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Not Pot - CBD Topical - Cooling Pain Relief Icy Gel - 500mg

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Clinical-strength and long-lasting pain relief.

What’s cooler than being cool? Pain-free! Put your pain on ice (literally) with our clinically backed, cooling formula that delivers fast-acting, long-lasting, and super-deep pain relief for sore muscles and joints, backaches, and arthritis.

Each tube contains 500 mg of sustainably sourced, hemp-derived CBD that’s USA grown, lab-tested, and gently extracted.

An icy cold treat for hard-working muscles! Whether it’s post-Barry’s, post-Zoom workout, or simply post-day-in-the-life—you can fast-track your recovery. That’s where CBD Icy Gel comes in. She’s an ice queen, packed with pain-fighting ingredients and free of NSAIDs so you can beat pain and get back to your day (or your couch). Oh, and our packaging is inspired by those nostalgic red, white, and blue popsicles (you know the kind!), because both you and your muscles deserve an icy cool treat.

CO2 Extracted CBD

  • We use a gentle, slooow extraction process to make sure we get all the benefits of cannabis, without harming the integrity of the plant.

Subzero Relief

  • Formulated with clinically studied ingredients like aloe, arnica, menthol, MSM, and 500 mg of CBD to freeze pain—fast.

Play It Cool

  • Who said pain-relief couldn’t be fun? Apply to sore muscles, tired legs, those “ouch” spots, your friends...anywhere that needs some relief.

Icy But “Nicey”

  • Aka vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free. It’s sweet relief plus sweet benefits, on the rocks!
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500mg Bottle Lab Report:
Grown Location:
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Manufactured Location:
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Variant - Total CBD: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - Myrcene: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - Pinene: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - Caryophyllene: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - Limonene: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - Terpinolene: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - CBG: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - CBGa: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - THCv: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - CBN: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
Info Not Available
Variant - CBC: NOTPOT_ICY_GEL_500MG:
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