What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

Dogs and people were made for each other.

They are called “man’s best friend” for a reason; your dog is there for you. They are affectionate when you need it the most, are always happy to see you, and will follow you to the ends of the Earth if need be.

Our bond with our dogs is strong, and we want to be there for them just as they are for us. When your pooch is feeling a bit rough around the edges there is nothing quite as rewarding as helping them out with some CBD, and just like anything else you give your pup, we know that you want it to be the highest quality available.

There are a wealth of different CBD products on the market and with so much variety it can be difficult to know which one is going to be the best for your pup. Fortunately, if you are on the hunt to find the best CBD oil for dogs you’ve come to the right place! We happen to have the inside scoop and are happy to help you explore the wonderful world of dog CBD. So get comfy, pet your pooch, and let’s figure out the best CBD for your best friend!

What Is The Best Brand Of CBD Oil For Dogs

The best brand for your dog is the one that works best for them. That sounds like a fairly simple concept, but don’t let that fool you. Dogs can be finicky and each one has their own set of preferences when it comes to taste and potency. All dogs require different serving sizes based on their weight, and while one dog may love the salmon-flavored treats from a particular brand, they may also hate the same flavor from other brands.

Finding the best brand of CBD for your dog takes some experimentation, but it is 100% safe, and an incredibly rewarding endeavor for the both of you. That being said, there are plenty of reputable, top-tier brands such as CBDistillery and Be Well Dexter that come highly recommended from our customers and have a long track record of making fantastic dog CBD.

Though the “best” brand of dog CBD will ultimately be determined by personal preference, it would behoove you to check out some of the well-known brands you are already familiar with and see if they make a pet CBD that sounds appealing.

Best Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

When it’s time to treat your dog to the power of CBD, we know you only want pure, effective CBD that’s made with high-quality natural ingredients. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who overcomplicate their CBD formulations and add chemical preservatives or flavors. The best CBD for dogs is organic, and the best organic CBD is made with simple, effective ingredients.

When you are on the hunt to find the best organic CBD for your dog there are some things to look for that can help you narrow your options. First, look for products that are crafted with organic hemp. There are a lot of different brands claiming that they use organic hemp in their products, but if you can be certain this is true if they are USDA certified organic. Next, look for products that use co2 based extraction methods. This is an incredibly clean way to make hemp extracts and does not leave any sort of chemical residue.

What Is The Best CBD Oil Treats For Nervous Dogs

There is nothing worse than seeing your little buddy suffer from nerves. Dogs get set off by all kinds of different things. Some dogs freak out when there are fireworks, others feel nervous when there are newcomers in their domain, and some are just born to be little balls of nervous energy. This is one of the many things dog owners use CBD for.

Our customers tell us that when their dog is dealing with nerves, they find that CBD works wonders. Every dog is different so spend a bit of time experimenting with different brands, potencies, and formulations. When it comes to CBD-infused dog treats, one of the brands our customers really love is cbdMD. This company makes top-tier dog treats that are highly effective and made with the finest ingredients.

Size Matters

As much as people love to believe that size doesn’t matter, when it comes to pet CBD it most certainly does. The weight of your dog is one of the main factors in determining an appropriate serving size, and though this amount may vary between two dogs of the same weight, it is an important approximation to consider. If you have a 120lb German shepherd, they will require a larger serving size than a 10lb Chihuahua, so we put together a quick guide to help you figure out the appropriate size for your k-9 companion.

Best CBD Oil for Small Dogs

Small dogs typically range in size from about 2lbs to 15lbs and even in this small weight range, serving sizes can vary significantly. If your dog is on the smaller side of this spectrum, you should start with just .1mg and see how they feel. You can increase the surveying size as you see fit. A low dose in this weight range is considered anything from 0.1mg to 1mg while a high dose is somewhere between .5mg and 3.5mg.

Best CBD Oil for Medium Dogs

Your dog is typically considered a medium-sized dog if they’re between 20lbs and 60lbs. This is a broader weight range than you’ll see in the small dogs category and might require some experimentation to get the serving size just right.

If you want to start out with a lower dose for your medium-sized pooch it’s recommended that you go with a serving somewhere in the range of 1.0 to 3.0. For dogs that require a more potent helping of cannabidiol, try giving them between 3.75mg and 17.mg. Remember to pay attention to your dog’s reaction and adjust the serving size to fit their personal preference.

Best CBD Oil for Large Dogs

Just because your dog is huge doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to their serving size. Some big dogs require hearty doses of CBD to feel the effects, but plenty of them are happy with something that seems more like a serving for a medium-sized dog. Big dogs usually fall in the 70-150lb weight range.

Because this is such a broad range of weights, you will need to take extra time to try different serving sizes and find what works best. Small doses for this weight category are anywhere from 3.5mg to 7.5mg and high doses are considered to be anything ranging from 17.5mg to a whopping 37.5mg.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs Anxiety

Dogs get anxious just like people. No, they don’t need to worry about keeping a job or paying bills, but they do have things that make them anxious. Maybe your dog feels the burden of anxiety when going new places or meeting new people, maybe your neighbor Jim stresses them out or the busy sound of cars on your street sends them into an anxious fit.

Whatever the trigger is for their anxiety, our customers swear by the power of CBD to help. We are constantly being told by our customers how much they appreciate the results they see in their dog after utilizing CBD oil for their anxiety. CBD indirectly interfaces with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Your dog’s endocannabinoid system is a biological system that plays a crucial role in a variety of functions of the peripheral and central nervous systems.

If you want the best possible CBD for your dog’s anxiety, we recommend trying some of the organic options out there like Holy Leaf CBD Dog treats. These treats are packed with beneficial compounds from organic hemp plants and are made with a variety of top-tier ingredients.

One of the many nice things about providing them with a treat instead of a tincture is that it helps to distract them from the way they are feeling while providing them a hearty helping of CBD at the same time.

Chewy Treats and The Best CBD Oil For Dogs Chewing Excessively

It can be a real pain to live with a dog who chews excessively. They chew shoes, they chew shirts and homework, and they’ll even chew on themselves to a point where they do real damage. If your dog just can’t help but chew things excessively, CBD might be just the solution you’ve been dreaming of.

For dogs that love to chew, we recommend getting some extra chewy CBD treats. This will help satisfy their need to chew and provide them with an array of beneficial botanicals to calm the anxiety that drives them to chew in the first place. Kangaroo CBD has some truly wonderful, perfectly chewy options for the dog who just can’t stop. If you want to save your shoes, pick up a nice chewy CBD-infused dog treat for them to ravage.

What Brand Of CBD Is Best For Older Dogs Who Won’t Eat?

There are a ton of different enticing dog CBD products on the market and if you have an older dog who is having difficulty eating, we recommend exploring the variety of delicious CBD-infused dog treats available. Giving your dog a treat might be more enticing to them than their everyday food.

Plenty of dogs will let their food bowl sit there all day without finishing it, but when you give them a treat, they act as if they haven’t eaten in two weeks. Try treating your dog to a delicious bacon, or steak-flavored CBD treat. You might just find that they are more willing to eat a tasty treat than they are a typical boring meal.

Which CBD Oil Is Best For Dogs, Regular, or Full Spectrum?

There are a variety of formulations available for your dog and it can sometimes be difficult to decide whether you should pick up some broad-spectrum CBD, or a full-spectrum formulation. Both are highly effective and will provide your dog with a myriad of desirable compounds such as terpenes, amino acids, and cannabidiol.

The difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD is that the latter contains trace amounts of THC which helps all of the powerful compounds work synergistically to elicit the coveted “entourage effect”. If you want to treat your dog to the full range of beneficial compounds present in the hemp plant, you want full spectrum CBD. If you want to provide your pooch with an array of beneficial compounds without any THC at all, then broad spectrum is what you’re after.

Pick Up Some Pet CBD for Your Pooch!

People have been living with dogs for thousands of years. They are our friends, our co-workers, and overall, they are our companions. There is nothing worse than watching your dog suffer from pain, stress, or anxiety, but more and more people are realizing the effects that CBD can have on their precious pups and that’s a relief for everyone.

If your dog deals with chronic pain, gets stressed out at the drop of the hat, or is constantly dealing with bouts of anxiety, give CBD a try. These products are completely safe, 100% non-toxic and non-intoxicating, and have the potential to make a real difference in your dog’s daily life. Do your best friend a favor and pick them up a premium pet CBD. If they had thumbs and a debit card, they’d do it for you too.

If you are looking for the best CBD oil for dogs amazon isn’t going to be able to help you, but never fear because we have an incredible selection of the purest, most effective Dog CBD on the market at unbeatable prices right here at CBD.co!