Hempzilla - CBD Pod - Loop Milk Zilla Pods - 2pc-300mg


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Hempzilla - CBD Pod - Loop Milk Zilla Pods - 2pc-300

Welcome to the wild world of Hempzilla, where the CBD is pure and effective, and the delicious flavor of loop milk is abundant! This incredibly tasty Zilla Pod provides users with the delicious flavor of Saturday morning cereal time. Hempzilla’s perfectly crafted Loop Milk flavor profile embodies the freedom of no-school weekends, saturday morning cartoons, and outside play-time. Ignite your taste buds and take you on a trip down memory lane with this sweet, creamy zilla pod.


Hempzilla is committed to bringing their customers the absolute best products possible and only uses the finest hemp and the best botanical ingredients in all of their products. This two pack of Loop Milk Zilla Pods contains some of the most powerful compounds found in nature, and allows the user to indulge in both an incredible flavor profile, and the remarkable power of high-grade hemp extract. When you want to treat yourself to a sweet, creamy, and truly premium CBD vape experience, then you should reach for a Loop Milk Zilla Pod. These CBD vape pods are so incredibly tasty that we sell them in two packs so you can skip the hassle of ordering twice and save a bit of money as well.


How Its Made

One of the reasons that so many people love Hempzilla is because they put their customers' health and wellness first. This company is directly involved in the entirety of the manufacturing process so they can make absolutely certain that their incredibly high standard of excellence is being met every step of the way. From the time the carefully selected seeds are planted in the ground, to the time this product ships to a lucky customer, Hempzilla is there maintaining their diligent production practices.


The story of the Loop Milk Zilla Pod starts on highly qualified American farms. A team of experienced farmers plants the seeds, and uses the most ethical and sustainable practices possible to grow them into healthy compound-rich hemp plants. Once these plants have spent ample time in the sun and have grown to full maturity, they are harvested and carefully dired. Hempzilla uses a clean proprietary extraction technique that moves all the beneficial compounds from the raw hemp plant to the resulting extract. The hemp extract is then combined with botanical ingredients and formulated into these incredibly delicious Loop Milk pods.


Why Hempzilla Loop Milk Pods?

These pods are a great way to enjoy incredibly pure, remarkably effective CBD in the form of a delicious, highly compatible pod. Loop Milk is one of the most popular flavors of Zilla Pods, and depicts the flavor of the sweet milk at the end of a bowl of fruity cereal. This flavor profile will take your mind and taste buds on a trip to a more innocent, care-free time when you were just a kid and the freedom of saturday morning was a joy week after week. 


There is nothing quite like the memory of being a kid and waiting all week for saturday to come. This was the ultimate day of kid-freedom. Sunday couldn't quite compare because it is immediately followed by monday. Saturday mornings didn't have school, and they didn't have the potential sunday obligation of homework, it was just you and that delicious bowl of sugary cereal. Hempzilla Loop Milk Pods so accurately depict that Saturday morning bowl of sweet cereal, that you might just find yourself putting on some pajamas and turning on cartoons when it's vape time.


Carefully Selected Ingredients

It is hugely important to make sure that you are only putting the best ingredients into your body. Just about everything in our lives changes at some point, but you are stuck with your body for life, so treat it to the best botanical ingredients, and the purest CBD with Loop Milk Zilla Pods. Hempzilla cares deeply about their customers' well being, and makes the extra effort to only use the absolute best ingredients such as propelyne glycol and vegetable derived glycerin in these delicious Zilla Pods. When you want to treat yourself to the best ingredients nature has to offer, there is no better choice than Hempzilla Loop Milk Pods.


Third-Party Tested

Even though Hempzilla makes a great effort to produce these tasty pods to the highest manufacturing standards possible, they refuse to take any chances when it comes to the health and wellness of their customer. All of the Loop Milk Zilla Pods are sent to third-party laboratories where they are subject to rigorous and exhaustive quality testing. A team of highly qualified lab technicians analyzes each Zilla Pod to confirm their ingredients, purity, and potency. They also check to make absolutely certain that there are no heavy-metals, pesticides, or toxins of any sort present in these powerful and delicious zilla pods.


If you're looking to indulge in some seriously delicious CBD, Loop Milk Zilla Pods are an excellent choice!

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