10 Best Candy Products on CBD.co

Really, there’s nothing like a sweet product infused with high-grade cannabidiol. Of course, there’s no fuss when it comes to them; you just eat ‘em! It’s definitely preferable to setting up complicated vape devices and dab rigs (the latter to be used with CBD concentrate, of course). Those, as we all know, can be a royal pain in the neck. These CBD-infused products also lack the strange aftertaste of some (but not all) tinctures. In other words, they are one of the most fun and annoyance-free ways of enjoying CBD – plus, it’s a way to satisfy your cannabidiol craving and your sweet tooth at the same time!

CBD.co is proud to feature no shortage of supremely tasty, naturally crafted and entirely affordable brands of CBD products. For those of you that are having a tough time selecting from our inventory, here are ten of our favorites from the site!

#1. Funky Farms’ Tropical Fruit CBD Gummies

These Tropical Fruit Gummies are abundant in clarity and quality, and frankly, their flavor profile is similar to that of a boozy fruit punch cocktail – without the booze, of course. One bite of this magical gummy and you’ll start to feel the sand between your toes, the crisp ocean air filling your nostrils, and the sounds of lapping waves in the distance. Worry not, though – you’re 100% not hallucinating. These delectable gummies are, of course, entirely bereft of THC. That means no buzz, no fuss; just straight-up, untainted CBD purity.

#2. Kat’s Naturals White Chocolate Hemp Bar

There are many of us out there who prefer the dazzling taste of white chocolate to ordinary, run-of-the-mill milk chocolate. Lo and behold, the smart cookies at Kat’s Naturals have discovered one of the only ways to improve on the white chocolate formula: add a frosty flourish of winter peppermint, plus 100mg of full spectrum CBD. The result is a chocolate confection that will have you feeling like it’s Christmas all year round.

#3. CBD Gummy Variety Pack from Creating Better Days

Remember when you were a kid, and getting a variety pack of delicious gummies was the greatest thing you could imagine for yourself? Well, Creating Better Days is here to replicate that sensation for CBD-loving adults with an assortment of out-of-this-world fruit flavors. Sink your teeth into a sour bear, chew on a sour worm or dig this brand’s plummy watermelon slices – it’s all there in this one-of-a-kind Variety Pack.

#4. CBD-Infused Gummies from Pinnacle Hemp

Gummy rings are great for a number of reasons. They typically contain many flavors. You can twirl them around your finger. On a basic level, they’re aesthetically pleasing in addition to being delicious. Pinnacle Hemp is operating at the top of the CBD game, and these Gummy Rings are a perfect example of why that’s the case. The CBD in this product isn’t full spectrum, but Pinnacle has compensated for that with an abundance of bold, zesty taste.

#5. Kicks Chocolate Chews from Dixie Botanicals

Everybody who loves chocolate knows the feeling of guilt that comes with scarfing down a calorie-rich, king-sized chocolate bar after lunch. Sure, it tastes like the greatest thing in the world for a few seconds. But, y’know, you’re really not supposed to ingest all that gloriously unhealthy choco-goodness at once. Those who prefer to parcel out their chocolate bites in small, manageable sizes will want to check out these wonderful Kicks Chocolate Chews from the CBD savants at Dixie Botanicals. Each $50 bottle contains thirty mouthwatering and delightful chocolate chews – and typically, one or two of these chews per day is more than enough!

#6. CBD Edible Gummy Slices PM by Proleve

We don’t know about you guys, but here at CBD.co, we’re pretty much useless without at least six to seven hours of sleep. Not getting enough rest is a real hassle that we’ve all had to deal with from time to time. Proleve’s Edible Gummy Slices – available in 25mg and 50mg bottles – is filled with melatonin, a natural sleep aid that helps to lull you into a state of tranquil slumber. Oh, and the gummies also happen to be super tasty. Would you believe us if we told you this product was vegan and gluten-free as well?

#7. Almond Coconut Carob Truffley Treats by The Feels

This is for the boujee CBD lover in your life – or maybe even for you, if you keep an open mind. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being fancy and treating yourself every once in a while. Almonds, silky carob goodness, transcendent truffle majesty; and it just so happens to be made with entirely natural and organic ingredients? I mean, do we really need to further explain to you why this product made the list?

#8. CBD Blackberry Gummies from Wyld CBD

These vegan, gluten-free gummies have a light, piquant blackberry flavor that comes from real fruit – not the typical onslaught of grocery-store artificial preservatives. Blackberries just so happen to be high in fiber and vitamin C, on top of being an excellent source of multiple other items that our bodies love! When something tastes this great, the concentrated portion of full spectrum CBD that comes with it is merely an added (but not unwelcome) bonus.

#9. Peanut Butter Carob Truffley Treats by The Feels

This one is for folks who crave the heavenly alchemy of chocolate and peanut butter. Technically, this is carob mixed with coconut sugar, which is actually a lot like milk chocolate, but better in many ways. Each product contains fifteen milligrams of pure, organic CBD isolate, with absolutely no dairy or caffeine. It’s not a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – if we’re being honest, it’s much, much better than the Reese’s products that you know and love!

#10. CBD Pineapple Gummies from Soji Health

It simply doesn’t get better than these pineapple-flavored pieces of gummy goodness from Soji, who make some of the best CBD-infused products currently on the market. Each gummy comes coated in a generous layer of crystallized cane sugar, with the scrumptious essence of pineapple coming through full-force in each bite. One of these a day is generally a solid amount – which, at twenty dollars for a jar of fifteen high-potency gummies, is quite a deal!

These are the top 10 CBD-infused products in their respective category on CBD.co. Feel free to pick up each of them, and don’t be afraid to browse the rest of our massive product catalogue to find more items that you think you’ll love!