What is Transdermal Absorption of CBD?

Though the most common method of utilizing CBD is through oral consumption, transdermal options have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness and ease of use. There are a variety of different CBD products such as lotions, balms, face masks, and bath salts that allow people to access the benefits of cannabidiol through the process of transdermal absorption.

While it is clear that people love the variety of products that utilize transdermal absorption as a method of delivering beneficial compounds to the body, there is still a fair amount of confusion amongst enthusiasts as to how this process works.

We aim to help clear up some of that confusion and provide you with a better understanding of how CBD makes it from your skin to your bloodstream and the benefits of utilizing the remarkably effective process of transdermal absorption.

An Overview Of How Transdermal Absorption Works

Transdermal absorption is the fascinating process in which your body absorbs compounds from the skin and moves them into the body to utilize any potential benefits. People interested in accessing the benefits of CBD often use transdermal applications to do so.

Hemp-infused topicals are applied to the skin and left on for a period of time. The skin steadily absorbs the beneficial compounds from the hemp extract and transfer them through the various layers of skin and eventually works them deep into your body.

Once these compounds have made it past the outer layers of skin they come into contact with endocannabinoid receptors and become bioavailable. Because the cannabinoids aren’t delivered through the bloodstream, transdermal absorption allows the user to target specific problem areas through accessing the endocannabinoid receptors in a direct and relatively selective way.

The Anatomy Of Skin And How It Pertains To CBD Absorption

You probably haven’t been in a biology class in awhile but it’s important to understand the anatomy of human skin in order to develop a full portrait of how the transdermal absorption of CBD works. Let’s take a quick look at the different layers of human skin and how they absorb hemp extracts.


The hypodermis is your innermost layer of skin. It is composed primarily of water, fat, and connective tissue. This layer connects your skin to your body and can be thought of as a sort of cushion for your insides. When you utilize CBD topicals they typically do not make it all the way down to the hypodermis.


The Dermis is the layer of skin that is sandwiched in between the hypodermis and epidermis. This layer is composed of a multitude of sensory cells, capillaries and nerves that help to send signals to the brain. The dermis is responsible for alerting us of sensations such as temperature, touch, and pressure.


The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin. This is the layer of skin that you actually see and where CBD topicals are applied. When hemp infused topicals are applied to the epidermis they are absorbed into pores and start working their way into the body. This is referred to as the transappendageal route of penetration.

This layer of skin varies in thickness. This layer of skin, for example, is thicker on your foot than it is on your torso. Applying CBD to places on your body that have thicker skin will require that you use an increased amount.

The epidermis is where all the CBD magic starts to happen. Once absorbed into the epidermis the CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors that exist in the skin and allow the user to access the benefits of cannabidiol.

Benefits Of Transdermal CBD

Utilizing CBD topicals and other transdermal products offer a number of benefits that help to make it an increasingly popular method of use. People love the effects and benefits they experience when using transdermal options, and find that these products are not only incredibly enjoyable, but they happen to be incredibly easy to use as well.

Transdermal CBD offers users the ability to target specific problem areas, use CBD with the utmost discretion, and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without ever having it enter their bloodstream. CBD topicals are soothing, rich in botanical ingredients, and allow the body extended exposure to a variety of beneficial compounds.

Finding The Right Transdermal CBD For You

Everyone’s after something different when it comes to CBD. Some people are interested in using CBD for chronic pain and others enjoy using CBD after a hard day at the gym or office. If you are interested in using CBD transdermally but aren’t sure which product is right for you, the best thing you can do is experiment.

First consider what you are using the product for, then decide on whether you want a topical, balm, facemask, or another type of formulation. Next, order the product and enjoy! CBD is 100% non-toxic so feel free to experiment and find the perfect transdermal CBD for you!