4 Exciting Hempzilla Pod Flavors You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Hempzilla is one of the hottest brands in the CBD industry and offers customers a pure, compound-rich CBD experience unlike anyone else.

Thankfully, we happen to have an “in” with this insanely popular brand and carry four delicious Hempzilla pod flavors that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

We feel pretty special about that, and you should too, because we are all about making incredible CBD products available to our beloved customers. If we have access to an amazing line of CBD products, then so do you, because we love you.

This company offers a variety of impressive products from CBD tinctures and lotions to muscle gels and vape kits, and while all of these products are amazing and should definitely be on your “must-have” list, these four exclusive flavors of Hempzilla pods we have in store for you are going to knock your socks off.

4. Berry Wild Gelato

There is no feeling grander than strolling the cobbled streets of Florence on a warm summer’s eve and stopping at an open-air gelateria. The indulgent taste of a cold gelato and accompanying sensation of wild berries igniting your taste buds as you watch the world pass gently in the night is an experience that is unlike any other.

Hempzilla has perfectly captured this enticing experience in their unbelievably delicious Berry Wild Gelato Hempzilla pod. This sweet, creamy vape pod allows the user to bask in the taste of an Italian escape without having to book a flight, check a bag, or listen to accordions.

Ok, the accordions are nice, but the rest is a hassle, and let’s face it, we can’t be on vacation all the time. So, when you are having a busy day at work or running the kids around, and you just can’t stop fantasizing about your next adventure, reach for one of these tasty pods, and take your taste buds on a trip to Italy.

3. Loop Milk

Saturdays are a pretty special day when you’re a kid. You are free from what you see as the 5-day prison of school, and you have the whole day to watch cartoons, play in the mud, swing from trees, or any number of other awesome things kids do.

No matter which magical activity you decided would consume your Saturday, they often started with a big bowl of sugary, Saturday-only cereal. These cereals were delicious, and the best part was the milk at the end.

Hempzilla is one of these companies that just nails it every time. Their Loop Milk flavored Hempzilla pod brings you an incredibly accurate, insanely tasty flavor that is sweet, fruity, creamy, and everything your inner-child could ever dream of.

While these sugar-filled cereals were delicious, they were only allowed occasionally for good reason. One of the truly awesome aspects of the Loop Milk zilla pod is that it is loaded with a huge variety of beneficial compounds and contains some of the purest, most effective CBD on the planet. This means you can treat your inner child to the perfect treat, and still be “adulting” at your best.

2. Strawberry Cream

Strawberries and cream go together like peas and carrots. The only difference is that strawberries and cream is a far more delicious combo. This is a fact, and even if you say you love vegetables more, we won’t believe you.

This incredible flavor perfectly captures the essence of biting into a fresh juicy strawberry covered in rich, freshly turned cream. You might feel like you’ve snuck into a creamery in the Bavarian countryside with a big bag of freshly picked strawberries, and let your indulgence get the best of you.

The Strawberry Cream vape pod is so tasty, you’ll almost feel like you’ve done something naughty. The kind of delicious that you remember forever and long to enjoy again and again.

If you love CBD and strawberries with cream is your thing, then you are going to fall head over heels in love with this delicious, highly effective vape pod from Hempzilla. You aren’t going to be able to find this delectable CBD pod anywhere else but right here.

1. Natural Hemp

Nature is a force to be reckoned with. It provides food, water, and everything necessary to sustain human life. It also provides us with an incredible amount of different colors, sensations, and flavors that help the human experience to be a rich and vibrant one.

Though all of the incredible zilla pod flavors are inspired by nature, the Natural Hemp option embraces it to its fullest. This powerful zilla pod offers users the opportunity to taste the best nature has to offer without manipulating or emulating flavors.

The raw, natural flavor of hemp is both unique and delicious. Many people prefer the subtle taste of natural hemp when they have an upset stomach and the thought of even the most delicious flavor is less than appealing.