3 Hemplucid Reviews That Wowed Our Staff

Hemplucid CBD is a company that prides itself on its heightened degree of integrity. If you look at their website, they declare themselves to be all about manufacturing pure products that help people “experience life again.” They are also committed to complete transparency, never hiding any crucial information about products from their loyal customer base.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “lucid” as “bright or luminous,” or something that is “expressed clearly” or “easy to understand.” Being lucid means you’re on point; you’re sharp, true to your word. Lucid things are more worthy of your trust that others, because of their transparency.

In that regard, Hemplucid is true to their name, and then some. They are lucid to the utmost degree. This is a company that is helping to blaze trails and lead the way when it comes to cannabidiol products, offering a selection of tinctures, topicals and edibles that put the competition to shame.

Don’t believe us? All you need to do is take one look at their website and see that the vast majority of their product reviews err on the positive end of the spectrum. There’s a reason for that: the folks at Hemplucid are committed not only to transparency, but to consistency and conceptual audacity as well. They are providing their customers with dependably well-made, effective and reliable products, while concurrently helping to expand and redefine the parameters of what CBD is and what it can do for you.

Enough from us, though. Here are three reviews for Hemplucid products that simply wowed our staff:

Hemplucid’s Kalki medium chain triglyceride oil is a CBD product that is designed to be ingested sublingually, and it provides a strong, soothing effect. Just ask Shaina Z., who claimed that this product provided her with “everything she needed.” She appreciates the effort Hemplucid has put in to provide her with a product that possess only very trace amounts of THC!

Shaina Z. wasn’t the only Hemplucid customer who was pleased by this wonderful CBD product. Adolfo G. also sang the praises of this product in his more succinctly worded review, in which he called the oil “very pleasant and effective.” Hey, if you can say more with less – why not, right? In any case, Adolfo G. didn’t feel the need to mince words or lay on the superfluous verbiage – he keeps it straight, simple and utterly to the point. We like Adolfo’s style almost as much as we believe you’ll like this MCT oil – which is a lot.

If you’re someone who is partial to the CBD gummy vibe, Hemplucid is looking out for you as well. Case in point: these whole plant gummies, which provide a pure, refreshing blast of cannabidiol goodness in sugary, sweet edible form. This product comes in a bottle that contains thirty gummies in total, with 25mg of CBD per gummy – a more than reasonable amount for a gummy!

But hey, don’t take it from us – take it from Cal R., whose review headline claims that Hemplucid has created the “best CBD gummies.” According to Cal, these gummies were so delicious that he could “honestly eat them all day,” which is totally understandable, when you consider that Hemplucid’s gummies lack the strong aftertaste that other CBD products possess. In the end, he gave this gummy product a five star review – which ain’t too shabby, if you ask us.

Suffice to say, our staff at CBD.co was quite impressed with these reviews. It’s can be useful to take the word of customers over the company itself, although Hemplucid certainly prides itself on being honest and not blowing any proverbial smoke regarding the integrity of what they manufacture.

Let’s be honest: the CBD world can at times be full of misinformation. It can be hard to know what’s a genuinely good product, but if you are diligent and committed to seeking out the truth, you’ll find it.

At CBD.co, we pride ourselves on integrity and transparency – two core values that we happen to share with Hemplucid. Reading reviews from ordinary, hardworking folks who have no personal stake in the CBD industry itself helps to give us a clearer idea of what people want and look for in these kinds of products. We’re hoping it provides some insight for you too.

If you have any questions based on the reviews themselves – or anything we’ve brought up in this post – be sure to pay a visit to Hemplucid’s super helpful and easy-to-navigate website, or to check out their products on CBD.co; we carry topical products, edibles, concentrates and much, much more!