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Nirvana – CBD Dram Tincture – Grapefruit – 33mg

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The grapefruit is a divisive fruit whose “acquired taste” has won over the taste buds of countless people across the world. Containing nutrients vital to your internal health, the grapefruit is an unsung hero in the fruit world. Nirvana Natural Relaxation’s CBD Grapefruit Dram Tincture takes the fruit’s prominent flavors and combines them with the effects of CBD. Unlike a normal tincture, this product offers the combination in a much smaller quantity, acting more as a shot of tincture than something you would use repeatedly over time. However, this does not mean that the effects of CBD will not be present. Each bottle contains 2mL of tincture and 33.34mg of broad spectrum CBD, offering about 16.5mg of CBD per mL.

The dram tincture allows for optimal CBD accessibility, providing the effects and ease of application that are available with a regular tincture but coming in a container that is exponentially more compact. The dram tincture can be stored anywhere, whether it be a bag, purse or even your pocket! Those with the need for quick, no-hassle CBD consumption while out in public will appreciate this product. The grapefruit flavor adds to this dram tincture’s accessibility, allowing it to better blend with a greater variety of sweet foods and drinks.

The Nirvana Natural Relaxation Grapefruit Dram Tincture is a bit different from other tincture bottles, in that it does not provide you with a dropper. As a result, the dram is better fitted to being applied to your food or drink. When applying to your food, try to spread the tincture as evenly across the food as you can, and consider mixing the food together to encourage greater CBD coverage if possible. When applying to your drink, simply pour the tincture into it and stir until the tincture has been adequately blended into the other liquid. If you would still prefer a direct application to your mouth, be careful with your serving size. Allow the tincture to sit under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing it.

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