CBD for Dogs vs CBD for Cats

Everyone who uses CBD knows how beneficial it can be, but not everyone knows that those benefits can be shared with their four-legged bestie. People use CBD products to help with a multitude of reasons. Some people use it to help with sore muscles and others use it when they’re feeling anxious.

These issues can be a real burden for people, but they can also be a pain for pets. Fortunately, CBD manufacturers keep our furry buddies in mind and offer a wide variety of pet CBD products to choose from.

Some people have dogs as their best friends, others prefer the company of cats. Luckily, there’s a CBD product for everyone! You can treat your kitty to some delicious salmon flavored treats or help your doggo feel its best savoury bacon flavored CBD treats. Check out this list of the best CBD dog treats for some inspiration! Not only does your pet get to enjoy the benefits of various cannabinoids, but they also get to indulge in a tasty snack!

If you’re a CBD user who has a pet, you’ve probably spent some time looking at CBD pet treats. While these seem like an obvious buy, some people feel a degree of hesitation simply because they don’t know enough about the products. Well, we aim to change that! In this article we’ll help you better understand the different types of CBD pet treats so you can treat your dog or cat to the relief they deserve!

What is Pet CBD?

There are tons of fantastic CBD formulations out there. Some people love gummies, others love topicals, and some generous individuals love nothing more than treating their beloved pet to a tasty serving of CBD. For some, pet CBD might be self-explanatory enough for them to go ahead and try it with their pet, but others need a bit more information before they feel confident. So, what exactly is Pet CBD?

Fortunately, these products are incredibly easy to understand. Pet CBD is made with the same quality of CBD used in products intended for humans. This means that if you were so inclined, you could sit around and chow down on CBD pet treats along with your cat or dog! The difference between CBD for pets and CBD for people is that pet CBD is made with flavors that your cat or dog is sure to love, but you might not. That being said, some of you might love salmon or cheeseburger flavored CBD. We aren’t here to judge, and if this is the case, it is perfectly fine for you and your pet to share.

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

Our pets are there for us through thick and thin. Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or recently discovered that your significant other left you for your cousin, you can trust that your pet will be there to comfort you. In return, you should do all you can to make your pet’s life easier as well.Animals deal with many of the same ailments that humans do. They get aching muscles, get stir crazy occasionally, and sometimes they even get anxious. Fortunately, your pet’s body has an endocannabinoid system much like yours. This means that CBD can offer them the same benefits that humans experience. CBD can provide a wealth of different benefits and it affects everyone differently. The only way to know what benefits your pet will experience with CBD is to give it a try!

CBD for Dogs

Many pet CBD products are designed for any pet but some have specific critters in mind. CBD for dogs is made especially for K9s. What does that mean? It means it has an appropriate concentration of cannabidiol for animals of this size. It also means that they’ve taken your pooches pallet into consideration when formulating the CBDs flavor profile.

CBD for dogs is made with flavors that dogs love. You can find everything from bacon flavored soft-chews to cheeseburger flavored CBD tinctures. Many people say that their dogs even love the unflavored formulations! If your pooch is suffering from anxiety, restlessness, or any number of issues, and you want a natural solution, you should certainly give CBD for dogs a try.

CBD for Cats

Cats can be fickle creatures. You might go out and buy the fanciest treats you can find and your kitty still might turn their nose up. Luckily, cats absolutely love CBD for cats. Not only do they get to enjoy a multitude of natural benefits, but they also get to indulge in a tasty snack.

CBD manufacturers know how picky felines can be and they work hard to ensure they are producing products that your pet will love. CBD cat treats are often crafted to taste like fresh salmon or blueberry apple-flax. Manufacturers know that your cat will only indulge itself in the most delectable flavors, and they aim to please!

If you’re interested in treating your pet to a premium CBD experience,

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