3 Reasons To Love CBD Soap

No matter what anyone tells you, not all soap products are created equal. Since showering is something most of us (hopefully) do every day, it’s important that the soap we use is actually engineered to do good for our body. Since habitually using cheap, sub-standard soap can lead to dry or irritated skin, it’s important to be intelligent and discerning about the kind of soap that you, the consumer, opt to use.

This is where CBD soap comes into the conversation. We all know that CBD can be enjoyed anytime, at home or with friends, and in the form of tinctures, edibles, concentrates and many more that are all listed here on our site. What many of our readers may or may not be fully aware of yet is that cannabidiol has been sewn into the fabric of the modern hygienic self-care routine through various topical, bath-based products. How else do you explain the prevalence of CBD lotions, shampoos and now, CBD soaps?

In any case, we are definitely not complaining. In fact, quite the opposite; we’re here to tell you why CBD soap is such an enticing alternative to the glut of boring, store-bought soaps that so many of us use without ever really thinking about it. We’ve tried to boil this argument down to three simple, easy-to-digest reasons:

#1. It’s Entirely Natural

A great many inferior soap products are created with unnatural additives so that they can be sold in abundant quantities for a so-so price. With handcrafted CBD soap, you don’t need to worry about any of those extra, useless ingredients. What’s more is that certain oils that one typically finds in CBD soap products – coconut oil comes to mind, as does Andreas seed oil – are designed to help moisturize your skin.

When you pay for CBD soap, you’re not just paying for the cannabidiol experience. You’re paying for an entirely organic product made with real love and care, designed so that you can tend to your skin with the affection that it deserves. If you need further proof of this claim, check out the Lavender-scented CBD Bath Soap from the hard-working folks at Holy Leaf. This is an amazing, 100% natural product made with integrity and no shortage of ingenuity, designed for you to get the most out of your daily bathing routine.

#2. There Are No Psychoactive Effects

Generally speaking, THC is only ever present in virtually untraceable levels in the cannabidiol-based soap products on CBD.co. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana-based products – you know, the ones that produce a wild, psychoactive sensation. With CBD soaps, you get none of that; no superfluous high, no unwanted physical sensations. CBD soap offers nothing less than pure cannabidiol goodness in your shower or bath.

These soaps are typically made with high-quality organic ingredients, so there’s really no room for unnecessary ingredients. After all, most of us shower or take baths so that we can relax and clean ourselves… not to catch a buzz! If you’d like to try out some high-quality CBD bath products, give CBDfx’s detoxifying, peppermint-scented cannabidiol bath salts a spin. They’re rich in minerals and botanicals, and are meant to be used with your favorite body soap – ideally a CBD soap, although this part isn’t strictly necessary. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

#3. It’s A Convenient Way Of Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Many folks who use CBD regularly have a ceremony of sorts, or at least a preferred method or time for using it. Some are partial to the pleasures of sweet edibles, or use tinctures before they go to bed. Others like to vape throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Either way, these methods of enjoying CBD can take time out of your schedule.

With CBD soap, you don’t have that problem. You were going to shower or take a bath anyway… you might as well use some excellent CBD-based soap products while you’re at it! If you’re looking for a solid product to get you started on this new daily routine, turn to the CBD soap experts at Holy Leaf and check out their vanilla bar. It’s an artisan product, made with full spectrum CBD and a host of supporting topical ingredients that aim to “wake up your senses” and leave you smelling like a bed of vanilla-perfumed roses. Holy Leaf also manufactures a citrus version of CBD bar soap, in case that sounds more appealing. If you ever feel like mixing it up, Holy Leaf also makes a citrus-essence bath bomb that will turn your bath time into a CBD-infused party of one!

There you have it, folks! What we have here is a CBD product made the right, natural way. It’s a guilt-free product, made with no chemicals or other harmful, toxic ingredients. CBD soap offers its users what is perhaps the easiest way to weave the thread of cannabidiol enjoyment into the fabric of your overall day, and it does so at prices that simply can’t be beat. Check out the collection of CBD soaps right here at CBD.co and see what CBD soap product sounds right for you!