Why is CBD So Expensive?

Cannabidiol is a powerful compound that comes from hemp plants, so why is CBD so expensive?

 Millions of people across the country use CBD daily to stay on top of their health and wellness. Everyone of them uses CBD for their own reasons and experience unique results, but one thing everyone can agree on is saving money.

Using CBD everyday can get expensive if you’re not shopping at the right place and only use the best products. You can buy single tinctures that cost upwards of $400. This sometimes leads people to believe they’re being overcharged. Cannabidiol comes from plants, so why is it so expensive?

What are The Costs Associated with Manufacturing CBD?

Manufacturing CBD products is far more expensive than most other plant products. It costs far more to make a gallon of CBD than it does to make a gallon of Orange juice. Many people never see behind the veil and can’t understand why CBD products cost what they do.

There’s a lot that goes into making quality CBD products. Some of which you probably wouldn’t even consider unless you were starting a CBD business. This article will provide you with clarity and a new appreciation for the efforts that go into making these powerful products.

Sourcing Quality Genetics

Every step of the manufacturing process is important, but the genetics a company starts with is a crucial piece in the puzzle.

Genetics can either be sourced or created. It takes years to create desirable hemp genetics and not all CBD companies want to invest the time. In this case, they will source their hemp seed from a third-party who has invested the time and money to create desirable genetics.

Purchasing seeds from a third-party is expensive, but not as expensive as creating your own genetics.

Some CBD manufacturers spend years cross-breeding plants until they’ve come up with a seed that yields powerful plants. This process involves growing a hemp plant to full maturity, mating it with another plant, waiting until the female produces seeds, then repeating the process countless times.

Growing Hemp on an Industrial Scale

Growing anything on an industrial scale is hard, but hemp is particularly difficult. Growing industrial hemp has only been legal since 2018. This means permits, zoning, and development aren’t going to come as easily.

There are strict federal guidelines that dictate how and where hemp can be grown. You can’t just buy a parcel of farmland and get to work. There are mountains of paperwork and a massive upfront investment.

Land Development

Developing land for growing hemp on an industrial scale is no easy feat. The land must be graded, the soil typically needs to be enhanced with nutrients, and the amount of water required is astounding. The development costs for a hemp farm are astronomical, and that’s just one of the reasons CBD is expensive.

Hemp farms typically need to be in remote locations. This also increases the cost of land development because heavy machinery, building materials, and workers all have to travel further.

Drying Facilities

Drying facilities are another big cost for CBD manufacturers and something the average person isn’t going to consider in their purchase. Drying hemp on an industrial scale requires a massive drying facility. Not only do these facilities need to fit large amounts of raw hemp, the plants need enough space to dry properly.

On top of all of that, drying facilities need to be outfitted with high-tech equipment that can monitor and regulate the temperature and humidity of the space. The next time you find yourself wondering why your favorite CBD is so expensive, try to imagine paying someone to build a drying facility, and you’re sure to feel better.

Extraction Equipment

The equipment used to extract CBD isn’t cheap. Some brands utilize ethanol or butane as the primary solvents, but more companies are moving to CO2 extractions. Supercritical CO2 produces clean, effective CBD that’s rich in beneficial cannabinoids.

CO2 extractions separate cannabinoids from the raw hemp by way of extreme fluctuating temperatures. Machinery capable of handling extreme temperatures and pressure must be made from high quality steel, which comes at quite a premium.

Laboratory Testing

Lab testing is the single most important part of manufacturing CBD products and must be done by ISO certified third-party labs. This is an ongoing cost for CBD companies and is certainly one of the contributing factors to the cost of CBD.

Could CBD be More Affordable?

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