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CBD companies craft CBD gummies with all-natural hemp extract and delicious fruit flavors! Each type of CBD gummy offers a simple, convenient way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD.

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What Are CBD Gummies?

As one of the most popular wellness supplements on the market, CBD gummies have grown to become a household name (and a large piece of the billion-dollar hemp industry!). But what are CBD gummies? CBD gummies are edible, fruit-flavored chews that contain hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not quite. CBD gummies can also carry a wide variety of healthful ingredients. These ingredients work to deepen sleep, enhance energy, or fortify immunity, all while complementing CBD’s patented wellness benefits.** So, there are many, many different types of CBD gummies to choose from; don’t worry, we have all the best ones!


How to Use CBD Gummies?

You might not know how to use CBD gummies if it’s your first time using them. Let’s give you a little crash course on how to get the most out of your delicious CBD gummies of choice!


  • First, look at the ingredients in your gummy.
  • If the gummy has sleep ingredients like melatonin or CBN, take it a couple of hours before bed.
  • If the gummy has energizing ingredients like caffeine or L-tyrosine, take it a couple of hours before focused work.
  • A general serving of CBD is between 25mg and 50mg.
  • Wait around 30 minutes to two hours after taking a CBD gummy to feel its calming effects.
  • Take daily to create better results. As with any wellness supplement, consistency is key.

Top-Selling Brands & Products

Searching for the best CBD gummies starts with finding the right brand. We’ve already done that hard work for you! Here are three of our favorite CBD gummy companies.


As a leader in the CBD market, CBDfx has one of the more diverse collections of CBD gummies. Their CBD gummies boast cleanly extracted broad spectrum CBD and come in an array of formulas. CBDfx uses simple, vegan ingredients and natural sweeteners to make delicious gummies with wellness-boosting benefits.** Whether customers are looking for their first CBD gummies or experienced users want to try something new, we always recommend CBDfx CBD Gummies.

Canna River

Another fantastic choice, for new and experienced CBD enjoyers, is Canna River. Known for their THC-heavy gummies, tinctures, and vapes, Canna River also caters a selection of their products to adults who want to only experience CBD’s wellness-based benefits.** Canna River CBD Gummies include four flavors, each made with broad spectrum CBD alongside other healthful ingredients.

Charlotte’s Web

Known for their full and broad spectrum CBD products, Charlotte’s Web makes some of the highest-quality, purest CBD-infused gummies on the market. Their attention to detail at each stage of the process, from seed to supplement, rivals only a few other top-tier CBD brands. Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies come in five blends that utilize several wellness-enriching ingredients to complement CBD’s natural benefits on the mind and body.**

Breakdown of Best-Selling CBD Gummies

Here is a helpful chart summarizing key aspects of these CBD brands and their gummies.


Brand Mg of CBD per serving $ per CBD Gummies
CBDfx 25-50mg Starting at $9.49
Canna River 25-100mg $34.99
Charlotte’s Web 15-25mg $44.99

Why Buy CBD Gummies From CBD.co?

At CBD.co, we want to cut through the noise and introduce you to CBD brands that fit your wellness goals. That’s why we’ve hand-selected these CBD companies. Each one follows strict gold-standard practices—and publishes third-party lab tests to prove it. Here, you can find a mix of brand-name and up-and-coming CBD companies, all offering something unique. Plus, when you shop at CBD.co, you can enjoy competitive pricing, real-time product comparisons, discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions—all while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

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