CBD companies into a single powerhouse cart. Pick up some CBD-infused coffee pods for the office, and throw in a bag or two of Allo whole coffee beans to enjoy at home.


What is CBD water? Even though it’s an oil, it’s possible to infuse CBD-rich hemp extract into pure water, and the resulting CBD product category is highly convenient and all-natural. The CBD alkaline water from Blue Label CBD is one of the best options on the market currently, alkalized for your safety and enjoyment.

With only 5mg of CBD per bottle, you might want to combine your Blue Label CBD water with some of the high-concentration options we offer here at CBD.co. At the same time, the novelty of enjoying CBD and water together might make those 5mg go further than you’d think.

Blue Label CBD truly succeeds by providing a price point that more closely matches the cost of an average artisanal water product at a natural food store. Rather than standing out as the priciest option on the market, Blue Label CBD is remarkably affordable, making it a great entry-level product for anyone who’s interested in trying CBD water for the first time.

At this point, brands that don’t provide independent lab testing are the ones that stick out in today’s CBD market. Blue Label CBD has adjusted well to these requirements by providing batch-specific lab reports. As is the case with many other companies, their reports are necessary for us to guarantee that their products are safe for our customers to purchase. Every brand that wants to offer their products on CBD.co has to go through a stringent vetting process in which we check for the proper paperwork and perform an overall brand assessment. If a brand doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll move on. There are so many great CBD companies out there, it’s only right that we select those that will provide our customers with the best blend of quality and safety. 


CBDfx is known for its unique product formulations, and this Berry Chill CBD Shot delivers fully on the brand’s promise to always push the limits of what’s possible. There are few brands that offer the dedication to excellence that has made CBDfx a household name, and this drinkable CBD product does the company proud with a blend of natural ingredients and appealing hemp concentration.

Most companies go the route of offering dry mixes that can be added to water or other drinks. That’s probably because it’s hard to create flavored drinks that can be preserved for long periods of time before they are consumed. CBDfx has cracked the code, however, and this Chill Shot is the proof. With 20mg of full spectrum CBD per shot, this product offers a relatively high CBD concentration for the price. When you learn more about the CBD oil that goes into CBDfx products, however, your amazement with what this brand can accomplish only increases.

CBDfx keeps track of its hemp cultivation process from start to finish, providing you with important insight on the agricultural portion of the CBD production process. It’s easy to forget that certain substances in the soil, fertilizers, and pesticides used on some hemp crops end up in the CBD oil that is later extracted. Some of these substances might be harmful if consumed, so you want to avoid this issue as often as possible. Using organic cultivation processes, CBDfx is able to eliminate the risk of contaminants ending up in your CBD oil.

If you’re looking for lab test reports, CBDfx provides them in spades, and you’ll love the fact that you can get your Chill Shots either individually or as a six-pack. CBD.co provides free shipping on US orders, so even if you want to just pick up a single shot right now, you can do so without paying any shipping charges.


Green Roads CBD takes its coffee seriously. This company knows exactly where its beans are sourced, and it even knows which flavors and aromas you’ll experience the first time you brew a cup of delicious CBD coffee. Each bag of Green Roads CBD coffee contains 500mg of CBD, which is significantly more than many competitors offer. You’ll pay a slightly higher price for the extra CBD in your coffee, but it is certainly worth it to have a little bit of additional cannabidiol in your cup every morning.

Green Roads CBD even knows what elevation its coffee was grown at: 1200-1600 feet! If you’re as much of a coffee connoisseur as you are a CBD enthusiast, then this is the cannabidiol coffee product for you. It’s clear that the team at Green Roads CBD is composed of true coffee purists, and this company has created a coffee product made for those who truly know how to appreciate a properly roasted bean.

As with all our products at CBD.co, test results for this coffee can be found directly on the product page. Transparency is one of our top priorities, as is the safety of our consumers. We want to hear about your experiences using CBD drinks, and we’d love to know if there’s a brand you love on our site whose CBD drink product didn’t make it onto our list!

Bottoms up at CBD.co

What are CBD drinks? It depends on who you ask, but generally you could consider any combination of cannabidiol and a beverage to be a CBD drink. Here at CBD.co, we believe that CBD water and other CBD-infused drinks should be safe, tested, and contain natural ingredients. Here are the answers to a few quick questions that might be on your mind as you reach the end of this guide:

What do CBD-infused drinks do?

Drinks with CBD follow a similar process to those of CBD edibles and tincture oils. As you consume your CBD beverage, it will begin to be absorbed through the lining of your digestive tract. This process doesn’t reach full speed until about 30-45 minutes later, since it’s forced to go through your body before reaching its final destination. Keep in mind that anything you ingest orally passes through your liver before it reaches your other organs, resulting in a milder effect than other CBD products such as tincture oils. To expedite the process a bit, let the drink sit in your mouth for a moment so that some of it can be absorbed sublingually.

How does CBD oil interact with coffee?

CBD oil generally doesn’t interact much, if at all, with many other liquids. For CBD drinks, the oil undergoes a process that forces it to become more bioavailable, breaking it down enough that it interacts better with things like water and coffee. The blending of the two major components of these coffee products is so complete that you often won’t even realize that there’s any CBD in your drink until you feel its effects.

How much CBD water should I drink?

That’s up to you. The FDA has not established guidelines for CBD consumption, so we suggest that you experiment until you find the amount that works best for you. Since CBD has not been shown to have any serious side effects, feel free to experiment to your heart’s content. Remember, however, that CBD is known to interact with certain medication. Consider consulting with your doctor before you consume one of these products if you are currently on any prescription drugs.

CBD Drinks: The Bottom Line

CBD.co boasts one of the largest inventories of high-quality CBD drinks on the internet. By pooling together everything that top CBD brands have to offer, we are able to pass their value onto you, as well as the perks of free shipping and excellent customer service. Put together the CBD cart of your dreams today, and use the exclusive coupon code “blog10” to save 10% on your order!