4 Must-Try Fall CBD Recipes

This summer was a hot one, but things are cooling down and it’s finally time for fall! As the summer sun starts to subside and air begins to chill, there’s nothing better than cozying up by the fire with something spiced. Whether you love warm, sugary desserts or want nothing more than to relax by the fire with a hot cup of cider, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll teach you how to make some of the most delicious CBD-infused treats imaginable. Each of the recipes on our list was selected for its spice, simplicity, and overall deliciousness. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quiet evening alone or you want to impress a special someone, you’re going to love what we have in store for you!

Fall is Here and it’s Time to Spice Things Up!

The fall season is a favorite for many. Days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color, and the weather is down right gorgeous. The summer sun is great, but after a long hot season, most people are more than ready to cozy up by the fire.

There is a lot to love about the fall season, but one of the best parts is definitely the delicious treats we get to enjoy. Your favorite coffee shop suddenly has an array of spiced drinks to choose from, the local grocery stores are packed with goodies, and your oven gets more use than any other time of year. Fall is great, but there is one ingredient missing from some peoples fall recipe book – CBD.

It doesn’t get much better than chilly nights and tasty treats. There are a bunch of fantastic fall recipes to enjoy by the fire, so narrowing it down is a bit difficult. We could have easily written an entire cookbook of fall CBD recipes! Selecting just four recipes to highlight was difficult, so we decided to go with the classics. If you love indulging in spicey fall delights, you’re going to love these recipes!

PRO TIP: Try mixing it up and using a CBD+Mushroom tincture for added benefits!

Pumpkin Spice CBD Latte

Nothing says fall like a steaming hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee. This recipe has simple ingredients and is easy to make, so you can enjoy this one daily. Whether fall is in full swing or we’ve transitioned to the cold of winter, a hot pumpkin spice CBD latte always does the trick.


  • CBD Coffee
  • 1.5 Cups Milk
  • 1 Can Pumpkin Puree
  • 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Whipped Cream
  • .2 grams of CBD Isolate Powder

How It’s Made

  1. Put the milk, sugar, pumpkin puree, vanilla extract and pumpkin spice into a pot and allow it to simmer.
  2. Brew a strong pot of CBD coffee. You want this to be slightly stronger than usual because it will be diluted by the other ingredients.
  3. Pour the CBD coffee into 2 mugs and mix in the spiced milk.
  4. Top with whipped cream and garnish with .1 grams of CBD isolate powder per mug.

Spiced CBD Cake

When you want the ultimate fall dessert, it doesn’t get much better than warm spice cake. This might be the most comforting treat on our list. There’s just something special about the simplicity of this recipe and the delicious, spicy results that it yields. This spice cake is moist, sweet, spiced, and if that wasn’t comforting enough – it’s loaded with CBD!


  • Eggs
  • 1 Cup Shredded Apple
  • Applesauce
  • Salt
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Fall Spices (Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves)
  • 1 Tbsp Molasses
  • CBD Oil
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cream Cheese Frosting
  • CBD Isolate Powder

How It’s Made

  1. Mix all dry ingredients
  2. Mix all wet ingredients but leave out oil
  3. Combine all ingredients and pour them into a 9×13 pan.
  4. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until top is golden brown
  5. Once fully cooked, allow the cake to cool for 15-20 minutes
  6. Garnish with cream cheese frosting and a pinch of CBD isolate powder

Apple Strudel Alla CBD

Looking to indulge in the decadence of the fall season? Well, there’s no finer choice than a sweet, calming, apple strudel. This dessert is the perfect way to delight your taste buds and impress guests. Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious indulgence, but you get to bask in all the wonderful benefits that CBD has to offer!


  • Apples
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Coarse Sugar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Flour
  • Raisins
  • Puff Pastry
  • CBD Oil

How It’s Made

  1. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and preheat to 400 Degrees
  2. Chop apples
  3. Combine dry ingredients with lemon juice, vanilla, CBD oil, and apples.
  4. Roll out puff pastry dough
  5. Spread the filling evenly along the center length of the puff pastry
  6. Close the pastry by gently folding the sides and pinching them together in the center.
  7. Brush the closed pastry with egg wash
  8. Sprinkle a pinch of Coarse sugar over the top
  9. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until golden brown
  10. Allow pastry to cool for 15 to 20 minutes
  11. Lightly brush pastry with CBD oil
  12. Serve and enjoy!

CBD Cider

There are a bunch of tasty fall drinks, but nothing compares to CBD apple cider. An apple cider is an absolute classic, but adding CBD to the mix takes things to a whole new level. Not only is this a comforting drink, but many find that the addition of CBD also makes it perfectly calming. If you’re looking for the perfect drink to celebrate fall, you’re going to love CBD cider!


  • Apples
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Water
  • CBD Oil

How It’s Made

  1. Place all ingredients in a slow cooker
  2. Add enough water to cover all fruit
  3. Cook for 7-8 hours
  4. Use a large spoon to mash fruit
  5. Allow the mash to simmer for an additional hour or so
  6. Strain out mash with cheese cloth or equivalent
  7. Serve warm or allow to cider to cool and serve chilled

If you’re looking to celebrate fall with some tasty treats,

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