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Hemp Wraps – Cookies & Creme Flavor Hemp Wraps – 2-Count Pack – By Hemp Hop

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Cookies & Creme Flavor Hemp Wraps – Single 2-Count Pack – By Hemp Hop

Roll Up with Hemp Hop’s Organic Hemp Wraps which are made with Hemp Paper, and flavored with Quality-Assured Terpenes. Each pouch contains Two Wraps and a packing straw.

Hemp Hop Wraps are essential for any Hard-Hitting Blunt Smoker with a High tolerance. Quality and Freshness are the most important factors in the production of Hemp Wraps, which is why Hemp Hop Hemp Wraps are made with 100% Hemp which means there’s no nicotine or additives! These terpene-enhanced wraps smell delightful and taste incredible. Hemp paper is derived from pulp obtained from fibers of industrial hemp specifically for making cigarette paper, and wraps. Unlike Tobacco Blunt papers which contain high traces of nicotine, and other toxins created during the production process may remain, Hemp Wraps contain no Nicotine or Additives. Hemp Wraps are a nice alternative to smoking tobacco blunts, as they are sourced directly from CBD-rich Industrial Hemp.


  • Cookies & Creme aroma
  • Made from fibers of industrial hemp
  • No nicotine and no additives
  • Terpene-enhanced


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